What BMGI offers

Best in Class

Become an entrepreneur

BMGI encourages you to create your own BMGI by incubating your own models and structures. We enable you to take high risks and challenge the traditional approaches to achieve breakthrough results.

Grow further

BMGI’s growth depends on you. It is easy to imagine then that your growth is most important to us. As we see you growing through your chosen path, our clients out-perform the market giving us a real world testimony that when our people grow, our clients achieve outstanding results. The challenge therefore lies only on boundaries of your imagination. The more creative you are, the more motivated you are to execute your thoughts and bring wonderful results to your work the faster you grow.

Achieve more in less time

At BMGI, we focus in accelerating your career ahead to maintain your edge in BMGI and beyond. You get to work in multiple projects at the same time and gain wide spectrum of experience in a short time. This also helps you in linking all aspects of business and prepares you for the rigor needed to become an entrepreneur.

Choose your own path

BMGI has never wanted people to adopt its framework to grow in their careers. Instead, the different ways in which people in BMGI has experimented with their careershas brought great benefits to BMGI in delivering breakthrough results to its clients and we prefer to stay that way.

With more than 40 industry segments and functional areas to excel in, BMGI offers individuals to grow across industries and across functions according to their goals. One can rise equally by choosing to excel in one industry or by taking assignments across industries. The only need is to deliver substantial results in what you choose and growth automatically follows your path. We invest heavily in you to become an expert in your domain and provide all the training and networking needed to expand your horizon.

Work with best people

BMGIites are the best minds having rich experience of industries and capabilities they work in. Your highly capable team members will help you in developing competencies and you will work with senior management of top clients to help them generate substantial impact in their work. The lasting impact BMGites have left in their work is corroborated by the fact that more than 80% of business is generated from repeat assignments that our highly capable people have done for them in the past.

Become a leader

At BMGI, you get far higher responsibility unlike other consulting firms. We look for people who have the ability to drive an organization on their own and we put you to this test from the very beginning. But along with such an expectation, we give you complete freedom to follow you own approach and support to contact anyone, anywhere and anytime in and outside the organization. You will always have people to support you in any kind of problems you face. We encourage you to take risks, challenge yourself, make mistakes and learn from them quickly so as to inculcate inspiring leadership in the future.

Make a difference

We are proud of the unique way of problem solving approach adopted by us. Our people look at every problem in a separate way and develop solutions that transform the way things are done in industry. Our methodologies provide an exciting way to create differentiated value to our clients. At BMGI, you get an insight to deal with a problem in a holistic approach and bring out maximum value to our clients. BMGIites are known industry over to make strong impact through their insightful solutions.

Gain global experience

BMGI’s network of people spanning across 13 countries with 17 offices worldwide provides you an opportunity to interact with clients on a global platform. For those who prove their credibility in BMGI, world is the only limit they face. BMGIites continuously share knowledge with international peers and simultaneously apply it to solve diverse nature of problems for international clients.