Client Successes

Simplifying Procure to Pay process

Simplifying Procure to Pay process

The client wanted to simplify & improve the P2P process which currently is > 120 days and was leading to a large number of supplier queries, which consumed productive hours of the client team members.

E-commerce: Fulfillment Centre Productivity

The client wanted BMGI to run a high-intensity and Ime-bound iniIaIve to idenIfy producIvity improvement opportuniIes, run pilots and implement pilot soluIons and demonstrate improvements that could be replicated across the other warehouses.

Enabling Innovation-Led Growth

Enabling Innovation-Led Growth

Client is Fortune 500 company and the largest private sector corporation in India having consolidated revenue exceeding USD 99 billion. Activities span hydrocarbon exploration and production, petroleum refining and marketing, petrochemicals, retail

Eliminating Material Downtime

Eliminating Material Downtime

The client, a Tier I supplier to automobile OEMs was facing significant delivery issues leading to a drop in their supplier rankings. A major impact was their reduced share of business with some of their key customers, which accounted for more than 70% of their business.

Powering The Next Wave Of Growth

Powering The Next Wave of Growth

Client is leading private life insurance company and began its operations in the fiscal year On a retail weighted received premium basis (RWRP), it has consistently been amongst the top companies in the Indian life insurance sector.

Manpower Productivity Improvement

Manpower Productivity Improvement

Client is a legacy player in the chemical industry with decades of experience. Client’s product commoditization led to flat revenue and increasing cost pressure. Initial analysis revealed that the manpower cost is double that of competitors.

Combating Contamination

Combating Contamination

A biotech company manufactures amino acids and other solutions for delivery to pharmaceutical companies, which uses these inputs in larger drug-manufacturing operations. The problem for this company was..

Ears Hearing Under Water

The passive sonar array on the Seawolf submarine relies on a polymer extrusion to keep the sonar system air-tight–but the extrusion wasn’t adhering to the polymer on the cable assemblies. After numerous failures in test mode,….

Improve Software Asset Management

An audit within Investment Banking revealed that 16-percent of development-tool usage exceeded license limits, exposing the bank to significant financial and reputation risk. The project team…

Institute Paperless Transactions

A major European bank was handling 40,000 transactions daily at 685 customer-facing counters. Each transaction needed to be archived to permit precise and instant access at all times. Prior to..

Minimize Statement Errors

The production of client statements for Fund Linked products created several problems for the Investment Banking division of a major financial firm. Twenty-nine issues surfaced from logged..

Charleston Area Medical Center

If you’ve ever visited an Emergency Room (ER), the word “express” may not come to mind. You may have felt the wait was too long.

Lean Deployment in Healthcare Insurance Company

Lowering process lead time from eight days to about three hours isn’t easy. You need to apply Lean thinking to the process – to identify value and eliminate waste.

Reducing Variation in a Beverage Can Manufacturing Company

Here is how one company reduced variation in lacquer application and generated over $100,000 in annual savings

MIS Production Process Improvement

How the Private Banking Management Accounting (PBMA) division of a major bank has the mandate to provide accurate information for supporting the decision-making processes.


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