Financial Sector

Financial Services Industry

Financial services industry is an ever evolving dynamically changing industry highly sensitive to the market scenarios. Regulatory changes, changing industry structure, inflation and interest rate changes have a large impact over this sector. The unpredictable conditions make this industry highly volatile but also present ample opportunity for companies to outperform others with organized smart moves.

Key trends shaping the industry

Strict regulatory environment: The structure of the industry has evolved rapidly over the last few years. Regulations have become stricter in the industry and many operational restrictions have also come into the effect.
Focus on risk management strategies: Crisis has also made impact in the behavior of the industry. The companies are giving increasingly more emphasis on risk management strategies. New business models are being developed and the emphasis is provided to create a sustainable model with minimal risk.

Challenges facing the players involved in the industry

Changing customer behavior: Gaining confidence from the customers in uncertain environment requires greater claritywith respect to the operations of the firm. A significant attention is into disclosure of credit risk and liquidity position to enjoy continued participation from the investors.

Considering the rising customer facing accountabilities especially of the Banking sector, BMGI has developed hybrid models, customized interventions & methodologies to address the unique requirements and thereby is reckoned as a preferred Banking Sector Consulting Firm.

Managing high volatility: The fluctuating market conditions have led companies to focus more on maintaining adequate capital requirements and minimize operational risk associated with the business. Diversification is an important strategy to be followed to counter this effect.

Growing competition: The new entrants in the market are coming up with much leaner operating models, low cost base, and particularly new technologies which are making the market very competitive. The regulatory changes have also made situations challenging for the firms. The real challenge is to prepare a structured plan for the sustainable growth for the firms in the industry.

How BMGI can help

BMGI’s has been involved with solving various issues facing leading financial institutions all over the world. We have supported companies in becoming high performance businesses through restructuring their portfolio of offerings, optimizing capital management processes and reducing cost of servicing customers. BMGI has built strong competence in supporting long term growth by addressing their important strategic and organizational issues across all the segments.

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