What We Do

Providing Management Consulting

We help companies convert their dreams into reality. We understand the ambidextrous requirement of organizations – achieve imminent short term goals and simultaneously build the competencies needed to fulfill the long term vision. We partner with our clients in their quest to improve the bottom-line and fuel top-line growth by unlocking the inherent opportunities available inside and outside the organization. We are focused towards providing management consulting solutions in strategy, innovation, problem solving and business transformation across all industries.

What we do

BMGI works across all kinds of industries. To ensure organizations continue to derive benefits in the short term and keep result oriented focus on the long term, we partner our clients in –

Solving Core Business Problems

  • Growth, expansion and sustainability
  • Organization wide innovation
  • Targeting new markets/ new strategies for growth
  • Planning to complete execution of ambitious growth projects
  • Performance excellence
  • Quality and productivity enhancement
  • Improving customer facing processes

Accelerating Growth

  • Strategy planning & execution
  • Supporting core growth initiatives
  • Market scanning for investment opportunities
  • Change management through innovation
  • Customer strategy
  • Mergers and acquisitions for geographical/synergic expansion plans

Transforming to the Next League

  • Imparting and accelerating the innovation process
  • Building world class processes from the scratch
  • Designing new products and services
  • Architecting processes for more than expected result
  • Transforming businesses for aligning with changing business environment
  • Achieving venture capital / private equity goals

Through our insourcing capability, not only we solve their most critical business problems which restrain them from becoming good to great, but we also impart the skills into them so that they continue to achieve long after we are gone. We understand the different needs of organization at each stage of business life cycle.

Today, BMGI is recognized as the world leader in harnessing the power of cutting edge techniques in the area of Innovation, Strategy, Problem Solving and Business Transformation for achieving tangible business results.

To impart the in-source capability, BMGI also offers customized capability development through interventions. We offer trainings in an e-learning format also to leave a long lasting impact on our in-sourcing partners.