What BMGI looks for

High Intellectual Capacity

We look for achievers who can observe patterns in seemingly random environment of challenges and are able to recommend insightful solutions to deliver value to industry and society around it. We value those who have achieved excellence in their chosen field and have surpassed all expectations in their league. For them, BMGI offers the best challenging as well as rewarding career to achieve further by making real impact to people and industry.

Drive for excellence

The only ingredient required to transform a good work into excellent is the willingness and patience to put extra effort into it. Such willingness is evident in the results of any work that one performs. We look for individuals who have a spirit to excel in every task they take. If you have shown excellence consistently in your previous performances and have the zeal to continue your exciting journey, this is the place for you.

Leadership qualities

BMGI is a place where we expect everyone to be responsible for their own growthand development. Our people love to take challenges and go a step beyond to motivate others and deliver results. We like to bring out this attitude in every person who joins BMGI. We build long term relationships with our partnersand our association has made a large impact in the way they conduct business.


Every problem that comes our way is unique in terms of several factors including industry, firm, time or variety. Being able to provide effective solution to all the problems requires the skill to focus and think creatively. We look for people who have the ability to listen, understand, analyze and then deliver unique creative solutions in short span of time.

Risk taking ability:

At BMGI, we guide you to build your skills and grow in your career but what we encourage in our people is to take risks and learn from their experiences. We want you to make your decisions independently and always follow path that feels right irrespective of how unconventional it may be.

Ability to influence change

Our people have a mission to change the way people look at the approach of performing a task. We always give more than possible effort in our task. At BMGI, we expect you to share the same enthusiasm that will help us be a part of your exciting career growth.