What You Will Learn

Getting the Communication Edge in Training, Presenting, and Facilitating

Train-the-Trainer is a fun and extraordinarily valuable course for anyone coaching or instructing Six Sigma professionals. It provides critical skills for inspiring people to use Six Sigma tools and for accelerating their learning. This program distinguishes itself from traditional train-the-trainer programs by teaching students how to dramatically accelerate people’s understanding and buy-in.

Course Description

Train-The-Trainer is an intensive five-day, skill-development program. It focuses on “Three Wheels of Mastery” necessary for capturing hearts, accelerating learning, and motivating others to support change initiatives on the job.

Wheel 1: Training Process and Fundamentals

Learn how to capture the hearts of adult learners, how to avert objections before they arise, and six critical steps for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of training/coaching sessions.

Wheel 2: Building Clarity and Credibility

How to crystallize goals, simplify and organize ideas, and present technical material in ways that dramatically increase clarity, buy-in and retention. Also learn innovative techniques for managing nerves and building personal credibility with groups.

Wheel 3: Engaging & Facilitating

You will learn how to effectively facilitate training sessions and meetings and engage others in dialogue. You will also learn how to skillfully field questions, respond to objections, manage red-herring issues, maintain focus and manage disruptive behaviors – in ways that win others over.

The ultimate goal is for learners to transfer their learning to the job (where learning counts) and produce superior, tangible results. High-impact training lies at the point where the Three Wheels of Mastery intersect. Powerful, effective training requires all three wheels are strong, balanced, and working together to enable your audience to more quickly learn, understand, buyin and act. In the end your Black Belts, leaders, and coaches grow from good . . . to GREAT.


How You Will Learn


Day Five

  • Using Your Skills on the Job to Produce Superior Results
  • Survey Analysis
  • Implementation Planning
  • Videotaping
  • Program Wrap Up

Day One

  • Tour of Your Toolbox
  • What You Know; What You Need to Learn
  • Wheel 1 Training Process and Fundamentals
  • Kicking Off Programs
  • Key Elements in Building Climate & Desire
  • Mini-Practices

Day Two

  • Knowing and Assessing Adult Learners
  • Wheel 2 Building Clarity and Credibility
  • Crystallizing Goals
  • Videotaping
  • Organizing Ideas

Day Three

  • How to Manage Nervousness
  • How to Use Audiovisual Aids
  • Using Communication to Build Credibility
  • Wheel 3 Engaging & Facilitating
  • Mini-Practices

Day Four

  • How to Field Questions
  • Analyze Phase Review
  • How to Respond to Objections
  • How to Maintain Focus and Managing Issues
  • Videotaping
  • Mini-Practices
  • Practice / Demonstration
  • How to win Support from Others