What You Will Learn

Becoming a lean leader is an experiential achievement that enables people who do the work to also identify and implement improvements to their work – by learning to work smarter, not harder. Lean Team leader training provides a comprehensive understanding of Lean tools, but also facilitates each participant to experience leading SCORE™ events in a critical process of their organization thereby bringing breakthrough improvement within a span of 7-8 weeks.

At the end of the course as a Lean Leader you will be equipped with the following outcomes:

  • The Shingo System for Continuous Improvement
  • The Scientific Thinking Mechanism (STM)
  • A3 thinking
  • Value stream mapping of processes and weeding out waste from the system
  • Project Recognition Techniques
  • Data Based decision making using SPC
  • PDCA / SDCA Approach for continuous improvement
  • Using SCORE™ Methodology for Rapid Process Breakthrough

With the help of the lean tools, you will be able to map the value stream of your process, would be easily able to understand and weed out wastes from the system and apply the lean principles. BMGI’s expert consultants will support you in imbibing lean philosophy through numerous simulations of real world examples.

How You Will Learn

BMGI conducts in-house workshops on lean leadership training. The course is conducted in three non-consecutive phases viz 4-days training, 4 Days Supply Chain Optimization (SCO) Planning and 3 days of RE Review, and final closure along with final examination.

Course Duration: 11 days