What You Will Learn

Organizational experiments are often conducted using best-guess or one-factor-at-a-time approaches to determine which particular changes or solutions work best. These methods of testing can be time and resource intensive, may lead you on a random walk of experimentation and may or may not produce the optimal solution in the end.

This Design of Experiments (DOE) course, on the other hand, guides experimenters through making several simultaneous changes or testing more than one factor at a time?enabling them to spend far less time and resources doing fewer experiments, while creating better and more reproducible solutions.

The methods for determining how to increase productivity and improve quality are evolving. They have changed from costly and time-consuming trial-and-error searches to the powerful, elegant, and cost-effective statistical methods. Designing experiments is centred on factors, responses, and runs. It helps you determine if and how a factor affects a response. BMGI will help you in understanding the essentials of DOE to understand the critical factors which affect various output parameters of your processes and organization.

Unlike most other courses offered at universities, this course has a strong applied (not theoretical) focus, making the task of learning much simpler and much more connected to business and operational practicalities.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Enhance product and process development through improved experimentation
  • Plan, design and conduct more effective experiments with minimal resources and time
  • Accurately track experiment results during multiple trials
  • Reduce development time for new products/processes
  • Improve process control for higher quality outcomes

How You Will Learn

This course is offered in classroom format.

Relative to university-based alternatives, this course has a definite applied focus, making it much more valuable to those with an imperative to improve existing and new products and processes. BMGI?s expert consultants have extensive experience in applying DOE across various organizations. They bring this experience to bear through lecture, hands-on exercises, simulations and individualized mentoring on real problems and challenges participants to apply the concepts in their organizations.

Course Length: 6 days