COVID19 – Factory Restart Manual

Most manufacturing facilities have been closed for over 3 weeks now. Many industries will be permitted to start operations from April 20, 2020, while the others will hopefully get permission to commence operations from May 3, 2020.

Although this will help to re-start the economy, the impact of COVID-19 will remain for at least the rest of 2020 and extend in 2021 until a permanent solution in the form of a vaccine is developed and available for all.

We believe that manufacturing and company offices will need to make several changes to ensure the smooth working of their operations and the safety of their employees. Towards this we have created a Factory Re-start Manual that provides basic guidelines to support you with your opening efforts.

You can download a sample here : and if you wish to download the full customisable version, please click here: You will receive the download link within 2 hours over email.

While these will be applicable to all manufacturing sites, there will be unique concerns that would possibly impact your business such as:

  1. Manpower planning: there would be shortages of both labour and skill, there would be need to de-risk in terms of potential infections; skilling up, managing critical machines; manage collaborative work etc
  2. Plant layout: re-organizing from a social distance perspective, establishment of unique zones to prevent unnecessary movement etc
  3. Scheduling and Planning to maximize cashflow: Dynamic prioritization based on available resources and customer demand, identify equipment bottlenecks quick change overs etc
  4. Organizing for re-start and COVID-19: Establishing roles and responsibilities across zones and overall structure, Shift work structure, Designing walking routes etc
  5. Automation for COVID-19: What could be some critical and necessary automation that could be done to ensure social distance yet allow remote management and control.
  6. Risk assessment and management: Procedure to assess risk and manage it effectively from perspective of suppliers, internal operations, dispatches etc
  7. Training your people to be ready for post COVID-19 operations.

We at BMGI India would be happy to discuss with you your specific challenges and partner with you build robust systems during these challenging times.

Stay safe and lets rebuilt to a better future together.