How do you solve business problems that encompasses departments/divisions and no single expert has sufficient knowledge about the true nature of the problem? How do you break through the silos and integrate all activities in separate processes to generate a new process that involves all departments and gives you the true image of the problem to be solved? Basic Problem Solving gives you the power of solving such problems in the most effective manner.

What is Basic Problem Solving?

Basic Problem Solving is a simple and participative method of solving business problems that do not require many cutting edge tools to arrive at the suitable solution. A group of 6 - 10 people come together to solve a problem or improve a process using team meeting methods and a common problem solving methodology called 4 I to arrive at the right people for implementation, right problem to narrow down actual cause of problem and the right process for fixing the problem for long term.

What is it needed?

Basic Problem Solving brings out the wisdom of brainstorming among the most knowledgeable people related to the problem. Through the path of initial conflict that arises as the team starts working together, all unrealistic assumptions that do not have a reason to exist scientifically are filtered out. Hence what remains is the right set of people working on the right set of problem(s) to bring out the right process which has high probability of solving the problem effectively.

Where is it applicable?


Basic Problem Solving is most appropriate when your process or system under study is complex because no one person in your practice knows all the dimensions of an issue, when your process involves more than one discipline or work area, when your solution requires creativity or when you need your employees‘ commitment and buy-in for the effective deployment of solution.

BMGI’s approach of problem solving through Basic Problem Solving


At the core of BMGI’s structured approach to solving problems through Basic Problem Solving is a four-step problem-solving sequence called 4Is. A remarkably diverse spectrum of service and manufacturing companies use the 4Is problem-solving approach. Further, organizations are successfully applying 4Is in virtually all functions and at all organizational levels.
BMGI :: BMGI’s approach of problem solving through Basic Problem Solving
The reason for the consistent applicability of 4Is is clear- All work can be seen as a process and 4Is is a practical approach for improving work processes and solving quality problems.
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