Keep Your Business Booming: Five Keys to Small Business SuccessKeep Your Business Booming: Five Keys to Small Business Success

Being a small business owner in the United States is hard work. No matter what comes your way, you and your employees are all you have.

Some factors are beyond your control and can make the brass ring harder to grab. The 2017 Allstate/USA TODAY Small Business Barometer, a study that combines federal data with a national survey of nearly 2,800 small-business owners, finds that the ease with which small business owners can get the commodities they need has gone down considerably since the 2016 Barometer release...Read more

Business Trends for 2019Business Trends for 2019

Which advancements, disruptions and events will shape the business world in 2019? IESE professors' predictions include Brexit, blockchain and "the Age of Assistance," among many others. Enjoy an expert preview of the year to come...Read more

A discussion on business model innovation with Bill Fischer and Alexander Osterwalder

IMD Professor of Innovation Management, Bill Fischer caught up with frequent IMD collaborator and CEO of Strategyzer, Alex Osterwalder, to discuss the Business Model Canvas, a tool Osterwalder invented to help companies innovate.

In the interview, the experts discuss how the Business Model Canvas began as Osterwalder’s PhD dissertation with Yves Pigneur and grew into a tool that is now being used by companies around the world like MasterCard, Nintendo, and many more...Read more

Startup Success SecretsStartup Success Secrets

Lindred Leura Greer, associate professor of organizational behavior, explains why having a clear vision and a sense of self-awareness can help founders build the right team...Read more

Convenience store chain 7-Eleven to enter India through Future GroupConvenience store chain 7-Eleven to enter India through Future Group

7-Eleven, the world's largest convenience store chain, has signed a master franchise agreement with Future Group that will open and manage the eponymous brand stores in India, one of the fastest-growing retail markets.

Future Retail's subsidiary SHME Food Brands will open newer stores as well as convert existing locations to the 7-Eleven brand, starting this year. The retailer that has nearly 67,000 stores world over including 7-Eleven among other retail formats, said products mainly in beverages, snacks and fresh foods with local recipes will be part of the initial convenience offering...Read more

Why Consistent, Passionate Leadership Makes All the DifferenceWhy Consistent, Passionate Leadership Makes All the Difference

I had lunch the other day with a friend and former colleague; he had been the CEO of a successful company that we worked together to build. As usual, we caught up and reminisced, but what struck me about our conversation was our discussion around leadership, and how much truly good leadership contributed to the company’s success, culture, and camaraderie.

He shared that as he visits companies that have been built by previous employees – and staffed by a lot of talent from his previous companies – and he is greeted with such warmth. He said folks tell him that being a part of the company he led was one of the best experiences of their lives. I agreed...Read more

Necessity Vs. Innovation-Based EntrepreneursNecessity Vs. Innovation-Based Entrepreneurs

What makes someone an entrepreneur? Most simply defined, an entrepreneur is a person who identifies a need and starts a business to fill that void. But others will argue that a “true” entrepreneur must come up with an innovative new product or service and then operates their business to sell and profit from that innovation.

Under the broader definition are those people who become entrepreneurs out of necessity – starting their own business after losing a job, to supplement their income, or to gain the flexibility to attend to other demands in their lives...Read more

Wrong is the new right: Hal Gregersen's breakthrough approach to leadership and problem solvingWrong is the new right: Hal Gregersen's breakthrough approach to leadership and problem solving

Most of us hate being wrong. We fight it with every fiber of our being, not wanting to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. This is partly innate, and partly how we were conditioned in school and at work: have the right answer, and you’ll get ahead. But this way of thinking is detrimental to our growth, according to Hal Gregersen, Executive Director of the MIT Leadership Center and author of the new book Questions are the Answer: A Breakthrough Approach to Your Most Vexing Problems at Work and in Life.

Less answers, more questions
According to Gregersen, being wrong is good for us because it allows us to ask questions. “Going about your day being more answer-centered and right-focused is like living in an isolation...Read more

Share Leadership to Spread InnovationShare Leadership to Spread Innovation

When innovation flourishes in a specific part of an organization or system, but then fails to diffuse more widely, it suggests a lack of effective leadership.

Considering how ‘shared leadership’ between managers and professionals might help spread innovation into everyday practice, two Warwick Business School professors, Graeme Currie and Dimitrios Spyridonidis, studied the diffusion of promising health care innovations from an R&D centre to hospitals throughout an English city...Read more

The Multinational Fuelled by Thousands of EntrepreneursThe Multinational Fuelled by Thousands of Entrepreneurs

In this year’s Global Talent Competitiveness Index, we have seen how vital entrepreneurial talent is for a thriving economy. Haier CEO Zhang Ruimin’s transformational Rendanheyi business model is one example writ large of how this resource can expand a business. The revenue of Haier, the world leader in white goods, was nearly US$40 billion in 2017.

As one of the most innovative business strategists worldwide – ranked #24 in Fortune’s World’s Greatest Leaders – Zhang has formulated an entrepreneurial business theory steeped in multiple philosophical traditions to create a way of working that, at its heart, puts the user front and centre...Read more

Making the Leap to EntrepreneurshipMaking the Leap to Entrepreneurship

By some estimates, three start-ups are born every second. Disruption and the rise of the gig economy explain only part of this start-up mania. A growing disillusionment with corporate life is also a contributing factor. To illustrate this latter trend, we chart the path of three executives who have made the leap after a long corporate career.

Growing up in a comfortable, Dutch white-collar family did not predispose André, our first case study, to become an entrepreneur. His first job as a Volkswagen intern in Germany introduced him to the rigid and old-fashioned side of corporate...Read more

Using Pretotypes to Drive InnovationUsing Pretotypes to Drive Innovation

All businesses are being reshaped by new technologies. Digital transformation is the stuff of numerous articles, conferences and research projects, all trying to understand and clarify what are its primary drivers, and how organizations can best cope with the changes it brings. However, the opportunity for business executives to get valuable hands-on experience of new technologies that can transform their organizations is still difficult to come by...Read more