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The Humble Shipping Container: Is There A Second Revolution On Its Way?

Innovation is sometimes considered the domain of a genius only. “Eureka” is certainly part of the phenomenon. Yet, systematic and proven approaches are available for the most diverse strategy and……

Continued Devaluation of the Indian Rupee : 07.06.2012

Indian Industry watches with dismay as the INR slides and is trying to estimate the fallout of this – erosion of profits due to mounting import bills, loss of competitiveness due to induced price increases.

Is Your New Product development Process Creating Or Slowly Erasing Your Business?

Has your organization ever experienced that a new product or service has failed to excite the customers or a faster move by the competition has sent chills down your spine?
Based on BMGI’s global research, this KnowledgeScape provides cutting edge practices in the area of New Product Development to drastically crash the ’time-to-market“ and significantly improve the rate of releasing blockbuster products to the market.

Corporate Social Responsibility

These reports typically paint a very bleak picture of the “The Day After Tomorrow”. Opinions on these reports are divided. Some question the scientific validity and hence write them off as fantasies of…

Black Belts as Future Business Leaders

Over the last twenty years, Six Sigma has moved on from being just a concept and a goal. It is now a business necessity to deliver operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

The Fast…and the Furious

Fernando Alonso and the Renault team are all set to win the FI championship and get crowned as the “kings of speed” or shall we say all set to become “The Fast”!

The Nano Effect

The wait is now over. The Nano has been launched. The perception of India as a creator of innovative products and solutions in the world has been notched up.

Ingredients of a Process Audit

A process driven organization always understands the importance of ‘Process Audits’. A process audit conducted correctly and in the right spirit can give a lot of benefits to the organization….

Methodology as an Enabler or a Bottleneck for Problem Solving

Who loves problems? You might love to face the challenge of solving a problem. But once you win the challenge, it should not come back to haunt you….

A Simple Personality Test for Organizations

We often encounter a wide variety of people with varying personalities, nature, mannerisms and styles. Have we ever wondered how these individuals shape organizations and organizational cultures when they come together for a common objective?…

Project Success through Effective Reviews

A project can be defined as a piece of work that is undertaken to achieve defined objectives within a defined timeframe. Critical elements of the above definition are “achieve defined objectives” and “within a defined timeframe”….

The Green Mile: Fallacy of Customer Service

There was a recent article which stated that it’s not possible to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and the investment needed to improve customer satisfaction levels…

Understanding Statistics for Business Problem Solving

Green Belt: “As indicated by the low p‐value of 0.002 the factor is significant and hence, we should consider investing in the new dryer technology as it results in statistically significant reduction in drying time.”…