Can patterns formed from hundred thousand patents improve your organization's innovation capability TRIZ has proved it to the world that it can. Wisdom from the analysis of thousands of innovation related cases complied in innovative TRIZ methodology has solved real innovation issues of many organizations.

What is TRIZ?

TRIZ is a Russian Acronym for "TeoriyaResheniyaIzobreatatelskikhZadatch", when translated in English it means The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. Genrich S. Altshuller and his colleagues analyzed over million worldwide patents and devised a generalized method of problem solving technique. It is an efficient and proven innovation and problem solving methodology. The concept of innovation TRIZ suggests that abstracted problems and their related solutions can be mapped irrespective of their subject matter. The algorithm of TRIZ can be written in the following four steps:

BMGI :: Algorithm of TRIZ
This methodology plays an important role when the whole or parts of an organization are constantly required to innovate for creating value to customers.

Innovation Triz

TRIZ is important because it enables an organization to become truly innovative in solving the toughest problems quickly and effectively. It further helps the organization in formulating its innovation efforts. At the corporate top-line growth level, TRIZ innovation is an engine for rational, structured and historically proven idea generation, the DNA of Innovative Thinking. It is a toolset that can be utilized in various circumstances to provide a systematic, directed and best in class results. TRIZ can be summarized as

BMGI :: Innovation Triz

TRIZ complements performance improvement programs because it focuses on finding innovative new solutions rather than fixing problems inherent in an existing process. TRIZ is not only useful for new product development teams and in operational environments, but also useful in any situation which requires acceleratinginnovation and problem solving.

Where is it applicable?

Technology is changing rapidly and so the market needs. Collectively, both are making product life cycles shorter. Hence, faster innovation is the need of the hour. TRIZ provides help in providing multiple best-in-class solutions in lesser time, thus reducing the R&D cycle time. TRIZ is applicable in problem solving, designing, engineering developments, R&D, new product development and in-process based problem solving. Some more advantages of using TRIZ for problem solving are

  • Directed approach for research and development
  • Faster improvements
  • Removal of trade-offs
  • Cost reduction in R&D
  • Technology forecasting and
  • Competitive edge

TRIZ has been helpful in many organizations to streamline innovation. It is a methodology for faster problem solving to save time, effort and money for organizations. Additionally, the products innovated using TRIZ are better because of use of inventive knowledge beyond existing knowledge of the R&D teams. Using TRIZ, companies have been successful in creating more intellectual assets at a faster rate.

Deployment Roadmap

BMGI's intervention in consulting for TRIZ is a four step process:

BMGI:: Deployment Roadmap
Our intervention with organizations for TRIZ starts with assessment of the present state innovation and R&D efforts of the organization. In this, intervention opportunities are explored and this initiative is strategically aligned to the organizational vision and mission.
In the plan & design cycle of the engagement, program management office is set up, project identification for application of TRIZ and other infrastructure is established. Once these steps are taken, execution process starts in which BMGI closely works with the organization for building capabilities through consulting/facilitated workshops in completing deployment. The benefits are closely tracked and progress is made at a customized pace in right direction to achieve the results. This process generally takes four to six months depending upon the size of the organization and the nature of assignment. During the process, BMGI actively supports the organization and takes all possible steps to ensure that team members learn to take the projects independently and drive the cultural change in the organization in future.

Nature of Projects

The nature of projects taken by the organizations varies depending on their requirements. Typically, they are in the R&D problem solving or new product development domain. Though TRIZ is a methodology distilled from tangible innovation industry such as aeronautical, chemical and mechanical engineering, services based innovation and process designing have also been successfully addressed by the TRIZ methodology. Some examples of the consulting projects are-

  • Designing an efficient and smaller head exchanger
  • Increasing the electromagnetic shielding of a product
  • Fluidized bed combustion boiler
  • Increasing strength of soft drink can using same material, in same quantity

To learn how TRIZ can help in solving your problems from one of our TRIZ Consulting Experts, Contact BMGI.