D4 Innovation Method

Today’s successful businesses realize the importance innovation plays in building a path to a sustainable future. But with all the talk about innovation, most organizations still lack a process for making innovation a structured, scalable, repeatable and predictable part of their business. To address this need, BMGI India offers the refined Innovation Consulting approach to provide companies with a powerful and customized method for developing innovative ideas and transforming them into successful new products, processes and business models.

What is D4 Innovation Method?

D4 Innovation Method is BMGI’s flexible innovation methodology for results-oriented project execution. The D4 roadmap includes four phases which combine to make the process of innovation structured, scalable, repeatable and predictable. The D4 innovation methodology is specially designed to accelerate the natural flow of the innovation thought process. It encourages participants to agree upon a specific problem, and then depart enough from the current way of thinking to discover novel solutions to critical problems. Top

Why is it needed?

Consider the emergence of windmills ushering the clean energy era. Was it possible to discover the usefulness of windmills sooner? Technology was never a constraint for its invention. The ancients used sails to move large ships at sea. But the idea of attaching sails on an axle and using wind as free power to harness energy, took centuries. Why? Was the idea infeasible? Was it not possible to generate profits from the business of windmills? The answer is no to all. Then where did the fallacy lie?

We believe most important inventions that could have happened sooner could not come into existence before because the need for invention and the process to accelerate innovation was not emphasized. Companies also fall into this trap because they think more about delivering short term results than creating long term value.

Based on BMGI’s D4 Methodology, Innovation projects are designed to deliver significant breakthroughs faster than envisaged. If you already have a robust product development process, D4 adds the “juice” you need to conceive truly faster and unique results. If you lack a satisfying process, D4 provides a framework that stands on its own to fill that gap. Either way, the results are breathtaking.

Our Approach

The D4 roadmap includes four phases –

D4 innovation

To aid them in this process, professionals are taught a number of different tools and methods in each of these phases.

Based on BMGI’s D4 Methodology, Design and Innovation Projects generally take place from few days to several months, depending on the unique requirements of clients. Project is run by either one of our BMGI Innovation Leaders or a member of the BMGI team, D4 projects are designed to deliver significant breakthroughs.

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