AI-powered Visual Insights Platform

QualSights is an AI-powered platform to generate visual insights which provide companies a faster, efficient, superior and cost-effective way to generate deeper & more authentic insights from consumers remotely.

QualSights provides a fully integrated solution that supports various methodologies, along with the ultimate flexibility due to its media and device agnostic design. Apart from the visual experience and data capture, QualSights offers powerful AI tools that make it quick & easy to analyse, generate and share insights.

QualSights’ platform enables you to conduct any qualitative study in one place – from mobile ethnography, mobile diaries and video surveys to video interviews, digital focus groups and even remote fieldwork. Its highly flexible design allows you to put pre-defined questions and tasks for the respondents with the ability to engage live with the customer via video or audio.

Use Cases:

The applications of the QualSights technology platform are large and diverse. Below are some use cases where the technology can be leveraged:

  • Retail Shopper Experience
    • Entry
    • Finding
    • Billing
  • Shopping Experience – CPG / FMCG
    • Shopping – instore, online
    • Opening, usage and post usage – brand, competition
  • Employee Experience
    • Onboarding
    • Appraisals
    • Employee Pulse
      • Setting up Work from Home (WFH)
      • Adjusting to WFH
    • Training
  • Product Experience
    • Delivery experience
    • Unboxing Experience
    • Installation
  • Testing Design concepts
  • Patient Experience
  • Hospitality – Guest experience
  • eCommerce Experience
    • Browsing
    • Shopping
    • Checkout
  • Insurance
    • Buying experience across channels
    • Claims Experience
  • Influencer Experience
    • Electricians
    • Carpenters
    • Interior Designers
  • Customer Service Experience
    • Self Service
    • Assisted Service – post interaction
    • Service Recovery experience
  • Supplier Audits by companies