TRIZ Certification Course (Level -1)
Certification Course

(For IT, ITES, Service Industry and Business Processes of Manufacturing Companies)
Date: 9-13 April 2018, Mumbai

The Innovation Imperative & You

In the 21st century, change driven by ‘continuous innovation’ will be the topmost competitive advantage for the organizations. The importance of innovation in all sectors is growing, and growing significantly. The key differentiating factor for organizations to achieve & sustain ‘continuous innovation’ will be ‘innovation prowess’ of their own talent pool. The talent that has ability to imagine the ideal products, services or processes & overcome contradictions that need to be overcome along the ‘idea to implementation’ journey. 

The Dilemma

‘How to Innovate’ was never a subject of any academic curriculum. It’s widely believed that innovators are born and cannot be created. This belief therefore wombs another belief that ‘ability to innovate’ can never be taught and learned.

The Effect

All these (mis)beliefs retard individual’s professional success. In the world where skills become commodity at a speed of light, individual’s professional life is endangered due to lack of Innovation prowess. This in turn has direct effect on organization’s competitiveness.

The Question Then

‘Can ability to innovate’ be learned?

The Answer

Yes, Of Course!!!!!!!

‘TRIZ’ (Russian Acronym for ‘Theory of Inventive Problem Solving”) an innovative science which is based on 60 + years of research, teaches us ‘how to innovate’ irrespective of our level of education and engineering domain we belong to.

TRIZ Problem Solving Cycle

Value Proposition

BMGI’s 5 day TRIZ - Level 1 Certification

Who Should Attend

R & D Team Leads & Executives, Process Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Quality Engineers, Design Executives, Servicing Engineers, Technical Service / Support Executives

Why TRIZ is a Transformative Methodology

  • TRIZ is based on a premise that ‘someone somewhere has solved a problem like yours’ it helps you to connect with that someone seamlessly
  • TRIZ generates exhaustive and comprehensive solution scenarios
  • TRIZ is grounded in a reliable body of knowledge, the growing patent data base
  • TRIZ generated scenarios bypass both the psychological inertia and paradigm-bound experiences
  • TRIZ turbo charge your existing methodologies like Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, Design Thinking & Agile to achieve breakthrough results
  • TRIZ is rapid relative to other problem solving methodologies
  • TRIZ helps equally to all the people in their pursuit to solve problem innovatively, irrespective of their functional domain

What Participants will do Differently Post this Course

It will help you migrate your problem-solving skills from one functional/business domain to another, even into the areas that would otherwise require you to study for years in order to gain expertise.

You will stand out amongst your peers when it comes to providing ingenious solution/s to the pressing organizational problems.

Course Agenda

Day 1: Define Problem / Opportunity

  • Innovation & Growth
  • What is Innovation
  • History of TRIZ
  • Function and Attribute Analysis
  • S-Curve Analysis

Day 2: Define Problem / Opportunity (Contd.…)

  • 9 Windows of System Operator
  • Problem Scoping
  • Ideal Innovation
  • Resource Hunt

Day 3: Problem Solving Tools

  • Technical Contradictions / Inventive Principles
  • Physical Contradictions
  • Substance Field Modeling

Day 4: Problem Solving Tools (Contd…)

  • Substance Field Modeling
  • Trends of Technological Evolution

Day 5: Problem Solving Tools (Contd…)

  • Scientific Knowledge / Effect
  • Idea Harvesting and Prioritization
  • Function Structure Matrix

Course Venue

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd,
Mahindra IT Centre,
Akurli Road,
Mumbai 400 101

Course Duration

9.30 AM to 6.00 PM

Accommodation for Outstation Participants

For out of Mumbai participants, accommodation can be organized at economical rates provided your participation is confirmed at least a month in advance


Prashant Y Joglekar
Mobile: 8433727922

Note: Participation Certificate will be awarded. However, it is mandatory to complete a project as a part of the TRIZ Level 1 Certification. Course Certification will be awarded basis the efforts seen in applying the TRIZ tools & results achieved.

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