What You Will Learn

In nature, the fittest survive-and in business, the fittest are those who innovate because so many struggle to do so. In fact, research shows that the vast majority of M&A's actually destroy shareholder value, and 90 percent of companies can't maintain their growth curves for more than a few years.

According to global leaders like TNT, Siemens and Hitachi, innovation is about defining and bringing clarity to unknown, unarticulated and unmet customer needs. Innovation is also about having the right management framework in place, and about knowing how to identify the right mix of people for staffing growth initiatives.

When you know these secrets, you can ignite the best ideas that can become the best new product and process innovations. You can innovate with more predictability and regularity. And you can have your competitors constantly wondering what you know that they don't know.

This session is led by BMGI's master consultant with more than a 20 years of leadership, operational and problem-solving experience across a broad range of industries. As He'll leave you with actionable insights, tools you can apply and a whole new perspective about how manageable innovation and growth can really be.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to
  • Identify shortfalls in one's current approach to innovation - and identify unarticulated and unmet customer needs.
  • Develop a roadmap and framework for implementing a predictable, repeatable process for innovation throughout an enterprise.
  • Understand the teambuilding and people aspects of innovation, and identify innovators hidden inside their organizations.
  • Understand new methods and tools for driving, managing and accelerating innovation.
  • Grasp the links and relationship between innovation and such other problem-solving methods as Lean Six Sigma.

How You Will Learn

This regionally based workshop is a condensed, half-day event focused on the immediate practicalities of becoming more innovative. As such, you'll get the most possible value in the shortest possible time, right from an expert with two decades of experience inside companies and organizations.

You'll enjoy the day by engaging in participatory and enlightening interaction, exercises, group work, simulations and practice sessions. You'll glean wisdom and insight - and give some too - as you network with other participants from other companies and industries.

Whether you're in manufacturing, healthcare, financial services or any other environment, the examples and specifics of this workshop will be tailored to your needs. The master consultant, Paul Finnigan, will ensure that his teaching and examples connect to all participants and their unique circumstances.