Rethinking your Business Model e-Workshop Series

Protect! Co-create! Innovate! To Bounce Back

"In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity." – Sun Tzu

Your business landscape is changing much faster than you are anticipating.“There will be a new normal”. Growing a company isn’t going to be easy in these challenging times.
Time to Rethink Your Business Models & Getting Ready for the New Normal !

Emerging Realities and Trends will test our existing strategies and business models. The question we are faced with is whether our current business models and strategies will hold us in good stead as we get ready for the new normal?

For ensuring Continued Success, it’s time to answer the questions

  • What was the current Business Model?
  • What are some macro-economic impacts of COVID-19 on the industry & how can you respond better?
  • How do you change some of the areas of your business model?

Therefore, what are key actions that the company needs to take for sustaining the business and finding opportunities for growth?

Outcomes & What you will Achieve !

  • Understand how to describe the business using the Business Model Architecture
  • Define your current business model and determine current challenges
  • Generate innovate ideas to overcome challenges and craft the new business model

You will have an exposure and understanding of application of innovation tools to create your unique business model.

This program includes evaluation assignments and provides an Awareness & BMGI Completion Certificate when you clear the final deliverables

Engagement Process

The Engagement Process

Webinar 1 (duration 1.5 hours): Week 1

  • Participate in a webinar to understand all about defining and innovating the Business Model. The webinar will introduce you to the following:
  • Business model architecture and associated elements (see exhibit 1) – building the current business model
  • Finding new opportunities – innovating on relevant elements of the business model

The Engagement Process Contd.

Workout 1: Week 1

  • Agenda
    • Introduction to the business model architecture
    • Building the current business model – on each element of the architecture
    • Mitigating challenges/ Finding new opportunities – innovating on relevant elements of the business model: perspectives
  • Based on the inputs and discussions in the webinar, define the Business Model (current state) and list challenges – engage your teams through virtual workouts. BMGI can facilitate the same

Webinar 2 (duration 2 hours): Week 2

  • Agenda
    • Introduction to ideation – use of innovation tools
    • Learning innovation tools – two innovation tools
    • Examples and exercise on the innovation tools
    • Next steps – ideation for own challenges
  • Learn a set of innovation tools for generating ideas

Workout 2: Week 2

  • Generate ideas to overcome challenges using the set of innovation tools learnt – engage your teams through virtual workouts. BMGI can facilitate the same

Next Steps: We can then work with you to create a tangible blueprint for change !

Get an industry-acknowledged BMGI certificate and move ahead of your peers in the corporate world.
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About the Presenter

  • Ambarish is a Senior Principal Consultant & Business Head at BMGI.He has more than 22 years of consulting experience assisting organizations innovate, define & implement strategy and drive operational improvements.
  • He has consulted with several large and medium size organizations in India, SE Asia, and the Middle-East and Africa
  • He has worked with the leadership team of several companies for instilling innovation as the path to growth and profitability
  • He is a speaker at several forums (CII, Marcus Evans, etc.) on topics pertaining to Strategy, Balanced Scorecard, Innovation and Industry Best Practices

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