Get BMGI Difference


BMGI has earned its name from its clients. We have not simply delivered results by suggesting short term workaround solutions. Instead, our clients have generated breakthrough results through our unique way of approaching and solving problems. We are known for cracking notorious problems which repeatedly occur despite many attempts taken by industry people to solve them.

We deliver what we commit

BMGIites are experts in problem solving. Our first hand approach towards understanding of problem is so deep that we are immediately able to foresee the potential of improvement that can be achieved. Because of this, we always commit before we start our projects for our clients and we have consistently delivered what we have committed.

People driven

Our people are our biggest assets. A common link transcends through every member of BMGI: relentless passion to convert imagination into realistic results. BMGI picks like-minded intelligent people from various backgrounds who believe in delivering results through an amalgamation of different points of view and yet follow teamwork strategy. At BMGI, individuals not only treasure experience of work but also build lasting relationships with each other that extend a long way beyond BMGI.BMGI trusts its people’s way so much that it has gone ahead to pledge its management fees by promising guaranteed results in solving the most plaguing problems.


BMGI defines innovation. It is the world leader in imparting innovative culture in its clients to help them solve their problems on their own by acting as a partner in innovation.The entrepreneurial nature of its people brings new ideas on the table which is processed rigorously to bring long lasting results for its clients. We have a dedicated practice involved in stimulating innovation that makes us stand apart from other consulting firms.