Associate Consultants

Associate Consultants play a critical role in solving problems by working in separate parts of the problem and solving them through the process of data gathering and research. They actively contribute to the final recommendations made by the BMGI team and present their work to client executives. Business analysts form the core of the team since all decisions made by the team depends on the correctness of research done by them. Good performers graduate to the level of associate consultants.

BMGI offers you a diverse experience across industries and across functions to develop an understanding of different businesses. As an associate consultant you would gather critical information and carry out analysis to finally present findings to your team and clients to take important decisions. Your learning curve will be very high at this time as you will learn a lot through hands on experience and several training sessions organized for you to develop a host of skills needed to solve client?s problems. The best learning however that you will gain during your stint as Associate consultant is through collaborating with other colleagues. BMGIites are the best source of learning since they represent the best talent pool available in the industry. For young people fresh out of college, BMGI offers the best place for growth.

Sr Associate Consultant

As a Sr Associate Consultant, you start developing strong end to end managerial skills. You become an expert of the industry and in solving critical issues of clients. You draw from your experience and manage the analytical and result-finding process to suggest cam4 web chat realistic solutions to clients that make real impact.
Although as a Senior Consultant you will guide your team and manage their skills as a leader in achieving client success but you will always be in touch with our senior people and partners who would provide you crucial tips related to client interactions. Your role as a Senior Consultant is designed to groom you into an effective leader who knows how to motivate his team and is able to align all synergies to get maximum benefit out of the team members.


As a consultant in BMGI, your role will span from approaching clients to finally delivering results for them. This will involve identifying their problems, designing plan for action, collecting data and analyzing them and finally presenting your findings and future course of action to the clients. This may involve going further and executing your plans into actions. You will grow faster as you help your clients grow faster than the industry delivering tangible results.
As you go through the course of assisting your clients in solving their critical problems, you develop highly needed soft skills needed to manage people which go a long way in understanding and solving other aspects of problems.

Principal Consultant

As Principal Consultant you will become intellectual capital of BMGI and would maintain extended relationships with multiple clients. Your impeccable record as senior consultant would help you in taking a stand as Principal Consultant while solving the toughest problems of clients and clients would entrust you with your solutions and would be willing to take actions.
You will be involved in generating business for BMGI through relationships with clients and would look for potential clients to get future engagements. With the forward looking role you will also actively take part in grooming young people and helping them with training to help the organization grow.

Senior Principal Consultant

As partners in the making?,you will handle multiple client engagements and maintain client relations through the reputation gained over the years. Your expertise would range from functional to industry areas and you would put dedicated time in solving problems critical to industry through building new approaches.You will act as an inspiration and guiding light for the teams and young teammates would depend on you for learning and mentorship.


You become the very soul of BMGI as a partner. BMGI would commit its future in your able hands to generate business and maintain its cultural fabric. You will be fully involved with generating business, maintaining existing client relationships and building new ones. You will be involved in BMGI's management team and your opinion will be critical for BMGI's future course.
You will be interacting with other top leaders of BMGI and would collaborate with them in redefining key processes of BMGI. Young BMGIites would look up to you for guidance and immense knowledge of industry and clients to contribute to BMGI's future growth.