Consultant of the Year – Operational Excellence – 2015

From a mere advisor to a business-critical arm of an organization who strategically steer the businesses towards the pinnacle of success, the role of a consultant has gained a much more impetus. Needless to say, the same demand has also led to the rise of countless domestic and foreign consulting firms which are churning out high and promising performers, thus making the domain one of the fastest growing industries. It is claimed that the numbers are likely to increase upto 2.2 lakh consultants working across nearly 9000 firms in India, over the next few years.

The success factors for the rising glory are credited to the personal competence, low cost structure, diverse capabilities, high acceptability and quick learning capabilities of these consultants. However, amidst such development, most consultants often overlook quality assurance, quality base, market intelligence, the efficiencies of expertise and such other crucial factors, thus making the hunt and selection of a right partner a daunting feat to achieve. In addition, the rapidly breeding number of the consultants makes the challenge even trickier.

Thus, with the purpose of making it easy for the companies to find an ideal consultant alter- ego who not only help businesses to clear out their stumbling blocks, but also help in meeting their growth objectives, siliconindia identifies “Consultants of the Year – 2015”. A distinguished panel of the industry’s topmost CEOs, managers, and industry analysts including siliconindia’s editorial board scrutinized the list throughout the year. The thorough analysis has made siliconindia to come up with those firms who always step a mile ahead of mere consultants by understanding their clients’ needs and handhold the customers in devising the solutions with a business-focused and futuristic approach, irrespective of the genre of the industries.

BMGI India:

Rejuvenating Business Performance

bmgi20142Discovery Health, one of the largest health insurance company wanted to fortify their sustainable growth and their high level of customer service by formalizing its approach to problem solving and equip management at all levels. After investigation, they chose Breakthrough Management Group international (BMGI), a global man-agement consulting services firm, as their partner because ofits world class expertise on enabling a self suificient culture of operational excellence using techniques such as Lean Six Sigma. With Discovery Health getting sub- stantial results on their operational ex- cellence journey, BMGI ensured that the faith reposed by Discovery Health in it was not misplaced and that they had indeed made the best choice!

Headquartered in Longmont, BMGI was incorporated in 1999 by David Silverstein (Global CEO) with the mission to solve critical business problems of their clients and deliver- ing tangible results. With success afier success demonstrated on challenging problems at various clients, there was substantial interest in BMGI services leading to setting up 13 oifices in just about three years timefrarne including BMGI India in Mumbai by early 2002.

Running on the philosophy of continuous evolution of their professionals, products and services based on business landscape ensures BMGl’s offerings are best-in-class. The company keeps track oftrends and market forces that affect businesses and work to design solutionsfupgrade them that will assist clients mitigate current and fixture challenges. “To ensure that we are able to capture the insights from across geographies, BMGI Leaders from our offices across the globe get together at least once a year to develop and upgrade our services,” explains Naresh T Raisinghani, CEO & Executive Director, BMGI India.

Over a period of time, BMGI hasprogressed and their very first offering of Six Sigma services has evolved into Lean Six Sigma offerings under Running on thephilosophy of continuous evolution of their professionals, products and services based on business landscape ensures BMGl’s offerings arebest-in-class their Operational Excellence services, which enables organizations to address both speed and variation related problems.

Creating Operational Excellence

Market volatility has become the new normal. Companies are investing in operations excellence attempting to increase their ability to adapt to shifting market conditions and focus on maximising profitability. Being a niche provider of such services with clear focus on excellence, not only their clients but the Industry bodies and various other consulting partners also acknowledge BMGI in this space of operational excellence and collaborate with them.

BMGI today offers an array of services such as Innovation, Strategy besides Operational Excellence and Business Transformation to further assist organizations in meeting their business challenges. One of the stra-tegic engagements which BMGI is working on includes enabling India’s leading pigment manufacturer to become the 4”‘ largest pigment players in the world. Likewise, BMGI is working with one of the worlds largest tractor manufacturers to drive operational ex- cellence across its firm and the supplier group.

BMGI India is also assisting startups to establish their footprint strongly in the country. For instance, they have recently worked with a dynamic duo that left their MNC jobs and are in the midst of launching an innovative delivery service using bikes in one of the metro cities. This client has successfully raised their first round offiinding. “We have established a framework that assists entrepreneurs validate their core idea and develop solutions and their complete business model architecture to ensure success. This also enables them to answer critical questions required for securing funding and be better prepared to secure success,”asserts Naresh .

Unlike other major consulting firms who provide good consulting services but are not willing to take on the risk of guaranteeing results, organically grown BMGI has emerged as one of the best known firms in the industry who guarantees results to the projects undertaken and is willing to take on the challenge of a risk-reward based pay-out. “BMGI prefers this model relative to fixed payouts, as we are willing to take a higher risk for receiving a prorata higher gain, as we make the clients succeed,” explains Naresh. Firmly pursuing the philosophy of continually evolving its products and services to be the best, BMGI India rapidly adapts to the changes in market and environment in productive and cost-effective ways.

Investing in Employee Skills

Consultants-of-the-Year2Hire right’, ‘induct right‘ and continue to ‘develop right’ helps BMGI stay true to their strategy. Strongly believing that staff training and development can help develop critical and innovative problem solving skills to solve some of the most difficult and challenging business problems of strategic and operational nature, the company enables each team member to develop their competence and become a BMGI certified Black Belt and in times to come, a Master Black Belt. Besides exposing them to various e Learning (BMGI has the best e-Leaming modules in the world on Lean, Six-sigma and Innova-tion], the company also upgrade their consultants’ skills with periodic leaming & sharing sessions.

Today, BMGI is recognized as the world leader in harnessing the power of cutting-edge techniques of operational excellence for achieving tangible business results. BMGI India plans doubling every four years, and considers this goal reasonably conservative, but not at the cost of their purpose of providing client excellence. Talking about strategic roadmaps, Naresh says “If all goes as per plan, we anticipate becoming a substantially largen pureplay management-consulting firm in APAC region by 2025″.