Consultant of the Year 2014 – Business Strategy

Creating Substantial Value for Clients and Enhancing Bussiness Performances

book-thumbManaging business operations effectively in the dynamic environment is challenging even in the best of times. Companies grapple to grow in an ever competitive environment, changing government regulatory needs and emerging technological innovations. To sustain business growth, they try to balance the external changes through development of new skill sets and knowledge. However, the struggle remains to make necessary and immediate changes both internally and externally to remain profitable. Helping to Counter such uncertainties to business growth, BMGI – a global consulting firm, headquartered Longmont, Colorado, US, partners with organizations at various stages of their business life cycle to transform and and enhance businesses to Innovate, Strategize and Solve Complex business problems. “Effective strategy consulting is about helping the leadership team think through their aspirations, gaps that exist in reality and clearly articulating the way forward” says Naresh T Raisinghani, CEO and Executive Director at BMGI.

bmgi20141When asked about the major challenges faced by business strategy consultants, BMGI agrees that consultant is under constant pressure to provide end to end support strategy implementation and respond to the client’s rapidly changing expectations. However , BMGI believes that many consulting firms tend to suffer from “esoteric report dossier’s” syndrome which is a definite cause for producing low results. Many consultants, through brilliant in numerical assessment, lack intuitive understanding of market and business landscape. They are adept in figuring out how far the market has grown but fall short when it comes to predicting the future growth rate for the same market. Additionally, their response is neutral when it comes to predicting the finding whether an organization is capable of incorporating a change or not because they lack in understanding nuances of the organizations’ working dynamics.

BMGI deploys two fundamental approaches- HoshinKanri and balances scorecard approach to ensure promising results to overcome challenges of strategic implementation. Facilitating the creation of business processes, HoshinKanri deployment is a sustained competitive advantage in quality, Delivery, Cost and Innovation. On the other hand Balanced Scorecard provides a framework to describe a strategy by linking intangible (cycle time, market share, innovation, satisfaction & competencies) & tangible assets (financials) in value-creating activities. Both of these approaches are contrived to make clients aware of potential pitfalls with regards to their initiatives and translate their strategies into effective and customized strategic metrics and initiatives. “BMGI‘s strong focus on creating a holistic change management and strategy implementation infrastructure, continual engagement and mentoring as a joint co-owner of the strategy implementation and periodic monitoring and resourcing interventions with the leadership team ensures that the committed results are usually exceeded”, quotes Naresh.

BMGI’s result based consulting approach aims to solve complex business problems of clients with strategy planning, implementation and structured innovation. Besides having a robust methodology for strategy planning and consultation, BMGI is quite savvy to provide the clients a complete line of sight for implementation and not just creating an implementation infrastructure. “At BMGI we strongly believe in the philosophy of implementation and prefer engagement wherein we are called to work as partners in implementation of strategic initiatives”, adds Naresh.

“BMGI has a strong focus on creating a holistic change management, strategy implementation infrastructure, continual engagement and mentoring as a joint co-owner of the strategy implementation”

BMGI is recognized as the world leader in harnessing the power of cutting edge techniques in the area of Innovation, Strategy, Problem Solving and Busines Transformation for achieving tangible business results.

Client Success Story-Digital Film Academy


To convert a big idea into viable business

BMGI’s Approach

Mentored the promoter and leadership team to establish the Vision based on the seed idea and defined the services that needed to be delivered. Supported in defining, developing and implementing the business plan to achieve the results targeted.


Reached breakeven in 2 years of commencement and considered a leader in the VFX space.

The success saga of BMGI does not end here. There are many best of leading Fortune 1000 global companies and other Indian companies from diverse industries such as financial services, IT/ITES, airlines, chemicals, FMCG, discrete manufacturing, telecommunications, petrochemical, textiles, healthcare & energy who are not only relishing BMGI’s world class strategy planning and implementation services but also making their businesses sound and effective with it.

BMGI started its journey by focusing on operational excellence of organizations with some of the leading names such as IlonaKrushner of allied Signals, David Silverstien of Seagate, who had established world class Lean Six Sigma deployments worldwide in their respective firms. With in depth experience of working with Business leaders, and Effective strategy consulting and implementation, BMGI has been successful in in solving critical strategic challenges facing businesses

BMGI is focused exclusively on results based consulting approach and is actively planning to grow by 30-50 percent CAGR in the next five years. The company is also planning to expand its wings to the APAC region in coming years. With many several large and small organization engaging consultancy firms to bolster their businesses, Naresh is confident that the future of the consulting players shall be bright and blooming.