BMGI Showcases Enabling ‘Make in India’ through Operational Excellence

As the Knowledge Partner for 6th India Operational Excellence Summit 2015, held in Hotel ITC Maurya, New Delhi. BMGI presented insights on Business Transformation through Operational Excellence. The Operational Excellence blueprint for adding wings to the ‘Make In India’ initiative was presented. The event was organized by Confederation of India Indusry (CII). The event comprised thought leaders from across the industry with senior management representations from Coca Cola, DS Group, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Punj Lloyd,Osborn Lippert, Vodafone, Iqor India, TCI SCS India, Maruti Suzuki, Piramal Healthcare, Outokumpu India, Polaris to name a few.

6th India Operrational Excellence Summit 2015

Event chairman Mr Naresh Raisinghani, CEO & Executive Director, BMGI, kicked off the event mentioning that Indian Industry is at the threshold of becoming a “Global Manufacturing Hub” and achieve the Prime Minister’s vision of ‘Make in India’ for India and the World. He highlighted how India has demonstrated its leadership capabilities with examples like Cost leadership at Tata Steel, Market Leadership by Bharat Forge, Orbit Shift Mission Mars etc. Considering that Competitiveness of Indian Industry is 71 out of 144 countries and has declined over the last year, he shared how Industry can change this and jump-start the Road to Profitable Growth by focussing on Operational Excellence and Innovation. He stated that if Indian Industry has to achieve the vision of profitable growth and become competitive, they would need to focus on three key pillars a) People b) Process Framework c) Technology. He elaborated the need to improve people productivity which has clear linkages with growth, gain from best-in-class technology absorption and use framework such as Lean Six Sigma for driving excellence.

Mr Pankaj Dubey, MD Polaris mentioned strategy, technological innovation and people development are at the core to drive OPEX at Polaris. He urged Indian industry to take proactive steps to create more opportunities for women to join and contribute to the industry.

Mr K N Rattan, former executive director of Shriram Pistons & Rings shared that organisations have to go for evolutions not necessarily revolution. Operational Excellence should not be taken as one off initiative and must be pursued as a journey. He mentioned that organisations that have nurtured Operational Excellence have been able to leverage their strengths and overcome weaknesses.

The Session 2 focussed on TOP- Line Transformation

Mr Ashok Wadhawan, President Manufacturing Punj Llyod set the context on how operational excellence can help in driving top line growth. He exemplified how Punj Lyod got orders by understanding customer perception and developing products as per expectations. He shared how this was done by improving the finishing process through operational excellence initiatives.

Mr Malolan Sarangapani, AVP Cognizant Technology Solutions mentioned the importance of aligning business metrics with customer expectations to drive top line growth. He elaborated how OPEX initiatives like Lean helped his team to identify and reduce the revenue generation timeline. His team reduced the TAT to make their associates productive by 50%. He shared that automation, reducing non-value adding steps and standardization of processes further helped in boosting productive output and thereby improving the top line.

Mr Tarun Mishra, Founder & CEO Covacsis Technologies mentioned the benefits of improving the real time information about operations. He stressed the need to engage customers with real time information of operational parameters thereby reducing the need for downstream inspection. This value driven approach would go a long way in improving customer loyalty and driving sales.

Mr Shirish Tambe, Head - India Business & Director spoke about top line growth through customer acquisition enabled by Operational Excellence. Lean helped his team to produce more with less, being agile in meeting customer demand and thus delighting the customers. He shared an inspiring story of how he transformed Osborn’s india business to move from a stage of “Satisfactory Underperformance” to “Fastest growing company within the group” in few years by implementing Lean Six Sigma techniques. The highlight was how space was created for new projects which added to the top-line.

Mr Yatinder Suri, Managing Director Outokumpu India stressed the importance of sustainability practices that his company is leading and how the same has resulted in superior products and applications thereby imrpoving their top line.

Mr Nitin Bhandari, AVP at Vodafone India shared how it is essential to create an alignment between operational excellence initiatives and market place realities. He highlighted about the crossroads that leaders may get into when emotions meets datapoints.

In the Post Lunch Session, Ambarish Raj, Senior Principal Consultant, BMGI outlined the Best Practices in Operational Excellence gained from a survey conducted by BMGI and the years of BMGI’s successful opertaional excellence deployment across the globe. He stressed that the purpose of the Operational Excellence deployment is to provide that extra delta to the normal goals taken. The best practices shared included – Leadership drive, selecting the right projects and focus on results, integration of operational excellence with all initiatives of the business, using the right methodology and tools and proving recognition to employees for successes in opex deployment. He stated that Leadership engagement is perhaps the most critical aspect of a successful deployment. He also shared how creating a vision for opex (at least 3 years) integrated with normal business planning provides a clear direction and also enables the correct project selection. He concluded by stating that excellence is a way of life and managing change is an esessential driver for this.

6th India Operrational Excellence Summit 2015

Ms Suman Sharma, Head Business Excellence at DS Group shared the growing importance of Change Management that is core to the success of any initiative including operational excellence. She shared how her company manages change and shared examples of the various successful initiatives of change management. She added that quality and innovation are the pillars of the DS Group’s success. She mentioned that the first enabler for driving change is the top management and second driver is good communication. She talked about how no standard formula exists for change, but that it required a customised and unique approach relevant to each organisation. She shared that success has been experienced by involving people in the change process. She stressed that automation is not a universal solution and that standardized processes needs to be established first.

Last session on Bottom Line Transformation

Mr Sanjay Vidyarthi , Managing Director iQor India shared a study on Telcommunication Companies with respect to Green initiatives. The study indicated that the largest contributor to carbon footprint is rework, accounting to 28% thereby affecting the bottom line. Operational Excellence was at the forefront in recommendations to reduce carbon foot print.

Mr Kunal Sharma, AVP Operational Excellence at Coca Cola spoke about bottom line tranformation at Coke. He shared the Operational Excellence roadmap his team is working on and how it is delivering year-on-year results and helping them solve business critical problems. He highlighted that culture building plays a crucial role in long term sustenance of any transformation. Process centered approach, cross-functional integration, systematic methodolgy, data driven decisions and sustainable results are the essential aspects to build a culture of operational excellence.

Mr Mansingh Jaswal Director & CEO Genex LogiSolutions and Mr Sumit Kumar VP TCI SCS India mentioned the importance of Logistics and Supply Chain improvement initiatives for businesses. They stressed the role a strong & enabling logistics function can play in reducing costs. They spoke about the need for looking at overall costs for the supply chain rather than focusing on elements of it such as “transportation rate per km”. They also outlined some techniques that can be used to further this goal.

The session was summarised by Mr Deepak Panda, Head Business Development, BMGI India with a note that Operational Excellence Delivers Compelling Business Outcomes when pursued correctly.

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