Workshop on Patent Bullet Proofing
Isn’t the Ability to Revolutionize the Way
You Do Business
Worth Two Days of Your Time?

To get you started, Breakthrough Management Group India is organizing a Two Day workshop on Patent Bullet Proofing. The Process is designed to deliver the most robust and defensible patent possible. The process spans the entire spectrum of patent lifecycle development and may be applied at any point. The key patent concepts covered, or milestones, include:

  • Determining if there is sufficient, Freedom to Operate
    Analyzing Patentability
  • Validating the efficacy and form of the preliminary patent application
  • Developing a more Robust Patent Strategy for the final patent application
  • Recommending a Defensive Strategy built on additional patents
Patent Bullet Proofing

A common and dangerous fallacy is that developing a comprehensive, defensible patent is a job for attorneys. However, bulletproofing your patents is not a legal process. Rather, it is both an engineering and a business process. The purpose of a patent application is to ensure your idea or invention is protected. The emphasis in drafting your application must be on ensuring that your invention is both engineered and described to benefit the business in a manner that affords the greatest uniqueness and broadest defensive position. The Bulletproof Patent Process is grounded in the following principles:

  1. Understanding the nature of non-patent prior art in addition to the patent prior art attorneys typically review.
  2. Systematically breaking down the patent through function modeling of independent claims to reveal technical vulnerabilities that can be eliminated.
  3. Applying inventive problem-solving techniques that yield new claims and modify others to render your patent much more resilient to circumvention.
  4. Using function modeling and attribute analysis to indicate what is legally protected while also ensuring you understand what is not protected.
  5. Building a defensive barrier by adding independent claims to the patent and/or by building a “fence” around the patent with additional patents.
  6. Using technology trends to determine the direction of future related technologies and creating a strategy to claim or capture the future space proactively.

The Bulletproof Patent Process protects your competitive advantage while streamlining the patent application process. In other words, the process improves both the efficiency and the quality of patent drafting. The process is conducted in three distinct phases:

  • During Phase I, we validate whether you can move forward using and patenting your concept using a two-part research approach.
  • During Phase II, we develop an anti-circumvention strategy, which serves to increase the robustness of an existing patent by identifying vulnerabilities and redesigning the invention and/or restating the claims to compensate for them. We will also recommend additional independent claims or additional patent applications when necessary.
  • During Phase III, we enhance defensibility and increase the future value of your patent by anticipating evolutionary developments and recommending additional patents.

About the Workshop Facilitator

Dr. Phil Samuel


Dr. Phil Samuel is a Managing Partner at Lean Methods and has been helping clients develop and deploy strategies,  insource creativity and drive organic growth for more than a decade.
Phil is a dynamic speaker having presented worldwide and an accomplished author whose credits include two books: Design for Lean Six Sigma: A Holistic Approach to Design and Innovation and The Innovator’s Toolkit: 50+ Techniques for Predictable and Sustainable Organic Growth. Phil is one of Lean Method Group’s thought leaders and has driven the development of services for identifying growth strategies, facilitating rapid innovation sprints and bullet-proofing patents. Finally, Phil is also the editor-in-chief of the TRIZ Journal and executive editor for the blog Chief Innovator Online. He is a practicing biomimic, a registered professional engineer, a TRIZ expert and an active member of several professional organizations.

With more than 20 years of technical and management experience with engineering, manufacturing and service processes, Phil has led countless performance improvement initiatives. His extensive consulting background includes work with clients in the defense, aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, healthcare, retail, pharmaceutical and high-tech sectors—as well as work with such regulatory agencies such as Environment Canada, the Alberta Research Council and the National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada. He also conducts applied research on the topics of strategy, creativity and design collaborating with researchers from various universities.

The Workshop is to be held on 16th and 17th September, 2019 in Mumbai.

Registration Fee: INR 40,000 (incl. Tax)

  • Early Registration Fee at 15% Discount before 31st August, 19
  • On Three nominations, one nomination is complimentary

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