The course is intended to provide insight into the principles of Lean and help business leaders and Improvement practitioners decide on the way forward towards adoption of these powerful methodologies.

The participants will also be able to see various roles which need to be played within the organization for successful deployment of these initiatives. These roles are also very critical for long term sustenance of the initiatives.

We will also showcase case studies of successful application of Lean in different business environments.

The contents for the 5 day Lean Practitioner session would be as follows:

  • Lean Overview and Fundamentals & 5 Principles of Lean
  • Value & 8 forms of waste (With in-class simulation)
  • Enterprise wide Value Stream Assessment
  • Value Stream Mapping (Current / Future)
  • 5S (Lean 5S) , Visual management & Flow Principles
  • Pull & Kanban
  • Resource Reliability Enhancement
  • Mistake Proofing
  • SCORE & Lean Deployment Roadmap
  • Change Management

Lean Trimming waste, maximizing margins

Lean is a set of methods companies can apply to any manufacturing, transactional or service process to reduce waste, eliminate non-value-added actions and cut time, thereby improving the flow of processes.

Lean methods have a rich and proven history that began in the automobile industry at Ford in the 1920s in a rudimentary way and at Toyota in the 1950s in a more advanced way. Lean can bring in both short-term results and long-term change through the power of Total Employee Involvement supported by Change Management Experts. It is for this reason many companies are embracing Lean.

BMGI :: Lean Trimming waste, maximizing margins