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What You Will Learn

Advanced Tools for Six Sigma

Advanced Tools training is designed to provide Green Belts, Black Belts and Master Black Belts with a mastery of DMAIC tools. This is an advanced class that is focused on helping participants learn how to apply Six Sigma techniques in unique situations. While Six Sigma came from manufacturing environment, many companies have gained tremendous benefit in service oriented processes. This course will also provide practitioners with advanced tools to tackle problems in the transactional environment.

Advanced Tools training is a critical component to helping students take their knowledge and skill set of DMAIC to master’s level. This course is one of the electives of BMGI’s Master Black Belt program.

Course Description

The course agenda integrates both a review of traditional Six Sigma tools along with invaluable advanced topics that are always asked about, but almost never taught. In this hands-on class, participants will achieve a level of proficiency and understanding that will take them well beyond the peers and enable them to solve previously tramadol contraindications unsolvable problems. Tools such as non-parametric testing, covariate DOE, and others are introduced for the first time.

How You Will Learn

Our program is suited for individuals in all industries.

This program is ideal for practicing Black Belts and Master Black Belts who have the desire or need to extend their knowledge and problem solving capability. It is also a great preparatory workshop for potential Six Sigma instructors. In addition, any Black Belt or Master Black Belt candidate who is responsible for training, mentoring, and/ or supporting other Black Belts or Green Belts will find this course very useful.




Day I – Dealing with Non-Normality

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Classes of Non-Normal Data
  • Treating Non-Normal Data
  • Non-Parametric Testing
  • Non-Normal Capability Analysis

Day II – Design of Experiments

  • 2K with Centerpoint and Blocking
  • Covariate DOE
  • Fixed V/s Random Factor DOE
  • Mixture DOE

Day III – Regression

  • Multiple Regression
  • Discreet Probability Distribution
  • Advanced Multiple Regression
  • Logistics Regression

Day IV – Introduction to Surveys

  • Survey Design
  • Survey Analysis

Day V – Introduction to Forecasting

  • Forecasting with ARIMA