Lean Six Sigma

Combining the power of Lean and Six Sigma can do wonders to a business by making processes more robust and improving their financial position manifolds. World’s most successful companies have deployed Lean Six Sigma techniques religiously for years to arrive at the best processes flexible with changing environment to continue to deliver the customers what they want at the highest possible quality, at the lowest possible cost in the shortest possible time.

What is Lean Six Sigma (LSS)

Lean Six Sigma are a set of methods companies can apply to any manufacturing, transactional or service processes to reduce waste, eliminate non-value-added actions and produce better quality results. Combining Lean with Six Sigma can produce a program that brings both short-term results- through the power of Lean- and long-term change through the power of Six Sigma. It is for this reason many companies are turning to a combined Lean and Six Sigma effort. BMGI’s combined Lean and Six Sigma programs are designed to incorporate the best of both methodologies which can be used to find innovation opportunities far beyond operations enhancing financial performance can creating more robust and measurable processes.

Why is it needed?

Companies typically use Lean to make immediate operational improvements as a direct output of Kaizen events.BMGI uses a Lean methodology called SCORE to run Kaizen events, which typically yield benefits sooner than other methods, primarily because SCORE keeps the Kaizen team together day after day until the needed Lean improvements are made. Companies can see results from SCORE Kaizen events immediately, often within a single week. Kaizen events also uncover a list of improvement opportunities for ongoing attention with Lean tools, or process improvement tools like Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma.

Where is it applicable?

Lean Six Sigma is the most versatile tool set which finds its use in virtually all the industries. From highly technical aeronautical set up to seeming lack lustre steel industry, Lean Six Sigma has delivered excellent financial results in all industries. From the success of manufacturing industries, services sector has also found immense impact on standardization of their processes and better quantification of results leading to predictable and effective financial results.

Companies that have benefitted from Lean Six Sigma

A great number of companies have implemented Lean Six Sigma principles and techniques, including Alcoa, Boeing and Lockheed Martin in the manufacturing sector. Transactional and service companies have also applied Lean and Lean Six Sigma with successes ranging from time-saving, waste-removing to efficiency-gaining ways. Examples of big companies that have employed Lean management thinking or lean thinking and principles are Dell in optimizing demand-driven flow, eBay in bringing products and consumers together in real time and Microsoft in compressing its software development cycle. Healthcare companies are implementing Lean too as they streamline the processes involved in patient care.

BMGI is a leader in operational consulting across industries for its ability to solve critical business problems using the Lean Six Sigma tools sets. On one side Lean focuses on waste elimination and on the other side Six Sigma incorporates the continuous improvement methodology through DMAIC approach giving more than expected business results to its clients.

Philips Transforms Its Consumer Lifestyle Sales & Marketing Approach

Philips vies for market share across the globe with 20,000 employees in its sales and marketing arm, and the competition is fierce. That’s why Philips has deeply integrated Lean Six Sigma principles into its sales and marketing processes.

Ruuki’s Local Transformation Turns Global

Ruukki is a steel manufacturer with operations in 15 countries, competing for its share of metal-based solutions to the construction and engineering industries. To do this, Ruukki implemented a Lean and Six Sigma pilot in one of its plants in Finland. The results were.

Thinking and Acting Big at Tamko

Just because Tamko is a leading manufacturer of roofing, cement and other products doesn’t mean it can relax. That’s why it hired BMGI to help increase the quality of its products, improveits processes and take the.

Want More from Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma can be excellent at remedying obvious maladies like manufacturing or call center bottlenecks, but it is less adept at uncovering hidden trouble spots.