Forbes India Leadership Agenda discusses all things leadership and sustainablityForbes India Leadership Agenda discusses all things leadership and sustainablity

The Forbes India Leadership Agenda - Convergence of India Inc's Best Minds, in association with Mercedes-Benz, brought together India Inc's best minds to discuss all things leadership in a high-tech world. The best of the corporate world also discussed India as an emerging leader in the new world order.

Forbes India Editor Brian Carvalho moderates a panel on 'India: Emerging Leader in the New World Order'. Panelists include, Sudhir Mathur, CEO, Cairn India; Anupriya Acharya, CEO, Publicis Media (India); Manoj Adlakha, CEO, American Express, India; Roland Folger, chairman and managing director, Mercedes-Benz India...Read more

5 Time-Tested Ways To Build Leadership Credibility5 Time-Tested Ways To Build Leadership Credibility

Stephen Covey had a great concept that he called "the speed of trust." A person's credibility builds trust, and when you fully trust someone, it enables you to work with them much more efficiently and productively than if you're constantly worrying about them and assessing their abilities. In short, trust is a positive business difference maker.

Just as credibility is a key component of trust, it's a vital element of effective leadership. Know any widely respected business leaders (not counting a certain current president) who have major credibility issues? Conversely, when someone is viewed as highly credible, they're seen as an asset, a valuable team...Read more

Learning to Deal With Change Faster is Key to Being More Resilient at WorkLearning to Deal With Change Faster is Key to Being More Resilient at Work

How do you react to change? How do your employees react to change? If you do not learn to manage -- even embrace -- change, you’ll face an uphill climb of constant struggle in your career. Heraclitus, an ancient Greek philosopher, said, “No one ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river, and you are not the same person. The only thing that is constant is change.” We all instinctively know this, yet most humans have difficulty dealing with change.

When faced with changes at work, most people react with discomfort, fear about the loss of control, uncertainty that they’ll have the skills to navigate the new river, or they simply resist...Read more

The 4 Types of Entrepreneur and Why You Need to Be Each OneThe 4 Types of Entrepreneur and Why You Need to Be Each One

If you want to grow and scale your business over the next year, you need to have all four of these entrepreneur personality types.

The problem is, this is hard because you're a single person with a single personality
But, if you want to build a successful business, there are several traits you must possess, and in essence, four "hats" you must wear. People often have one or two but struggle to embrace all four. In my experience after working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, this leads to a lot of trouble as you grow...Read more

Why services sector is the growth engine of Indian economyWhy services sector is the growth engine of Indian economy

India’s dominant services sector is not called the economic engine without reason. The sector, which accounts for about 55.2 percent of gross value added, is likely to lead growth in gross fixed capital formation — a measure of investment spending — that had remained subdued in the last couple of years, according to an analysis by Care Ratings Ltd.

The Reserve Bank of India and investment banks such as Goldman Sachs Group Inc. are betting on a revival in private investments in Asia’s third-largest economy to boost growth from an expected four-year low. But gross fixed capital formation has fallen to 28.5 percent of gross domestic product in the year to March 2018 from 34.3 percent in the 2012 financial year, according to Care Ratings...Read more

4 Habits of Ultra-Likable Leaders That Are Hard to Find4 Habits of Ultra-Likable Leaders That Are Hard to Find

I often tell people that leadership is a journey. When you think you've arrived at the top of the mountain, look up. You'll always find another peak to climb.

The truth about leadership is actually coming to terms with never arriving at an absolute truth about how to lead yourself and others--it's an ever-evolving process of learning and growing. And the best of leaders never stop evolving; their journey never ends...Read more

UDAN set to connect 100 regional airports soonUDAN set to connect 100 regional airports soon

In a major push to the government’s flagship regional connectivity scheme, Prime Minister Narendra Modi plans to almost double its reach by starting subsidised flights to 100 airports in the country.

The Prime Minister’s Office has asked the civil aviation ministry to examine adding 44 airports under the scheme called Ude Desh ka Aam Nagrik (UDAN). “The aviation ministry has to examine the possibility of adding another 44 airports under the scheme,” said a senior government official who did not want to be identified...Read more

Why Every CEO Needs to Realize the Importance of Value-based Leadership and Implement itWhy Every CEO Needs to Realize the Importance of Value-based Leadership and Implement it

Ensuring successful and robust enterprises is a simple task if one strives mindfully towards it. Key to it lies in the people, particularly its top management. Much as we would like to believe otherwise, everything filters from the top - the work environment, culture and its ethos.

Couple of things I have come across and observed in my career of two decades is the way you treat and take care of your people. The interaction between people and their productivity is impacted if we do not communicate effectively. One of the top concerns which negatively impacts effective communication and therefore work output...Read more

Five Things That Leaders Really Want Their Line Reports To KnowFive Things That Leaders Really Want Their Line Reports To Know

There is a wealth of information out there advising leaders on what they can do to become better leaders. Yet there is a lot less information on how to become a better follower. This is somewhat surprising given that most leaders are also followers in the sense that they report to someone who is even more senior than them. Fortunately, the Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance has come to the rescue of those who are confused as to what it takes to be a good follower by dispensing these five eminently helpful pieces of advice:

1. Make the boss look good. In theory, a follower’s main concern should be to help the boss look good in front of his or her own superiors. (In practice, of course, there...Read more

Taking Your Family- Run Business Into The Next Generation

Are you part of a family-run business that is looking for ways to make the company run more smoothly from day to day and right into the next generation?

In many cases, this will be a professional services firm where the founder of the company did a sterling job over many years building up the customer base. However, that charismatic individual is no longer able to do all the networking s/he used to and your order books are not looking as healthy as they once did...Read more

India pips Germany, ranks 4th largest auto market now
India pips Germany, ranks 4th largest auto market now

India has overtaken Germany to become the fourth largest automobile market in the world, latest global data show. Automobile sales, including passenger and commercial vehicles, in Asia’s third largest economy grew 9.5%, the fastest among major global markets, last year to more than 4 million units, outpacing Germany’s 3.8-million vehicle sales, which rose by a modest 2.8% in the same period.

India’s passenger vehicle demand is led by utility vehicles
Sales volumes for Maruti Suzuki BSE -1.01 % Vitara Brezza and Hyundai Creta remain strong, new launches in segment include: Tata’s Nexon, Jeep Compass, VW’s Tiguan & Skoda’s Kodiaq...Read more

Your Team Will Love You More When You Stop Trying to Be PerfectYour Team Will Love You More When You Stop Trying to Be Perfect

Vulnerability has been viewed as a liability for leaders and in business, a weakness. Leaders attempt to hide their vulnerability. You play games. You act tough. You present sensitive enough yet remain guarded enough to conceal the depth of your insecurities. You think this makes you look more stable. Perhaps, more attractive. You fear that your vulnerabilities will turn others off, and they will see your vulnerabilities as weaknesses.

Let me share with you how vulnerability is a key factor in a business leaders’ success...Read more

What Kind of Leadership Works Best at Your Company?What Kind of Leadership Works Best at Your Company?

Inventive companies like Amazon and Tesla are constantly churning out new products and services, but there is something else that they, and other distinctive enterprises, are also in the business of producing: their version of leadership. A research project we just completed suggests there might be something important and innovative going on in this department, too. The “challenge-driven” leadership we found in our study of MIT leaders might not be right for every kind of enterprise, but we suspect it will spread to many more in years to come.

The idea that high-performing organizations might have something distinctive going on in their leadership behaviors, and not just their marketplace offerings, is not new. Firms like GE and Procter & Gamble have long been seen as crucibles...Read more

Today's Must-Reads For Entrepreneurs: What The Founder Of The North Face Did With His MoneyToday's Must-Reads For Entrepreneurs: What The Founder Of The North Face Did With His Money

Giving Back

The founder of The North Face created a national park in Chile: "The park is the brainchild of Kristine McDivitt Tompkins and her husband, Douglas Tompkins, who founded The North Face and Esprit clothing companies, and starting in 1991, put $345 million — much of his fortune — buying large swaths of Patagonia. ... Mr. Tompkins died at 72 in December 2015, after a kayaking accident in Patagonia. Months before, Tompkins Conservation, an umbrella group of conservation initiatives the couple directed, proposed a deal to the Chilean government: It would donate more than one million acres of their preserved and restored territory to Chile if the government committed additional lands and designated new parks to create a Patagonian national park network.


Is Google squelching competition from startups? "The Raffs quit their jobs, hired a few programmers, spent months perfecting their technology and, in early 2006, unveiled, a vertical-search engine...Read more

Fostering Effective Energy TransitionFostering Effective Energy Transition

The first edition of the Fostering Effective Energy Transition report, prepared with analytical support from McKinsey & Company, is part of the World Economic Forum System Initiative on Shaping the Future of Energy. The report introduces the “Energy Transition Index”, which builds upon the previous series of “Global Energy Architecture Performance Index” by adding a forward looking element of country readiness for energy transition. The index benchmarks 114 countries on the current level of their energy system performance, and the readiness of their macro environment for transition to a secure, sustainable, affordable and inclusive future energy system. The fact-based framework and rankings are intended to enable policy makers and businesses to identify the destination for energy transition, identify imperatives, and align policy and market enablers accordingly...Read more

India looks like a country that can change the whole world: Nobel-winner Paul KrugmanIndia looks like a country that can change the whole world: Nobel-winner Paul Krugman

It has been nearly four years since India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi announced a policy to make Asia's third-largest economy a hub for manufacturing in South Asia. The prime minister’s ambitious Make in India programme looks to improve manufacturing's share in GDP to 25 percent by 2020 from nearly 16 percent now.

While manufacturing is yet to pick up at the rate the government expected it to, Paul Krugman, the 2008 Nobel prize winner in Economics for his work in new trade theory, reckons that "It makes almost more sense than anywhere" to shift from a services-led growth to a manufacturing-led one...Read more

How Driverless Cars Could Disrupt The Real Estate IndustryHow Driverless Cars Could Disrupt The Real Estate Industry

Driverless cars could become a regular feature of the roads as early as April – at least in California, which has decided to allow fully autonomous vehicles to be tested on the roads (none of those pesky humans who have been present in test drives so far). Arizona has already become a fair-weather center for testing driverless vehicles, thanks in large part to the governor’s support, and Uber announced last week that it has finished testing its self-driving trucks in Arizona and is now beginning to use them to move goods across the state.

It’s not just the U.S., either. The British government launched a review last week of laws governing self-driving vehicles, with the aim of getting autonomous...Read more

NITI Aayog mulling a nationwide policy on artificial intelligenceNITI Aayog mulling a nationwide policy on artificial intelligence

In a bid to counter China’s move towards usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the NITI Aayog will be chalking out a national policy on AI to outline its scope in research and commercial adaptation of the technology, according to a report by The Economic Times.

The report suggests that the policy is expected to lay out short, medium and long-term goals which will have to be achieved by 2022, 2026 and 2030, starting from this year...Read more

The World's Most Reputable Companies 2018The World's Most Reputable Companies 2018

The last few years have been tumultuous, to say the least, and if leaders on the world stage have learned anything, it’s that reputation is a fragile thing. Events ranging from the divisive outcomes of the Brexit vote and the U.S. presidential election to the emergence of fake news and #MeToo have hammered home that point, and now large companies are learning that lesson as well.

“The reputation bubble has burst,” says Stephen Hahn-Griffiths, chief research officer of the Reputation Institute, a reputation measurement and management services firm. Since 2006, RI has published the Global RepTrak 100, an annual study of corporate reputation. This year’s ranking revealed an average 1.4-point decline in the reputation of RT100 companies, the first significant regression since the end of the Great Recession...Read more

IIMs go big on offbeat courses to build leadership skills, cut stressIIMs go big on offbeat courses to build leadership skills, cut stress

The premier Indian Institutes of Management are incorporating courses on spirituality and human values to help future managers maintain equanimity under pressure.

The latest to take the plunge is Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad, which is drawing lessons from the Bhagavad Gita to train future corporate leaders...Read more

Are You Ready to Start a Company? Ask Yourself These 6 Questions.Are You Ready to Start a Company? Ask Yourself These 6 Questions.

Adapted from Crack the C-Suite Code: How Successful Leaders Make It to the Top, by Cassandra Frangos, copyright 2018. Reprinted by permission of Wharton Digital Press.

Amy Chang, former head of analytics at Google, was just two levels removed from Larry Page and the C-suite when she stepped away from her role at the search giant to co-found Accompany, the venture-funded digital personal assistant startup. This move epitomizes the experience of a unique set of aspiring leaders -- when they are ready for a top leadership experience, they create one for themselves...Read more

What makes some businesses better at thriving in disruption?

Process improvement and change go hand in hand. But disruption? Disruption is a word loaded with negative connotations. For everyone who embraces the idea of digital disruption there will be hundreds who dread it.

But dread is precisely the wrong response: digital disruption isn’t the future, it’s the present, and if you think the ice isn’t breaking up under your feet, it’s just because you’re standing on a deceptively large sheet of the stuff. Be warned, the thaw is here.

It’s an irony that we are much more happy with digital disruption in our personal lives than we are at work. Possibly because we understand the process of our daily lives much better. We all know it’s a pain to find a parking space and feed the right change into the meter, so we don’t mind an app that tells us where the spaces are, and gives us a frictionless platform for payment...Read more

How to Plan Your Day as an Entrepreneur?How to Plan Your Day as an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship demands long working hours, sometimes even most harrowingly long. Have you ever wondered what makes the entrepreneurs reboot themselves every day, manage the priorities and eventually become successful in what they do? They plan every single day in a well-thought manner to put things in order.

Do you consider yourself as an entrepreneur? Then to become successful in your entrepreneurial journey, you should know about the routines most entrepreneurs execute daily. Today's article is all about highlighting those daily routines and suggesting you how to plan your day as an entrepreneur...Read more

The Four Essential Roles of a CEOThe Four Essential Roles of a CEO

We often hear that running a large company is one of the most complex jobs in the world. Business schools, strategic consultancies, headhunting firms, training providers, executive coaches all have a tendency to mystify the work of the CEO. However, effective CEOs see their jobs in much simpler terms and consider this simplification an important element of their effectiveness.

That was one of the surprising findings of a research project we undertook over the last five years. In order to understand how the CEOs themselves see their work and which factors make them successful, we interviewed a carefully assembled selection of truly international CEOs from the world’s twenty biggest economies (other findings are reported in our book CEO School: Insights From 20 Global Business Leaders)...Read more

10 Things The Inspiring Stephen Hawking Taught Mankind10 Things The Inspiring Stephen Hawking Taught Mankind

The brilliant physicist, Stephen Hawking, passed away at 76 on Wednesday in Cambridge, England. Though he never won a Nobel Prize, his book, A Brief History of Time, which helped make science more accessible to everyone, brought him worldwide fame, and his wicked sense of humor made him a beloved pop culture figure. Hawking was diagnosed with ALS at only 21 and was given five years to live, but went on not only to outlive his doctor's estimations, but went on to complete his very best work. His intellect and zest for life inspired the world to be curious, and is one of the most formidable examples of triumph of the human spirit. Here are just a few things Dr. Hawking taught us, about ourselves and the cosmos...Read more

World Happiness Report 2018: Those who pay higher tax are happier! Don’t believe us, here’s the proofWorld Happiness Report 2018: Those who pay higher tax are happier! Don’t believe us, here’s the proof

World Happiness Report 2018: The happiness report for the year 2018 is out, and what’s common between the people of happiest nations is that they pay higher taxes. The top three nations on World’s Happiness Index 2018 are Finland, Norway and Denmark, and they are among the highest tax paying nations in the world — with tax rates high as 60%.

And the relationship between happiness and tax rate is not purely coincidental but correlated. Eminent social-scientist Benjamin Radcliff has drawn a parallel between happiness and tax rates, saying that “higher levels of taxation suggest higher levels of satisfaction with life”, and hence more happiness...Read more

Why Entrepreneurs Should Constantly Be Reinventing Themselves

“Entrepreneurs need to live in permanent beta,” Entrepreneur’s editor in chief, Jason Feifer, says, quoting LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman, whom we featured in a cover story for Entrepreneur magazine.

In this one-minute mentor video, Feifer shares how it was these words of Hoffman’s that spoke to him and made him think about how everyone should be reminded of this on a daily...Read more

India overtakes UK in automotive sales to emerge as fifth largest in the worldIndia overtakes UK in automotive sales to emerge as fifth largest in the world

India’s automotive sales surged the second fastest in the world in 2017, with total numbers trumping developed markets like UK and France and coming within striking distance of Germany.

Closing the last calendar year at 3.61 million units with a growth of 8.8 percent, India’s domestic automobile sales were the fifth highest in the world behind China (25.8 million), the United States (17.23 million), Japan (5.16 million) and Germany (3.71 million). Auto sales in the UK were at 2.9 million units, and in France were at 2.54 million units...Read more

When You're a Leader, Everything You Do Has an ImpactWhen You're a Leader, Everything You Do Has an Impact

I just read Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley. It was both eye-opening and cringe-worthy. The book explores the role of gender in the tech industry -- at startups and venture capital firms, and the interaction between men and women in the two. While Silicon Valley has grown to have global influence, in many ways the cultural leadership from the venture community has dramatically shrunk in the last decade. Chasing deal flow has resulted in many VCs leading the race to the bottom in startup ethical behavior.

Among other things, the book reminded me how important leadership is in setting startup culture -- both consciously and implicitly...Read more

Inside the Quirky Habits of Albert Einstein, Elon Musk, and Other Genius InventorsInside the Quirky Habits of Albert Einstein, Elon Musk, and Other Genius Inventors

Eccentric minds We all want to learn about--and adopt--the fascinating routines of history's most brilliant minds. From "batching" to toe-flexing, here are a few unusual habits of famous inventors....Read more

Five Practices of the Most Change-Ready LeadersFive Practices of the Most Change-Ready Leaders

Our book Athletic CEOs: Leadership in Turbulent Times describes effective leaders from emerging markets. In our previous INSEAD Knowledge blog, we discussed the mindset of athletic leaders, specifically their improbable combination of mental toughness and adaptability. Now let’s look at what they do.

We have identified five leadership meta-practices of athletic CEOs. Each of them allows leaders to effectively manage a particular challenge. Within each meta-practice, we found a number of very specific behaviour strategies, which we called leadership practices...Read more

Government pitches for national e-commerce policyGovernment pitches for national e-commerce policy

The government on Wednesday made a case for a national e-commerce policy and a related consolidated legal framework to address the challenges of the sector and realise the opportunities in the global business-to-consumer (B2C) space.

"Most important for us at this point of time as policy-makers and also as stakeholders who are at the receiving end... We do not have a national e-commerce policy and we do not have a consolidated legal framework to deal with it. So if we look at the e-commerce...we do need a broad policy that looks at the broad elements, that we will use to realise the opportunities," Commerce Secretary Rita Teaotia said addressing a workshop on e-commerce here...Read more

World Bank projects India’s FY19 GDP growth at 7.3 per centWorld Bank projects India’s FY19 GDP growth at 7.3 per cent

The World Bank today projected India’s GDP growth at 7.3 per cent for the next financial year and accelerate further to 7.5 per cent in 2019-20. The World Bank’s biannual publication, India Development Update: India’s Growth Story, expects the economy to clock a growth rate of 6.7 per cent in the current fiscal ending March 31. The report, however, observed that a growth of over 8 per cent will require “continued reform and a widening of their scope” aimed at resolving issues related to credit and investment, and enhancing competitiveness of exports. “The Indian economy is likely to recover from the impact of demonetisation and the GST, and growth should revert slowly to a level consistent with its proximate factors — that is, to about 7.5 per cent a year,” the report said...Read more

How To Gain Respect As A Young Leader Without Having Years Of Management ExperienceHow To Gain Respect As A Young Leader Without Having Years Of Management Experience

Motivating and managing people toward a common goal is rarely easy, regardless of whether it’s leading a group of employees, coaching players on a sports team or leading troops on a battlefield.

People inherently want to be led by someone they trust, who has a strong vision of where the organization is heading and who can produce positive results. In fact, according to a report from McKinsey, the list of behavioral traits found in successful leaders can be distilled down to 20 distinct things. These include things like being supportive, being results-oriented and solving problems efficiently...Read more

Planning for Family Business Longevity in Three StepsPlanning for Family Business Longevity in Three Steps

In family businesses, family assets are the unique and often intangible contributions that only families can bring to their firms and are essential to their identities. Long-lived family firms always need to identify and develop those unique family assets that have been sustained and enhanced by each generation of the family.

These assets can take many different forms, such as the name of the firm, its reputation, the history of the family and the business, the mission and its unique business philosophy, the values that drive the family in their business dealings, and the rich network of business and political ties developed over multiple generations. A key feature of family firms – and a requirement for their sustainability – is that their contributions are linked to strategy-making. If assets are not present at the operational level, they cannot be efficiently leveraged to create a clear vision for the future...Read more

The Future of RetailThe Future of Retail

It’s a simple idea, executed with thoughtful precision: making socks cool again. Jeff Kearl brought together a vision for something better, with radical design and the best material scientists in the business, to redefine an overlooked market. Eight years later, Stance has grown from a small startup in San Clemente, California, to a global phenomenon with products found in stores across the world—and on the feet of pop culture icons like Jay Z, Nas, Justin Trudeau, and Rihanna. In this interview with, Kearl talks about Stance’s journey, the data behind the business, building teams, and the key to good strategy.

You’ve built impressive growth at Stance over the past few years. How did your Stance journey begin?

I was the chairman of Skullcandy, and its founder, Rick Alden, always asked one question: “why do people buy our headphones as opposed to our competitors?” I did some research, and one of our biggest buyers told me he would always stock our products because we were so different from the competition. The incumbent brands, Sony, Sennheiser, and Bose were all black and silver, had similar packaging, and were positioned around sound quality. But Skullcandy stood out—it was a stark contrast, fresh, and edgy...Read more

When It Comes To Authentic Leadership, It's Time To Wise UpWhen It Comes To Authentic Leadership, It's Time To Wise Up

Authenticity continues to be a hot leadership topic and continues to mean different things to different people. We are encouraged to be open, transparent, and vulnerable; but too much transparency may erode confidence in a leader or disengage a team. We strive to be true to real selves, and yet still must hit demanding quarterly targets. How can we put authentic leadership into practice?

Karissa Thacker is a psychologist and founder and president of Strategic Performance Solutions, a management training and coaching firm. She's often quoted in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and many other major outlets. Her new book is The Art of Authenticity: Tools to Become an Authentic Leader and Your Best Self...Read more

Why Tech Innovation Isn’t the Answer Everyone Thinks It IsWhy Tech Innovation Isn’t the Answer Everyone Thinks It Is

The climb in the United States stock market over the last year has been greeted warmly by many, investors especially. That does not, however, take away the day-to-day challenges most businesses face. Think stiff competition, shrinking demand and squeezed profits. The newspaper and magazine industries can certainly attest to that. Many have been forced to close their doors, consolidate or let people go to survive, never mind thrive, while the stock market has reached previously unimagined new heights.

What to do? Not surprisingly, the rapid growth, rising market valuations and media coverage of companies like Amazon, Apple and Netflix – all of which seem to largely defy the tough day-to-day reality others face...Read more

International Solar Summit helps India take on leadership role
International Solar Summit helps India take on leadership role

The maiden International Solar Alliance Summit is not only an attempt to fight climate change through cost effective renewable energy means but also a concerted attempt by India to acquire a leadership role in the developing world where China, by virtue of its economic prowess, has made huge inroads over the past two decades.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's initiative that culminated in this Summit would help India to express power in a manner that is benign and rule-based, unlike China’s more aggressive and expansionist postures...Read more

Want to Be a Great Leader? The Smartest Ones Start by Doing These 4 Rare ThingsWant to Be a Great Leader? The Smartest Ones Start by Doing These 4 Rare Things

Do you work for a boss who has been defined as a "driver?" You know, he or she "drives performance" and "drives results." Maybe even "drives people?" (Maybe into the ground, even.)

In this social economy, where the currencies of trust and transparency are exchanged, driving no longer holds a favorable place in the eyes of loyal and committed workers. We drive cattle, cars, and trucks -- pushing and steering them where we want them to go...Read more

How India-backed International Solar Alliance can expand its outreach and capacityHow India-backed International Solar Alliance can expand its outreach and capacity

It all began with a challenge: how could poor developing countries harness the greatest energy source of all, the sun, to provide the most important element of modern life to its citizens in an affordable and reliable manner? That was in January 2015. Over the next few months, an idea developed--a sunshine club comprising countries located within the tropics. Now three years later, that question posed on a winter afternoon in New Delhi will be answered with the formal launch of the International.

It has been a relatively short journey from the announcement of the International Solar Alliance at Paris in November 2015, marked by impressive effort and collaboration and a diplomatic victory for India. It represents a concerted effort to change the lives of the poorest people...Read more

How Incumbents Are Adapting to DisruptionHow Incumbents Are Adapting to Disruption

One competitive factor is defining our popular products and services today: personalisation. Across all elegantly designed consumer devices, AI and cloud-based apps fill our screens with top picks across channels based on our preferences. Customer centricity is winning the day.

Discriminant analysis of the largest ever IBM Global C-suite study, which I co-authored, reveals that one factor more than any other distinguishes the market leaders – the “reinventors” – from other organisations; it is the capacity to use data to identify unmet customer needs...Read more

Seven Leadership Secrets You Should Already KnowSeven Leadership Secrets You Should Already Know

Not all of us naturally know how to lead. Some leaders have received training, had a mentor or are just plain naturally intuitive leaders. However, many wing it and hope for the best. If you want to be a great leader, here’s what you should know.

Accept a lateral transfer.

My clients sometimes complain of boredom. Here is a direct quote: “I can do this in my sleep, and if I was near retirement, that would be a good thing, but I’m not." The conversation naturally then moves into a desire for a promotion...Read more

New policy soon on biofuels with Rs 1 lakh crore potential: Dharmendra PradhanNew policy soon on biofuels with Rs 1 lakh crore potential: Dharmendra Pradhan

In a major move on sustainable development, the government is to soon bring out a National Biofuels Policy for a sector poised to become an economy worth Rs 1 lakh crore, Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said on Wednesday.

The policy would detail the architecture for India to make the move towards adopting second generation, or advanced, biofuels in the future, from the current first generation ones being used, which are essentially sugar-based, Pradhan said addressing the first EU-India Conference on Advanced Biofuels here...Read more

Communication is the key for India's innovatorsCommunication is the key for India's innovators

Sometimes nostalgia can be triggered by the most arbitrary things - a catchy jingle or a familiar font or even a clever colour scheme. Even without us realising it, we are automatically transported back in time to the first time we experienced those very feelings. Even today when someone in India says “Thanda loge?” we are immediately reminded of the cola company and the adverts that put the brand in motion.
That is the real power of advertising - it's not always in your face - but its more like a powerful undercurrent that pushes your recollection.

A chapter from history Each generation has had advertisements that it fondly reminisces about and whether or not the product has achieved longevity, those ads have become defining markers of that era...Read more

Elon Musk's 10 Secrets To SuccessElon Musk's 10 Secrets To Success

Innovator. Disruptor. Game-changer. These words are synonymous with Elon Musk. How else can you refer to the man who founded Paypal, SpaceX and Tesla? For Musk, another "day in the office" means launching a Tesla Roadster into orbit or completing his 50th SpaceX launch as he did yesterday. Many of us can learn from this real life Iron Man, whether we’re hoping to be a innovative entrepreneur or employee. I illustrated these 10 cartoons that help reveal how Musk chased his dreams so you can too.

School may end but self-education never has to. “You don’t know what you don’t know. You realize there are all these things out there,” says Musk, who said he read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica as a child. That's right. While you and I read Goodnight Moon, Musk absorbed an encyclopedia. The trend has only continued as Musk grew older. Can you say the same about your reading habits? Consuming social media posts and articles isn't the same...Read more

10 observations from Mobile World Congress 201810 observations from Mobile World Congress 2018

Mobile World Congress 2018 (MWC18) took place in Barcelona this week: The world’s biggest, most brazen and bullish show for all things mobile. With all the talk of Internet of Things (IoT) and fifth generation (5G) network though, strangely I felt that the mobile industry that pioneered at the event, was in danger of becoming a guest in its own living room. This year more than ever, the show was littered with connected devices: not handsets, but cars, buses, washing machines and drones. There was even a lunar module and accompanying Audi moon rover connected by a 4G, LTE Vodafone network.

In many ways, MWC18 was a hugely empowering event, as it showed more than ever how pervasive has become mobile and wireless technology into almost every part of our lives and the things that make our lives tick. But strategically the question was evident: what are the telco’s long term role in this? So much looked as if...Read more

Delhi’s IGI, Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji airports beat Singapore Changi, Seoul Incheon to become world’s bestDelhi’s IGI, Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji airports beat Singapore Changi, Seoul Incheon to become world’s best

Delhi’s IGI and Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji airports are the world’s best! Even as India looks to create world-class infrastructure in every part of the country, in a big achievement the country’s two airports have beaten Singapore’s Changi and Seoul’s airport to become the best in their class! According to Airports Council International (ACI) – ASQ 2017 rankings, the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport of New Delhi and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport of Mumbai have been announced winners for world’s best airports, leaving behind renowned international airports of Singapore, Seoul Incheon in South Korea, Beijing in China and many others. Giving a boost to the aviation sector of the nation, both the international airports tied for the...Read more

Nine Tips To Help Introverted Leaders Succeed In The WorkplaceNine Tips To Help Introverted Leaders Succeed In The Workplace

There are two common misconceptions that come up over and over again in leadership conversations. One is that the best leaders are naturally extroverted. The other is that introverts are weaker leaders because they "don't like people."

While it's true that introverts love their alone time, they're not necessarily averse to social situations: It simply means they need some space to recharge after being around people. This can be a tricky balance when you're an introvert in a leadership position, when much of your time is spent attending meetings and strategizing with your team members. But rest assured that introverted leaders can be just as effective as extroverted ones when they set clear boundaries and expectations, and leverage their natural strengths...Read more

A Third Way to InnovationA Third Way to Innovation

These two traditional types of innovation are still really important: We should always be thinking about how to improve our products and services for current customers; and we should also be thinking about the big disruptive forces in

our industry and society, and how to embrace them. But innovation leaders need a more complete tool box than just a hammer and a screwdriver.

As I looked around, I noticed some companies doing things that didn’t fall neatly under either incremental or radical innovation. This was a different approach, whereby you surround your product with complementary innovations that make the core product even more valuable. If your core product is no longer new and your company is simply satisfying the same need it has satisfied for many years, you should consider this approach...Read more

Operating Models for the Future of ConsumptionOperating Models for the Future of Consumption

This report highlights how increasingly empowered consumers and rapidly emerging technologies are bringing dramatic and accelerating change to the fundamental structure of business and operating models.

The research describes the drivers of this change as well as what options should be considered to ensure both success for organizations and society as a whole...Read more

Do You Have The Right Leadership Style For Your Business Model?Do You Have The Right Leadership Style For Your Business Model?

Years ago, Jim Collins wrote a best-selling book called Good to Great. The main thesis of his book was that for organizations to go from good to great, they first need the right of leaders (with both humility and resolve) and, second, those leaders need to put the right “people on the bus” for success. That said, a tricky question for all organizations is: Who are the right people and what skills do they need? In today’s rapidly changing market with new, disruptive business models, the team you want on your bus is also changing.

Most companies today are trying to transform their business model to better integrate and use digital technology, networks and platforms. What they don’t realize is that these new...Read more

Flying cars from Porsche? Sales chief hints at itFlying cars from Porsche? Sales chief hints at it

Volkswagen owned sports car maker Porsche could develop a flying passenger vehicle to compete with rivals in a possible market for urban air taxis and ride-sharing services, Porsche sales chief Detlev von Platen told a German magazine.

“That would really make sense. If I drive from the Porsche plant in Zuffenhausen to Stuttgart airport, I need at least half an hour, if I’m lucky. Flying would take only three and a half minutes,” Automobilwoche quoted von Platen as saying...Read more

Corporate incubation - giving innovation a space to flourishCorporate incubation - giving innovation a space to flourish

The term incubator conjures up images of a cosy, safe and secure environment for young to flourish. As they grow, they leave this protective environment and step out into the world. We apply this concept to start-ups too. Since their introduction in the late 1950s, incubators have become synonymous with the innovation system; providing a supportive milieu for fledgling start-ups. In exploring new ways to innovate, organisations have adopted the concept, originally devised as a municipal stimulus measure, for internal gain. Now corporate incubators enable organisations to mirror the start-up community by sharing a dedicated innovative space for the commercialisation of ideas. This sits well with todays workforce who favour work environments focused on creating something they value, in building connections and a strong community...Read more

Seven Revolutionary Leadership Ideas That Will Change The Way You Run Your OrganizationSeven Revolutionary Leadership Ideas That Will Change The Way You Run Your Organization

We live in an age when leadership advice is dispensed frequently and liberally. It can be really difficult to find any new thinking. That’s why I was excited to read Dear CEO, a collection of letters to a fictional CEO from some of the most respected business thinkers from across the globe. Naturally, the book is peppered with management speak, with words such as disruption, innovation, transformation and value creation frequently cropping up within its pages. Nevertheless, it also contained some more original, and intriguing, leadership thinking. Here are seven key ideas that I took away...Read more

The outlook for fintech in AsiaThe outlook for fintech in Asia

Asia has many things going for it. It has two of the largest and fastest growing economies, apart from a few other “tiger” economies; it has a young population which finds it easier to deal with technology than most other parts of the world; and, it is willing to venture into newer areas as it attempts to include the vast underbanked population into the mainstream.

The race is on. Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia are all vying to be the fintech hubs of the region, and whoever wins will have the opportunity to help fuel the economy across Asia/ Oceania. The fintech industry has gained a legitimate status and everyone, from banks...Read more

2018: A massive restructuring of the world economy?2018: A massive restructuring of the world economy?

Economic forecasts too often focus on the financial aspects of business. Will the dollar go up or down? Are the stock exchanges overvalued? Will central banks raise interest rates? All these questions are legitimate but sometimes obscure the essential. The key issue that will define the business environment in 2018 will be a massive restructuring of the global economy and of its main actors.

Enterprises generally have a limited life span. In the 70s, it was 40 years on average. Today it has fallen to under 18 years. McKinsey estimates that in 2027, three quarters of companies listed on the S & P 500 will have disappeared. Three major developments explain this phenomenon of massive destruction...Read more

India to have 1 lakh startups by 2025: Mohan Das Pai
India to have 1 lakh startups by 2025: Mohan Das Pai

India will have one lakh startups by 2025, employing 3.25 million people, Manipal Global Education Chairman T V Mohan Das Pai said today.

He further said startup ecosystem will facilitate creating USD 10 trillion economy in India by 2030. Besides, startups will help solve the country's problems.

Currently, there are 32,000 startups and every year 7,000 companies are coming around...Read more

Spanning the Boundaries That Limit Organisational InnovativenessSpanning the Boundaries That Limit Organisational Innovativeness

By their very nature, multinational corporations (MNCs) straddle many boundaries, most obviously national, cultural, economic, institutional and organisational. Adding to the challenge is the fact that these boundaries span both the external and internal contexts in which the firm’s units operate. As such, they can become a source of conflict as organisations try to reconcile the search for efficient global integration with the need to compete in diverse local environments.

External boundaries range from tangible ones such as accounting practices, reporting standards or labour laws, to more subtle ones such as customers’ cultural preferences or channel practices. Internal...Read more