Leadership Lessons from Successful Entrepreneurs and FoundersLeadership Lessons from Successful Entrepreneurs and Founders

My previous mashup episodes have been exploding. Because of this, I wanted to bring you an episode on leadership.

No matter who you are, or what you do, you will be in a leadership position at some point. Whether you are the CEO of a company, or a stay at home parent: there are people who rely on you to stand up and take charge.

This can be a very confusing situation, as sometimes you may find yourself feeling like you can’t ask for help. You also may feel like you’re losing progress and need to keep moving forward...Read more

Ethos Behind Rendering GenNext LeaderEthos Behind Rendering GenNext Leader

Three statements, with deep ramifications for Indian family businesses in recent years, merit attention:

1. ndia has the third highest number of family businesses in the world, with a larger proportion of them in a relatively mature (3rd generation) stage.

2. India sits on a veritable gold mine - that of demographics, with a median population age of 27-35 years.

3. Only 15 per cent of Indian family businesses have a robust, documented and communicated succession plan. These three statements point to an inexorable truth that Indian family businesses will let the biggest opportunities pass them by if they fail to create next-gen leaders, tapping the demographic dividend within family businesses...Read more

Indian real estate transparency improves on reforms, ranked 35th globally: SurveyIndian real estate transparency improves on reforms, ranked 35th globally: Survey

Series of policy initiatives and reforms are prompting improvement in transparency level in Indian real estate sector that has long remained opaque. Several measures including implementation of Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act, 2016, land title insurance, the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Amendment Act, aligning the sector with the Goods & Services Tax, demonetization, opening up of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have influenced India’s ranking in global real estate transparency.

India has emerged as one of the top 10 countries to have registered maximum improvement in transparency in real estate over last two years, showed JLL’s Global Real Estate Transparency Index (GRETI) 2018. The country’s performance over last two cycles of JLL’s GRETI indicates that it has moved up by five places to 35 since 2014 out of 100 countries that are mapped to over 180 parameters...Read more

The Myth of the IntrapreneurThe Myth of the Intrapreneur

The Post-It note. Facebook’s “like” button. The Sony PlayStation. These products are all held up as legendary examples of the power of intrapreneurship — entrepreneurial creativity and innovation within large, established organizations. Since the term was coined in the 1980s, intrapreneurship has been sold to companies as a catch-all solution for fostering innovation. It’s been promoted to workers as a way to capture the creativity and excitement of entrepreneurship, but with more resources and less risk.

Intrapreneurs are supposed to be rebels, breaking the rules and swimming against the corporate tide. While this vision of the intrapreneurial maverick is certainly alluring, in truth it’s an ineffective way to drive innovation. After more than 20 years of researching innovation in large companies, it’s clear to me that the successful intrapreneur is often more myth than reality...Read more

The Secrets of Leadership Presence for Every Woman LeaderThe Secrets of Leadership Presence for Every Woman Leader

You know that woman who walks into the room, delivers a message and everyone's eyes are glued to her every word? She stands tall, even if she's 5' in height. She commands attention and respect when she speaks, not because of the volume of her voice, but the confidence and energy behind it.

This woman has what's called "leadership presence." It's one of the key missing ingredients for women striving to advance. We surveyed 25 rising women leaders and found that 65 percent identified leadership presence as a skill they...Read more

5 factors limiting process improvement success5 factors limiting process improvement success

Although every organization faces a different set of challenges in their process improvement efforts, to be effective they will all require dedication, clarity of vision and patience.

It’s no secret that embarking on an organizational change initiative can be a stressful undertaking. Here are 5 factors that most frequently hold process improvement specialists and their efforts hostage...Read more

India must bet big on logisticsIndia must bet big on logistics

India’s logistics sector is coming of age. With its new found infrastructure status and the GST giving tailwinds, it is all set for transformation. In addition, there is a lot happening in favour of this sector, which has resulted in it being deemed a sunshine industry. During the last two years, India’s position has progressed in the World Bank Logistics Performance Index (LPI), in terms of overall logistics performance from 54 in 2014 to 35 in 2016. The 2017-2018 Economic Survey also paints a promising future for the sector. Industry analysts also endorse such growth trends for logistics—e.g., a recent report by real estate consultancy CBRE predicts a stronger growth for logistics in 2018, owing to leasing activity shooting up to 70%, to reach 17 million sq. ft. It also forecast that demand for warehousing space will reach 20 million sq. ft. in 2018, with both new and existing occupiers expanding their operations. GST, in particular, has given a major fillip to the sector and will expedite faster conversion of informal logistics setups to formal ones. It will also speed up freight movement at interstate borders due to dismantling of check-posts. With the GST e-bill being rolled out from April 1, 2018, the sector will witness further improvements...Read more

10 Rules Every Entrepreneur Needs to Hear Before Starting a Business10 Rules Every Entrepreneur Needs to Hear Before Starting a Business

After many years as a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs and an occasional angel investor, I realized that new venture founders all seem to stumble on similar pitfalls, despite my best efforts to steer them to smoother routes.

Of course, I would never say never, and passion does overcome many obstacles, but it still pays to learn a few key lessons from those who came before you.

Maybe you're not quite ready to absorb all 100 insider rules I found in a new book, Straight Talk For Startups, by Randy Komisar and Jantoon Reigersman. Instead, here is a selection of my top 10 from their list, with my own insights...Read more

The World's Most Reputable Countries 2018The World's Most Reputable Countries 2018

The global business community has been in a reputation freefall for the past couple of years, with trust in corporations experiencing the most significant regression since the end of the Great Recession. Not only has this crisis of confidence rattled some of the world’s largest companies and the leaders who sit at their helms, but countries are feeling the effect too.

“People are expecting more and more from companies and countries, in terms of solving the challenges we’re seeing around the world, and they’re being let down,” says Nicolas Georges Trad, executive partner at the Reputation Institute, a reputation measurement and management services firm. Since 2008, the institute has published the Country RepTrak, an annual study of nations’ reputations. This year’s ranking revealed an average one-point decline in the reputation of Country RepTrak nations...Read more

Why Network Effects Matter Less Than They Used ToWhy Network Effects Matter Less Than They Used To

When we teach strategy to MBA students, our student want magic bullets, things they can do to make their companies thrive forever. For a long time we emphasized “network effects” as a potential secret sauce for business models. Economists use “network effects” to describe contexts where a good or service offers increasing benefits the more users it has. Network effects can be direct: for example, Slack becomes more useful as other people also use Slack. Network effects can also be indirect, meaning that one set of users benefits as more of another type of users joins a platform. For example, AirBnB would not be useful for travelers if there were no apartment-owners using the platform. Similarly, home-owners would not want to use AirBnB if travelers weren’t using it to find a place to stay.

We have long taught that network effects can provide market power and sustained or even self-reinforcing competitive advantage (the best kind). The more users you got, the larger your user base was, and the more compelling your proposition became for attracting new users...Read more

Maharashtra’s 2025 agenda: Why state’s $1 trillion GDP target could make it India’s growth engineMaharashtra’s 2025 agenda: Why state’s $1 trillion GDP target could make it India’s growth engine

We hosted the HonoUrable Chief Minister (CM) of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis in New York recently. The chief minister is revving up the state’s growth with a mix of path-breaking reforms, accelerated infrastructure execution and efficient social programmes.

We summarise the key takeaways from our meeting, which include the state’s focus on urban infrastructure, enhanced connectivity between urban and rural parts of the state, sweeping changes in agriculture, and big focus on skilling of the work force. Bottom line is that the CM has an aggressive plan and target. He expects Maharashtra to be 20% of India’s GDP in 2025, which is an aggregate output of $1 trillion...Read more

How Blockchain Can Save Your Business MoneyHow Blockchain Can Save Your Business Money

In today's hyper-competitive market, small-to-mid sized businesses (SMBs) must use every advantage available to ensure their success. Business owners should always be cognizant of emerging technologies that can offer the slightest edge, and develop an eye for the most useful tools.

Blockchain has stepped out of cryptocurrencies' shadow and is finally showing off its true potential. There are countless ways it is already a driver of change, and nowhere is blockchain more readily visible than its impact on SMB operations...Read more

If Strategy Is So Important, Why Don’t We Make Time for It?If Strategy Is So Important, Why Don’t We Make Time for It?

Almost every leader wants to make more time for strategic thinking. In one survey of 10,000 senior leaders, 97% of them said that being strategic was the leadership behavior most important to their organization’s success.

And yet in another study, a full 96% of the leaders surveyed said they lacked the time for strategic thinking. Of course, we’re all oppressed with meetings and overwhelmed with emails (an average of 126 per day, according to a Radicati Group analysis)...Read more

Sheryl Sandberg's Speech to MIT Grads Included This Brilliant Lesson About DiversitySheryl Sandberg's Speech to MIT Grads Included This Brilliant Lesson About Diversity

By now, you've probably caught wind of Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg's commencement speech to this year's graduating class at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Much of her speech, as you would've guessed, was about the role of technology in society, a topic fitting for a school known for its tech prowess. But she also used her platform to draw attention to broader topics, including tensions tied to race and gender and, of course, her company's ongoing privacy...Read more

New Auto Policy likely to be finalised in 3 monthsNew Auto Policy likely to be finalised in 3 months

The new National Auto Policy, which may seek emission-linked taxation for automobiles and a technology agnostic green mobility roadmap, is likely to be finalised in the next three months, according to official sources.

Discussions with various stakeholders have been on for the past six months to frame the new policy, which envisages having a single nodal regulatory body for the automobile industry, officials in the Heavy Industry...Read more

Can Being Overconfident Make You a Better Leader?Can Being Overconfident Make You a Better Leader?

When Apple CEO Steve Jobs approached AT&T about partnering on a new kind of mobile phone — a touchscreen computer that would fit in your pocket — Apple had no expertise in the mobile market. Yet AT&T executives quickly came to believe so strongly in Job’s vision that they skipped internal process protocols to land the deal. Randall Stephenson, then CEO of AT&T, famously said, “I told people you weren’t betting on a device. You were betting on Steve Jobs.” Apple went on to secure massive commitments from AT&T’s suppliers, who spent hundreds of millions to build factories for iPhone-specific parts.

Most of us think of overconfidence as a bad thing. Daniel Kahneman, the 2002 Nobel prize laureate and psychologist, has said that if he had a magic wand, he’d eliminate it. And for good reason...Read more

Think big, start small: The perfect BI strategy for small businessesThink big, start small: The perfect BI strategy for small businesses

We are living in the age of data deluge. Much of the talked about data has centred on the three Vs- volume, velocity, and variety. According to one estimate of the IDC, worldwide data created annually from all sources is bound to grow ten-fold between 2013 and 2020, taking the present numeral from 4.4 trillion GB to 44 trillion GB.

Considering the digital transition that is expected in the coming years, it can be assumed that if any organisation (whether big or small) can strategise in accordance with the influx of data, it should be able to succeed. According to MIT researchers, companies those excel in data-driven decision-making are 5% more productive and 6% more profitable than their competitors, on an average...Read more

This Leadership Asset Is the Key to Building a Team of Peak Performers This Leadership Asset Is the Key to Building a Team of Peak Performers

As a leader, your mission is to develop and sustain a dynamite team that can achieve performance and deliver results yet unseen. Heavy pressure is upon you to bring brand new, unconventional ideas, which inspire your team to greatness. Gone are the days where you were only expected to impress those who hired you. Your team members are really the ones whose trust, respect and loyalty you need to earn and gain. You have to act fast...Read more

9 Must-Have Products for Busy Entrepreneurs (Without Breaking the Bank) 9 Must-Have Products for Busy Entrepreneurs (Without Breaking the Bank)

We get it.
There never seems to be enough time in the day. There's always more tasks being added to your to-do list, and more fires to put out.

The life of an entrepreneur is certainly not as sexy as the media portrays it to be. It's a daily grind that comes with amazing highs, and certainly its lows.

That's why it's crucial for busy entrepreneurs to seek out any products or services that can potentially help you save time, and be more effective...Read more

BPM from process to success BPM from process to success

The global manufacturing sector has undergone a tumultuous two decades with super-developing economies, a severe recession, manufacturing employment falling in advanced economies, and the current threat of trade wars. Within this choppy ecosystem of competitors, suppliers and customers, it is of paramount importance for organizations to adapt rapidly and navigate industry fluxes. To succeed, it is critical to have a strong process management system that discovers, analyzes, and designs processes - stabilizing infrastructure and production while keeping an eye on the horizon.

Business Process Management is a means to an end. It is a tool to understand, engineer and analyze processes. Unlike Total Quality Management (TQM) and Business Process Reengineering (BPR), BPM is particularly advantageous in analyzing large and complex processes within manufacturing...Read more

How CEOs Manage Time

In the lexicon of management, the CEO is the epitome of leadership. Yet surprisingly little is known about this unique role. While CEOs are the ultimate power in their companies, they face challenges and constraints that few others recognize.

Running a large global company is an exceedingly complex job. The scope of the organization’s managerial work is vast, encompassing functional agendas, business unit agendas, multiple organizational levels, and myriad external issues. It also involves a wide array of constituencies—shareholders, customers, employees, the board, the media, government, community...Read more

4 Tasks Successful Leaders Should Delegate4 Tasks Successful Leaders Should Delegate

Starting your own business is about more than just doing what you love -- it's about doing it on your own terms. Independent of their choice of industry, many entrepreneurs are drawn to the idea of being their own boss.

What they don't bargain for is how much they will have to deal with constant interruptions and tedious minutiae. The good news, however, is that you are the boss, and if you think something needs to change, there's no one holding you back from making that change...Read more

‘New India 2022’ document will be ready in a month, says NITI Aayog‘New India 2022’ document will be ready in a month, says NITI Aayog

NITI Aayog said today that development agenda for ‘New India 2022’ would be finalised in a month or so after seeking comments from states. The government think tank has been working on the strategy document for a while. “Developed agenda for New India 2022 is still being revised. It was not presented in today’s NITI’s Governing Council meeting…We want the document to reflect ground realities,” Kumar said when asked as to why it was not taken up at the fourth meeting of the Council today...Read more

One Part of Succeeding as an Entrepreneur Is Hard Work, and This Unconventional Formula Is the RestOne Part of Succeeding as an Entrepreneur Is Hard Work, and This Unconventional Formula Is the Rest

When we think of reaching for success, most of us think of one thing -- hard work. We’re taught that if we want to be successful, we have to follow the plan, keep focused, and work really, really hard. But what if the “buckle down and work” mentality is actually missing an extremely important piece of what it takes to accelerate your success in today’s world of entrepreneurship?

After all, aren’t we watching people challenge this model all the time? Overnight successes and incredible stories of unconventional genius seem to become more of the norm each and every year. So what do these people know about success that the rest of us don’t?...Read more

The 6 Ways to Grow a CompanyThe 6 Ways to Grow a Company

The term “innovation” is often associated with geniuses turning startups into gold mines — the next Google, Apple, or Amazon, with products no one even knew they needed. Private equity firms place hundreds of little bets on these startups, hoping one produces a windfall that covers the rest. These bets on the next growth engine often depend on luck more than insight.

Meanwhile, every company aspires to be as innovative as these startups. Many companies invest in or buy them, unsure what they’ll yield other than the halo effect they may overpay for, made worse by the fact that most don’t align with the company strategy or meet a market insight. The same is true of...Read more

12 Fearless Founders on Where They Find Inspiration12 Fearless Founders on Where They Find Inspiration

The founders who made Inc.'s list of the 25 most disruptive startups of 2017 know a groundbreaking idea when they see one. They're working on everything from growing diamonds in a lab to transporting people from Chicago to Detroit in just 25 minutes. So Inc. decided to ask these innovative founders where they turn for creative inspiration.

Some entrepreneurs say they bat around ideas with a trusted friend or colleague. One thing they can all agree on: You often get your best ideas when you least expect it....Read more

These 4 Old-School Leadership Principles Still Ring True Today These 4 Old-School Leadership Principles Still Ring True Today

The business world has certainly changed since leaders like David Ogilvy or Peter Drucker were looked to for leadership advice. But just because the workplaces of today are more inclusive, diverse and faster moving doesn’t mean that the leadership principles espoused by a previous generation of business titans don’t hold up.

To the contrary, the thoughts and practices of management expert Peter Drucker, business author Dale Carnegie, advertising genius David Ogilvy and former President Theodore Roosevelt offer nuggets of wisdom that can make it easier to...Read more

Fitch ups India growth forecast to 7.4% for FY'19 Fitch ups India growth forecast to 7.4% for FY'19

Fitch Ratings today raised India growth forecast for 2018-19 to 7.4 per cent from 7.3 per cent, but cited higher financing costs and rising oil prices as risks to growth.

For 2019-20, it estimated the country to grow at 7.5 per cent

"We have revised up our forecast for 2018-19 growth to 7.4 per cent from 7.3 per cent in March. However, higher financing costs (stemming from monetary tightening and higher market premiums) and rising oil prices should limit the upside to growth," Fitch said in its Global Economic Outlook...Read more

Level up: Shifting from RPA to Cognitive Level up: Shifting from RPA to Cognitive

In this report, we will be looking at:

  1. Dispelling the myths about where RPA and AI meet.
  2. How supply and demand are fueling the technology revolution.
  3. Which industries are likely to find the technology most impactful.
  4. What strategies we can adopt when we consider investing in the new tech.

Read more

Legacy businesses’ GeNext tackles disruptionLegacy businesses’ GeNext tackles disruption

Family businesses that survived decades and even centuries face very challenging and disruptive times now-both within and without.

The new generation has a different thought process, technology is gaining sway and traditional businesses must reboot to survive as they pit wits against venture and private equity-backed newcomers in markets where they once dominated...Read more

The Future of Human-Machine Partnerships in Business and Everyday LifeThe Future of Human-Machine Partnerships in Business and Everyday Life

Will technology cost jobs in the long run, or increase them? Who is set up best for success in the fourth industrial revolution? In this edition of Trailblazers, a podcast series brought to you by Dell Technologies, we investigate the future of robotics. Join Walter Isaacson, former CNN Chairman and CEO, as he and Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association, discuss how digital disruption will improve our lives...Read more

The Future of Human-Machine Partnerships in Business and Everyday LifeGovernment expects new telecom policy to be in place by July end

The new telecom policy is expected to be cleared by the Union Cabinet by the end of next month, Communications Minister Manoj Sinha said today. “I am hopeful of getting Cabinet approval on NDCP by end of July,” he said while talking about the achievement of the government in the last 4 years. The government has recently issued the National Digital Communications Policy (NDCP) which aims to provide access to every household with download speed of 50 Mbps, attract investment of around Rs 6.5 lakh crore in the sector and create 4 million new job opportunities...Read more

The business value of enabling IoT in industrial manufacturingThe business value of enabling IoT in industrial manufacturing

Aircrafts that can be ‘made’ by robotic tools, elevators that ‘ask’ for repairs, trucks capable of alerting their drivers for maintenance work and bespoke haircare products that are customised by fragrance and composition on the assembly line according to individual customers’ needs—these incredulous developments that once belonged firmly in the realm of science fiction have crossed over to the real world due to the rapid adoption of Internet of Things (IoT). According to a 2017 IDC forecast, the manufacturing sector is projected to invest $189 billion in 2018 on IoT solutions, topping all industries in spend on the emerging technology.

The rapid pace at which digital disruptions are altering the marketplace for manufacturing companies and the effect that the next-gen technology is having on consumers are responsible for the projection...Read more

10 Ways Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management10 Ways Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management

Bottom line: Machine learning makes it possible to discover patterns in supply chain data by relying on algorithms that quickly pinpoint the most influential factors to a supply networks’ success, while constantly learning in the process.

Discovering new patterns in supply chain data has the potential to revolutionize any business. Machine learning algorithms are finding these new patterns in supply chain data daily, without needing manual intervention or the definition of taxonomy to guide...Read more

Drucker Confirms Leadership as Important Part of MLA*Drucker Confirms Leadership as Important Part of MLA*

In the 1970s, Drucker taught his students: “Numbers are but one input to executive decision-making; a manager must make his decisions primarily with judgment, using one’s gut.” In 1990 he wrote: “Management is what tradition used to call a liberal art: ‘liberal’ because it deals with the fundamentals of knowledge, self-knowledge, wisdom, and leadership; ‘art’ because it deals with practice and application and results.” This was missed by many, but it was a revolutionary statement. Until then, business schools around the world had spent years seeking to prove that management was above all else a science. More and more they stressed quantitative methods for decision-making...Read more

Managing your people through changeManaging your people through change

Leaders have to sometimes drive intentional drastic change for the growth of their organisations or lead people in times of inevitable unavoidable change that stares them in their faces. How they take their people through it can range from inspiring and motivating them or on the other end, create fear and chaos.

Often, the bigger challenge is getting buy-in from your employees especially when the changes are large and drastic. Communicating these changes to your team well, without making it seem like the company is in danger all comes down to how well the information is delivered. Here are a few best practices to tell your team that the company is moving in a new direction...Read more

We CAN build a carbon-neutral world by 2050. Here's howWe CAN build a carbon-neutral world by 2050. Here's how

Is a carbon-neutral world possible by 2050? Yes. Will it happen? Again, yes. No politician will be able to ignore the social and economic pressures as climate impacts become more severe - but the longer it takes, the more expensive it will become. Governments, states, cities, businesses and investors know this.

The Paris Agreement provides an international framework for countries to set clear goals and increase their ambition, over time, to reach a net-zero carbon world. The Carbon Neutral Coalition - comprising 26 countries, 15 cities, 17 regions and states, and 192 companies - is spearheading ambitious...Read more

Tips for Entrepreneurs to Have a Stable VentureTips for Entrepreneurs to Have a Stable Venture

Yes, being an entrepreneur is challenging and nerve-wracking but it’s simultaneously exhilarating and rewarding. Owning and starting up your own business gives you an unparalleled sense of purpose, empowerment and freedom. On the flipside however, there are a myriad financial, legal, staffing, marketing, and customer ramifications that will come up as you launch your own business. A‎nd, unfortunately, there is a lot of conflicting advice out there for the aspiring entrepreneur.

To anyone looking to start their own business here are a few tips that we wish we had learned earlier on in the...Read more

The key to entrepreneurial successThe key to entrepreneurial success

You can’t always get what you want, but if you ask, you just might get what you need. Seasoned entrepreneurs seem to know this intuitively, and according to new research from Darden, they get what they need because they live by the mantra “Always be asking.”

Professor Saras Sarasvathy, a renowned scholar of entrepreneurship at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, has discovered that successful entrepreneurs are not only relentless “askers,” but they also have a repertoire of asks for different startup scenarios...Read more

The Fourth Industrial Revolution needs a social revolution, too. Here's how we can make this happenThe Fourth Industrial Revolution needs a social revolution, too. Here's how we can make this happen

The industrial revolution produced an explosion in new forms of social organization. From the United Nations to trades unions, from the voluntary sector to welfare states, new systems and partnerships were designed to ease the transition from one socio-economic order to the next.

But today, across the globe, these organizations find themselves out of step with modern challenges and expectations. The Fourth Industrial Revolution requires a sibling social revolution. How can we make this happen? ...Read more

Three Ways To Catalyze Innovation At Chemical CompaniesThree Ways To Catalyze Innovation At Chemical Companies

The role of innovation at chemical companies has changed dramatically in recent years, and that's forcing some changes in the ways that companies manage their innovation portfolios.

It used to be that one breakthrough could set a company up for success for years. Today, innovation is still important, but it’s more about revamping existing products to deliver things that business customers really need. Chemical companies are using...Read more

The Critical Role Of Leadership Development During Organizational ChangeThe Critical Role Of Leadership Development During Organizational Change

Most business leaders today would agree on two things: (1) organizational change is constant, and (2) leading change is one of the most difficult burdens of a leader’s command. In last week’s article I focused on the seven mindsets necessary for successful leadership development. In this article, I want to take it a step further and look at the role leadership development should play in organizational change.

This topic arose quickly during a major transformation a company I previously owned was undergoing. We had been doubling in size (revenue and headcount) each year...Read more

Why This Country (Not The USA) Will Be First To Adopt Driverless CarsWhy This Country (Not The USA) Will Be First To Adopt Driverless Cars

Two Silicon Valley executives have a friendly bet on when a commercially available autonomous car will transport them within Las Vegas, with no intervention from a human driver. The more bullish one has placed his bet on May 27, 2024.

A driverless future will happen sooner than 2024, and it won’t happen first in the U.S., Europe or Japan...Read more

Startup Disruption in Indian Real Estate Through Technology-Driven SolutionsStartup Disruption in Indian Real Estate Through Technology-Driven Solutions

The Real Estate sector in India is ripe for technological disruption as it is heavily dependent on unskilled labour for construction. The Construction industry spends less than 1% on technology, one of the lowest percentages across all industries. Construction labour productivity has not kept pace with overall economic productivity. Even on a global level large projects take 20% longer to finish scheduled and 80% of the projects overshoot budget. These figures are ratified by McKinsey and Company in a 2016 report on Disruptive Technology Trends.

One regulatory disruption in the Real Estate space has been the introduction of the Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA) – which has impacted operations and business...Read more

Why New Leaders Should Be Wary of Quick WinsWhy New Leaders Should Be Wary of Quick Wins

As soon as you step into a top position at a company that needs to significantly improve the way it operates, there’s pressure to get off to a quick start.

Yet the best way to succeed, paradoxically, is to slow things down.

Forces pushing in the other direction — toward hyperspeed — are powerful, of course. You must prove you are the right leader by getting the organization to deliver better results, and soon. That’s why you were brought in...Read more

5 technologies that will forever change global trade5 technologies that will forever change global trade

International trade has dominated the global headlines recently. Much of the discussions have been focused on the threat of a trade war, the tit-for-tat tariffs, and the health of the global trade order. While extremely important, these conversations are missing a brighter side of international trade – how innovative technologies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution are transforming trade by making the processes more inclusive and efficient.

Technological disruption isn’t new for the global trade system. The steam power revolution connected the world like never before. The invention of shipping...Read more

India GDP growth will pick up in 2018-19 to 7.3%, says ADBIndia GDP growth will pick up in 2018-19 to 7.3%, says ADB

India’s economic growth will pick up in 2018-19 to 7.3% on the back of improved rural consumption and a modest rise in private investment while the debilitating effects of demonetisation and goods and services tax (GST) implementation dissipate, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) said on Wednesday.

However, the FY19 forecast is a tad lower than the 7.4% economic growth that it estimated for India in September last year...Read more

Looking for Great Leadership? These 10 Companies Are Leading the Way.Looking for Great Leadership? These 10 Companies Are Leading the Way.

Authors and academics may try, but there's no singular way to define good leadership. It's a collection of things -- taking the right risks, inspiring teams at the right time, striking a balance between firm and humble and more. But the end result of good leadership is always the same: Employees are bought into a mission, and able to move forward towards a goal.

To capture that breadth of possibility as part of our 100 Brilliant Companies list, we highlighted 10 companies' recent leadership decisions...Read more

NITI Aayog releases national strategy on Artificial Intelligence, identifies these 5 focus areasNITI Aayog releases national strategy on Artificial Intelligence, identifies these 5 focus areas

NITI Aayog has identified five sectors — healthcare, agriculture, education, smart cities and infrastructure and transportation — to focus its efforts towards implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) to serve societal needs. The government’s think-tank on Monday unveiled its discussion paper on national strategy on AI which aims to guide research and development in new and emerging technologies. AI refers to the ability of machines to perform cognitive tasks like thinking, perceiving, learning, problem solving and decision making. The paper focuses on how India can leverage the transformative technologies to ensure social and inclusive growth in line with the development philosophy of the government...Read more

The Next Industrial Revolution Is Rising In JapanThe Next Industrial Revolution Is Rising In Japan

It wasn’t too long ago that the concept of carrying a sophisticated computer, camera and phone, all rolled into one gadget fitting in your pocket, was the stuff of science fiction. Now smartphones are everywhere and they’re getting smarter all the time. Imagine when your phone will be able to diagnose most of your medical problems for you based on artificial intelligence (AI) in the cloud, saving you a trip to the doctor. The app could issue a diagnosis and a prescription, and your local pharmacy could 3D-print your medicine. That isn’t a far-fetched fantasy – it’s part of the not-too-distant future.

This exciting new frontier is part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), a period of rapid change driven by progress in science and technology. But for many, the notion of smart machines is a source of fear, evoking the evil Skynet...Read more

India to be shared mobility leader by 2030, says Morgan Stanley reportIndia to be shared mobility leader by 2030, says Morgan Stanley report

India is expected to be a leader in shared mobility by 2030 as rising share of electric and autonomous vehicles will improve shared mile economics, says a Morgan Stanley report. According to the global financial services major, India offers all the right ingredients to be one of the largest shared mobility markets in the world as it has large population clusters, a young demographic that is well connected to the internet and rising real incomes. By 2030, Morgan Stanley expects shared miles to reach 35 per cent of all the miles travelled in India and this will further increase to 50 per cent by 2040...Read more

The Right Way for an Established Firm to Do an Innovation Pilot with a StartupThe Right Way for an Established Firm to Do an Innovation Pilot with a Startup

For innovation-hungry legacy firms, partnering with a startup can be appealing. Relatively small sums of time and money can quickly yield generous returns. With due diligence and decent design, these partnerships can go beyond good results and energize organizations that have become too comfortable or complacent with everyday routines. In return, the startups typically get valuable references or valued customers.

“Startnership” success, however, is all too rare. The majority of aspiring start-up partnerships I see go horribly and expensively wrong. Mismanaged expectations, blown budgets, slipped schedules, and mutual contempt run rampant. With apologies to Tolstoy, all happy start-up partnerships are alike; every unhappy innovation partnership is unhappy in its own way...Read more

Do you Have the Courage to Follow Your Intuition as a Leader?Do you Have the Courage to Follow Your Intuition as a Leader?

Have you ever been in that situation as a leader where all the facts pointed in one direction and your intuition told you to go in the opposite or different direction? I am almost certain you have - also more than once.

The interesting thing is: What did you choose? Did you choose to follow the “facts” or did you follow your intuition? I am asking that question because that very same question leads to a very intense discussion at a global leadership forum I recently facilitated for a group of international managers. On one side we had the leaders who strongly believed that facts at all times were more important than feelings and intuition...Read more

Why CEOs Should Push Back Against Short-TermismWhy CEOs Should Push Back Against Short-Termism

The pressure put on CEOs to deliver quarterly results is greater than ever before. A 2014 global survey of more than 600 C-suite executives and directors, conducted by the non-profit Focusing Capital for the Long Term (FCLT), reported that two-thirds of those surveyed said pressure for short-term results had increased over the previous five years. And short-term thinking since that survey has not abated. In early April, Mark Zuckerberg testified before an angry Congress about Facebook’s customer data leaks, answering questions about placing short-term profits above protecting our personal information. The pharmaceutical company Valeant raised the price of Cuprimine — invented in 1956 and used to treat Wilson’s disease, a rare condition in which the body cannot process copper...Read more

3 Core Tenets Of Leadership Storytelling.3 Core Tenets Of Leadership Storytelling.

What can we learn from Starbucks' crisis in Philadelphia? Now the company must live the narrative it is creating.

On May 29th 2018, millions of coffee drinkers won’t be able to get their daily java at Starbucks. Eight thousand stores are closed for training, the company’s response to the arrest of two black men who peacefully came to a Philadelphia Starbucks for a business meeting

This is one of several important actions Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson took in the wake of the arrests, protests and media coverage in order to convince customers that what unfolded on 18th and Spruce...Read more

Idea Cellular to become Vodafone Idea; all you must know about India’s largest telecom firm in makingIdea Cellular to become Vodafone Idea; all you must know about India’s largest telecom firm in making

The new entity born out of the ongoing merger of Idea Cellular and Vodafone India is proposed to be named as Vodafone Idea, the Aditya Birla Group firm said on Friday. Following the proposed merger, the new combined entity, that is in final stages of merger, will establish country’s largest telecom company in terms of subscribers, overtaking Bharti Airtel. “… consent of the members be and is hereby accorded for change of name of the company from “Idea Cellular Limited” to “Vodafone Idea Limited”,” Idea Cellular said in an exchange filing. The Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the company will be held on June 26 so as to decide the change in the name of the company and many other issues...Read more

How a Process Library Can Solve Business Efficiency Problems

If your organisation is having business efficiency problems or you just want to continually improve, you should definitely consider getting a Process Library. Having a Process Library ensures that employees perform the same process, using the same process methods. A great misconception in business today is that efficiency problems owe largely to a lack of employee engagement, but if you don't have a standard way of working, the same task will be performed in ten different ways, by ten different people.

In this article, I take a look at what a Process Library is, how a Process Library can store documents, help you standardise your way of working and dramatically enhance your business efficiency (using an interactive Process Library example)...Read more

India's global competitiveness up a notchIndia's global competitiveness up a notch

India’s competitiveness improved a notch in 2018, according to the World Competitiveness Rankings compiled by the Switzerland-based International Institute for Management Development’s (IMD) World Competitiveness Center. IMD’s rankings are considered an important barometer in assessing the competitiveness of countries.

This year, India is ranked 44 among 63 nations, up one place from last year. The US is perched on top of the list followed by Hong Kong, Singapore, The Netherlands and Switzerland...Read more

Why EQ + AI Is A Recipe For SuccessWhy EQ + AI Is A Recipe For Success

The seemingly unfettered growth of artificial intelligence (AI) is, in many ways, a double-edged sword. Advocates of AI tout promising improvements in customer service, data-crunching capabilities, and decision-making abilities. Critics, on the other hand, are quick to gravitate towards the far-reaching implications of job erosion, and the fear that machines will ultimately render human capabilities superfluous.

There’s little doubt that, regardless of your job function, the nature of your job will change markedly over the next decade as a result of AI. In order to stay relevant, humans cannot afford to distance themselves or attempt to circumvent the...Read more