How Likely Is Your Industry to Be Disrupted? This 2×2 Matrix Will Tell You How Likely Is Your Industry to Be Disrupted? This 2×2 Matrix Will Tell You

The topic of industry disruption — “a process whereby a smaller company with fewer resources is able to successfully challenge established incumbent businesses” — is rife with misconceptions. One of the biggest is that it is a mysterious, random, and unpredictable event. Another is that it happens to you in ways that are beyond your control. Those views may have been valid at one time, but they no longer apply. Industry disruption, as Accenture research has found, is reasonably predictable. And with wisdom about its predictability comes opportunity.

To help business leaders better understand industry disruption, we developed an index that measures an industry’s current level of disruption as well as its susceptibility to future disruption...Read more

4 Ways To Go From Manager To Leader 4 Ways To Go From Manager To Leader

Perhaps you’re in a leadership role but don’t feel like you’ve earned the respect from your team. Maybe you feel like they don’t even like you. As a career coach to millennials, I’ve had plenty of new managers come to me, desperate to win approval from their team. It’s a classic case of manager versus leader: they are managing their team effectively, but they aren’t leading them. So what separates a manager from a leader, and why does it matter?

A manager knows how to execute. He follows the rules and does everything right. He effectively delegates work, manages timelines, and meets deadlines...Read more

How to double farmers' income: Move them from being just farmers to agripreneurs How to double farmers' income: Move them from being just farmers to agripreneurs

As the Finance Minister sits to prepare a budget that would seem to suggest a massive focus on Rural India and the farmers, he may well introspect if doing more of the same would be the right way to go. The Modi Government has sets its goals on the idea of - 'Doubling Farmers Income in 5 years.'

The big question is if that can be done without coming up with new ideas that can unleash the potential that Indian agriculture claims to possess but has never delivered. May be running through the problems might be a good starting point...Read more

What’s So Great About Artificial Intelligence? What’s So Great About Artificial Intelligence?

The rapid pace at which artificial intelligence (AI) is growing results in heated debates over the technology’s potential threats as well as its opportunities.

Some, including global leaders like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, predict the worst— the dominance of AI over humanity—and insist on the necessity of more control over the development of AI.

Others, however, focus on the business opportunities associated with AI, including expansion of research and understanding beyond the limitations of human computational power. Supporters point to the increased speed of breakthroughs in all kinds of fields from cancer research to shipping optimization...Read more

Most powerful engine of India's growth: Service MSMEs Most powerful engine of India's growth: Service MSMEs

Most Indians know of Bajaj but, except for a few hundred loyal customers, nobody knows of First Konzept, a small interior decorator firm run by J Bhuvaneswari. Or Vivahaa Caterers run by RK Ragavendran or Evergreen Modular Kitchen run by Kavitha.

It may come as surprise that the primary driver of the sustained high growth of India's GDP is enabled by the likes of First Konzept, Vivahaa Caterers and Evergreen Modular and not from big companies like Bajaj. Most economies, particularly those of developing countries like India, march on the shoulders of small businesses, especially those involved in providing services. The numbers speak for themselves...Read more

6 Signature Traits of Inclusive Leadership 6 Signature Traits of Inclusive Leadership

What will it take to be a great leader in the future? Listen to Angelia Herrin, Special Projects editor for Harvard Business Review, interview Dr. Terri Cooper, Principal and Chief Inclusion Officer of Deloitte Consulting, as she discusses six attributes of leaders who display the ability to not only embrace individual differences, but to potentially leverage them for competitive advantage.

Welcome to the Quick Take, a sponsored conversation with Harvard Business Review and Deloitte Consulting. I’m Angelia Herrin, Editor for Special Projects and Research at HBR. Today, we’re talking with Dr. Terri Cooper, the Global Sector Leader for healthcare and the US national chief inclusion leader for Deloitte. We’re discussing a new Deloitte report around leadership in a diverse new world. Dr. Cooper, thank you so much for joining us today...Read more

Take Control Of Your Leadership Development With Five Simple Steps Take Control Of Your Leadership Development With Five Simple Steps

Who is responsible for ensuring that you develop as a leader in your workplace? If you believe the answer is "My company or my boss," you’re only partially right. Of course, your employer should play a key role, but their ability to be effective on your behalf really depends on their development philosophy and willingness and/or ability to invest in your improvement. If you aspire to progress as a leader, the buck stops with you — you must take control of your own learning and growth...Read more

Is This the End of Money? Is This the End of Money?

I spent the first week of the New Year with a great group of Wharton undergraduates visiting many of our tremendous alumni in the San Francisco Bay Area. To say it felt very different from the East Coast is an understatement. And I am not talking about missing the “bomb cyclone,” which we did.

I am talking about blockchain/bitcoin/cryptocurrencies, which are much more than a speculative Chinese-cum-millennial obsession...Read more

‘Good governance is crucial in process automation’

Jörg Bordt, Group Head of Thomas Cook Customer Contact Centers, reflects on lessons learned following RPA roll out and advises companies to focus on IT governance.

Where is Thomas Cook Customer Contact Centers on the RPA journey? Do you have plans to invest further in automation?

We are in the initial phases of roll out; a couple of things are established, but we're not mature yet...Read more

Innovation with a Purpose: The role of technology innovation in accelerating food systems transformation Innovation with a Purpose: The role of technology innovation in accelerating food systems transformation

What if we could harness the power of technology innovation to help transform global food systems?

By 2050, global food systems will need to sustainably and nutritiously feed more than 9 billion people while providing economic opportunities in both rural and urban communities. Yet our food systems are falling far short of these goals. A systemic transformation is needed at an unprecedented speed and scale. At the same time, the Fourth Industrial Revolution...Read more

Getting at the Real Why Getting at the Real Why

Editor's note: This article is an excerpt from Building on Bedrock: What Sam Walton, Walt Disney, and Other Great Self-Made Entrepreneurs Can Teach Us About Building Valuable Companies.

A strong core motivation, is always present with great entrepreneurs, but rarely with entrepreneurs who muddle through. Uncovering and understanding those deeper motives is the first step toward succeeding as an entrepreneur or discovering that you are not cut out for its punishing demands—the personal sacrifices, inevitable setbacks, relentless...Read more

Autonomous everything: How drones will revolutionize the way we work Autonomous everything: How drones will revolutionize the way we work

The future of work will be all about collaborating and analyzing without being physically present, thanks to UAV technology.

Expenditure on drones—commercial, industrial and military—has grown substantially in recent years, highlighting the burgeoning usage by, among others, governments and military bodies.

In fact, Gartner anticipates the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market will grow to more than $11.2bn by 2020, despite challenges like data privacy and operating regulations. But for all this projected growth, there still remains relatively little talk about the potential for drones in commercial contexts, said Airware CEO Yvonne Wassenaar...Read more

How To Help Emerging Leaders Find Their Voice How To Help Emerging Leaders Find Their Voice

For leaders with genuine desire to unleash hidden greatness from within those they lead, the messy, unpredictable process of polishing a diamond in the rough can be challenging. For both leader and follower, patience gets thinned, insecurities inflamed, and mutual risk aversion intensifies. An executive client of mine recently complained, “This is the second chance I’ve given her to present to senior management, and the second time she choked. I’m doing everything I can to help advance her career, but if this keeps up, I’m going to look bad advocating for her.”...Read more

As AI Makes More Decisions, the Nature of Leadership Will Change As AI Makes More Decisions, the Nature of Leadership Will Change

It is tempting to regard artificial intelligence as a threat to human leadership. After all, the very purpose of AI is to augment, improve, and ultimately replace human intelligence, which is still widely regarded, at least by us humans, as our key competitive advantage. There is no reason to believe that leadership will be spared the impact of AI. Indeed, it is very likely that AI will supplant many aspects of the “hard” elements of leadership — that is, the parts responsible for the raw cognitive processing of facts and information...Read more

India's GDP to grow at 7.4 per cent in 2018: IMF India's GDP to grow at 7.4 per cent in 2018: IMF

India is projected to grow at 7.4 per cent in 2018 as against China's 6.8 per cent, the IMF said on Monday, making it the fastest growing country among emerging economies. The acceleration in India's growth rate ahead comes after the slowdown last year due to demonetisation and the implementation of GST. In its latest World Economic Outlook (WEO) update released on Monday in Davos, Switzerland on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum, the International Monetary Fund has projected a 7.8 per cent growth rate for India in 2019...Read more

Here’s Why Strategy Chiefs Succeed or Fail Here’s Why Strategy Chiefs Succeed or Fail

Why is it that some companies have great heads of strategy who make an outstanding contribution to their companies, while others don’t? To answer this question, we evaluated 55 heads of strategy, and looked more closely at 11 who were particularly successful and 10 who were at the other end of the spectrum. The full findings are contained in this white paper. But here’s a synopsis of what we learned.

The person’s capabilities should fit the challenges facing the organization.
Consider Staples, the office supplies retailer, which tumbled from being the market leader to being one-third of the new leader’s size...Read more

How business models can make or break a merger How business models can make or break a merger

An airline is looking to expand through an acquisition. Should it acquire another airline in a different region or acquire another product category altogether, such as a chain of hotels?

The best way to answer this question may hinge on an oft-neglected factor: the business model of the acquisition target. Discount, premium, online-only, you name it: how a company "does business" is as important, or more so, than the geographic or product market in a merger. According to research by Timo Sohl and IESE's Govert Vroom, when two companies have similar business models, they make better partners...Read more

Cultivating The Essential Ingredient In Leadership: Energy

There is a very simple measure of the health and culture of any team or organization: its energy level. Among high-energy groups, we witness motivation by inspiration. There is a buzz in the air. Individuals and teams are innovating, displaying enthusiasm and optimism about their work. In lower-energy organizations, we see motivation by tasks and timelines. There is a sense of busy-ness, but little excitement about the business of the group...Read more

The ‘critically important’ trait that makes a CEO successful, according to a Stanford economics professor The ‘critically important’ trait that makes a CEO successful, according to a Stanford economics professor

The most successful companies are run by CEOs who have one "critically important" trait in common: They pay attention to detail.

"They're unbelievably detail-oriented," says Stanford economics professor Nicholas Bloom in a WNYC "Freakonomics Radio" podcast. "That's one of the big ingredients of their success."

Bloom points to companies like General Electric, McDonald's and Walmart. These companies are so successful, he says, because they focus on having competent managers who pay meticulous attention to detail...Read more

Millennials Are Ready To Be Leaders: Here's How They're Doing It Millennials Are Ready To Be Leaders: Here's How They're Doing It

Millennials have been changing the workplace ever since they started arriving on the scene nearly a decade ago. Now, Millennials are growing older and are starting to step into leadership and management positions. There are a few different definitions of “millennial,” but Pew Research sets the earliest year for the Millennial generation at 1981, which means the oldest Millennials are now 36.

According to research from the Harvard Business Review, the average age of first-time managers is 30, and the average age of people in leadership training is closer to 42. This poses an interesting problem for most managers, who don’t receive training...Read more

The Rewards Of Being An Ambidextrous Leader The Rewards Of Being An Ambidextrous Leader

I write with my left hand, play tennis and other sports with my right hand, and, like nearly all people, type on a keyboard with both hands. With a modest push from my parents, I’m convinced I could have learned to write with my right hand and play sports with my left. However, even without that, I’m reasonably ambidextrous—which has often come in handy.

Results Or Relationships; Which Is More Important?

There are great advantages in becoming an ambidextrous leader. In a study conducted by Zenger Folkman with 95,000 managers, we asked these leaders to indicate which competencies were most important for their subordinates’ success. Their answer was “Driving for Results” (“Results”)...Read more

India a 'favourable market' for fashion retailers: Report India a 'favourable market' for fashion retailers: Report

The FDI norms relaxation for single brand retail in the country will be a major boost for fast fashion majors that are aiming for expansion in their consumer base, says a BMI Research report.

Also, large young adult consumer base, rising disposable income and growth in the middle-income segment make India a "favourable market" for fashion retailers, it said.

Besides, India's improved ranking on the World Bank's 'Ease of Doing Business' ranking -- moving up 30 places to rank 100 out of 190 countries -- will boost foreign investment in the country, the Fitch group company said...Read more

TopTop CEOs Say These Are the 8 Habits You Need to Ditch If You Want to Be Successful

None of us is going to win the I'm-Perfect Award any time soon. But we can at least try to prune away some of our faults. To give you a little direction, I asked leading CEOs what bad habits they think are the most critical to ditch.

1. Not asking for help

"[When the same tactics are no longer creating results, you can be standing too close to the situation to see what you need to do differently. If you let your pride stand in the way, you're putting the business in jeopardy [...]...Read more

The Leadership Model Used By Steve Jobs, Henry Ford And Thomas Edison The Leadership Model Used By Steve Jobs, Henry Ford And Thomas Edison

If you’re an individual contributor who also manages the work of other employees, you’re what is called a Player-Coach. It’s a very different kind of leadership model than what usually gets talked about, although ironically, Player-Coach is one of the most commonly employed leadership models.

Player-Coaches abound in large organizations as well as in very small teams that don’t warrant a full-time manager. Assigning the role of Player-Coach to high performers provides a taste of management and makes a worthy performance reward...Read more

TheThe 5 Things Your AI Henry Unit Needs to Do

Not a day goes by without the announcement of the appointment of a new VP of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a Chief Data Scientist, or a Director of AI Research. While the enthusiasm is undeniable, the reality is that AI remains an early-stage technology application. The potential is vast, but how managers cut through the AI hyperbole to use its power to deliver growth?

In our consulting work, we often encounter managers who struggle to convert AI experiments into strategic programs which can then be implemented. Michael Stern (not his real name), for instance, is the Head of Digital for a German Mittelstand office equipment company...Read more

Readiness for the Future of Production Report 2018 Readiness for the Future of Production Report 2018

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution gathers momentum, decision-makers from the public and private sectors are confronted with a new set of uncertainties regarding the future of production. Rapidly emerging technologies—such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, wearables, robotics and additive manufacturing—are spurring the development of new production techniques, business models, and value chains that will fundamentally transform global production. Both the speed and scope of change add a layer of complexity to the already challenging task of developing and implementing industrial strategies that promote productivity and inclusive growth...Read more

For Great Results: Entrepreneur - Know Thyself! For Great Results: Entrepreneur - Know Thyself!

As entrepreneurs, we want to grow great businesses and make a huge difference. But there is one big challenge that we all have: We have to actually work with other people to get there.

One of the things that we must do as to build great companies is understand ourselves and then understand the other people we have the privilege of working with and serving. For some insights into that, I recently enlisted the help a renowned behavioral profiler, Steven Sisler, who works with business owners as well as other teams, families and spouses as the founder of The Behavioral Resource Group...Read more

Four Leadership Skills That Drive Startup Growth Four Leadership Skills That Drive Startup Growth

Startups either have that “it” factor or they don’t, and some founders spend so much time trying to figure out exactly what that “it” factor actually is. They want to be successful, but when they follow the money they end up losing sight of their original mission. They want to be able to grow and scale quickly while creating an inclusive culture.

After working with hundreds of startups, I noticed something.

There are two kinds of CEOs: ones who leave their job because they’re sick of it and envision starting something new, and those with an MBA degree who want to build their own startup straight after that...Read more

Comprehensive policy to promote agriculture exports on anvil Comprehensive policy to promote agriculture exports on anvil

The commerce ministry is working on a comprehensive policy covering issues such as logistics to promote export of agri commodities like tea, coffee, fruits and vegetables, a senior official said.

India is one of biggest producers and exporters of agri commodities, and still holds huge potential to increase shipments.

"So, the possibility of value addition and moving up in the global value chain is immense. All important elements such as logistics, certification and traceability of items would be part of the new policy," the official said...Read more

Four Insights About Leadership Development From An Executive Coach Four Insights About Leadership Development From An Executive Coach

When you spend year after year, five to six days a week, eight to ten hours a day doing something, chances are you will glean some pretty significant insights and wisdom from the experience.

I spend my days talking to leaders. As an executive coach, every day brings leadership development conversations with leader after leader, many holding what others would consider pretty powerful positions of authority and responsibility. The focus of the development conversation is unique to each person, yet in many ways remarkably the...Read more

Trust Is the Key' 'Trust Is the Key'

The biggest management lesson I have learnt in my 29 years of professional life is the importance of Trust and Credibility. In our personal lives, we take these for granted. We build trust with our parents as children. We build trust with our spouse as an adult. We help our children build trust in us. However, in our professional lives, quite often, there can be conflict of interests, unlike in our personal lives. As such, it is far more difficult to build trust and credibility in our professional lives. Also, we may not have the luxury of spending many years in a non-conflicting situation to help build that trust and credibility...Read more

Why Leaders Should Make a Habit of Teaching

Sydney Finkelstein, a professor of management at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, encourages leaders to approach their direct reports like teachers. As Finkelstein explains, being a teacher-leader means continually meeting face to face with employees to communicate lessons about professionalism, points of craft, and life. He says it’s easy to try and that teaching is one of the best ways to motivate people and improve their performance. Finkelstein is the author of “The Best Leaders Are Great Teachers” in the January–February 2018 issue of Harvard Business Review...Read more

Is Anyone In Your Company Paying Attention to Strategic Alignment? Is Anyone In Your Company Paying Attention to Strategic Alignment?

The best performing companies are often the best aligned. But who in your company is paying attention to how well aligned your strategy is with your organization’s purpose and capabilities? In my research and consultancy with companies, I observe that, oftentimes, no individual or group is functionally responsible for overseeing the arrangement of their company from end to end. Multiple different individuals and groups are responsible for different components of the value chain that makes up their company’s design...Read more

Honesty Is the Best Corporate Policy' 'Honesty Is the Best Corporate Policy'

Being honest, transparent, and building trust with all stakeholders is the best corporate policy, and something that I have always followed. It helps the leader in difficult situations, and tackles those dark periods of uncertainty that loom over businesses from time to time. Much earlier in my career, I learnt that when honesty and transparency become a part of organisational culture, it becomes a disposition with a trickle-down effect. Above all, it builds a bond of trust between all the stakeholders, be it employees, clients, vendors, partners or investors...Read more

What Steve Bannon Just Taught Us All (The Hard Way) About Leadership What Steve Bannon Just Taught Us All (The Hard Way) About Leadership

In less than a week Steve Bannon has gone from Strategy Steve to "Sloppy Steve" (President Trump's words) to "Supine Steve" (Jennifer Rubin's words on MSNBC this morning).

Bannon has gone from being a kingmaker to giving us 24/7 entertainment on cable news ("they're going to crack Don Junior like an egg on national TV") to being embarrassingly apologetic for, as we used to say as kids, talking out of school. Yep, loose lips sink ships. And careers...Read more

You Don’t Just Need One Leadership Voice — You Need Many You Don’t Just Need One Leadership Voice — You Need Many

We often equate developing a leadership voice with finding ways to appear more confident. We assume that our success depends upon mimicking someone else, increasing our self-promotion, or saying things louder than others. But rather than living with imposter’s syndrome, or feeling exhausted by wearing your game face all day, you can build a truer confidence by more intentionally focusing on cultivating many different parts of your leadership voice each day. Ultimately, you should cultivate enough parts of your voice so that no matter the leadership situation or audience you find...Read more

The Best Management Lesson I Learnt' 'The Best Management Lesson I Learnt'

Top corporate honchos share their success stories...Read more

2025: E-versions for all Toyota cars 2025: E-versions for all Toyota cars

Japanese auto giant Toyota will have electric or electrified options on all its cars and that of its luxury division Lexus by 2025, president Akio Toyoda said on Monday.

At the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the company also announced high-level partnerships with companies such as American tech giant Amazon and ride-hailing companies —Uber & Chinese Didi Chuxing — for foray into the autonomous vehicles segment through a new-electric concept called the e-Palette....Read more

Digital transactions cross 1-b mark in Dec Digital transactions cross 1-b mark in Dec

Overall digital transactions for the first time has breached the 1-billion mark in a month, having clocked 1.06 billion in December, according to data released by RBI. It jumped by around 6.5% against November transaction numbers, which was 998 million.

The growth has been driven by strong show from all forms of payments across Unified Payments (UPI), IMPS, cards as well as wallets. The spectacular show of UPI has played a vital role having clocked almost a 40% jump in transaction volume month-onmonth. UPI clocked 145.5 million transactions against 104.8 million done in November...Read more

Leadership Lesson: It Comes From The Heart

The Mercy Health System has roots that go back more than 185 years when Catherine McAuley wanted to help poor women and children in Dublin. In 1827, she opened the House of Mercy, and a few years later, she founded the Sisters of Mercy. In 1843, the Sisters of Mercy expanded from Ireland and England to the United States, and in 1871, they traveled to St. Louis, Missouri. Today, the Mercy Health System is one of the largest Catholic health systems...Read more

3 Key Lessons for Entrepreneurs From Oprah Winfrey's Golden Globes Speech 3 Key Lessons for Entrepreneurs From Oprah Winfrey's Golden Globes Speech

Oprah Winfrey at Sunday's Golden Globes show won the Cecil B. DeMille award, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s version of a lifetime achievement award. Midway through the broadcast, Winfrey got up on stage and gave a rousing speech that had the audience alternately tearing up and jumping to their feet.

Of course, it's not surprising that the woman who hosted the highest rated daytime talk show in history for 25 years can command a room...Read more

Why the Rewards for Ambitious Problem Solving Are About to Get Bigger Why the Rewards for Ambitious Problem Solving Are About to Get Bigger

A decade ago, Microsoft was considered a dinosaur. It had missed the shift to mobile, was out of step with consumer tastes, and seemed too big and slow to adapt to a digital world that was moving at hyperspeed. Yet today the company is thriving again, largely driven by its growing cloud business.

This is not a new effort. In fact, it began in the early 2000s, but was little noticed until recently....Read more

6 Brain-Based Leadership Game-Changers For 2018 [Infographics] 6 Brain-Based Leadership Game-Changers For 2018 [Infographics]

The business environment has changed significantly in recent years, making it even clearer that relentless change is now the norm. Emotional agility is key to stay brilliant, no matter how turbulent the times and no matter what external changes you face.

Are you ready? Is your organization?

3 Things To Start
Make New Meaning:What we call thinking is actually a series of pictures, sounds, and feelings that go by at light speed in our brains. The process by which this happens is illustrated and summarized in the diagram below....Read more

National logistics plan kicks off; division set up in commerce department National logistics plan kicks off; division set up in commerce department

India has kicked off an ambitious national logistics plan to allow seamless movement of inputs and finished goods across the country. Through the plan, the government aims to come out with the most cost-effective method to transport goods till 2035 to provide a competitive edge to the Indian industry.

In a first-of-its-kind move, the newly setup logistics division in the commerce department is in talks with logistics providing ministries of railways, roadways, shipping, inland waterways and civil aviation besides the logistics using ministries including food processing, coal and mines to chalk out the plan...Read more

7 Ways Modest Leadership Increases Team Success 7 Ways Modest Leadership Increases Team Success

When we imagine the traits of successful leaders, whether they are managers, high level executives, CEO's or owners of successful companies we typically view them to be strong, charismatic, enthusiastic and visionary. The one important trait often overlooked in great leaders is modesty.

To be great, leaders need more depth than a loud mouth, the power of persuasion, and over the top self-confidence...Read more

How Venture Catalyst is turning HNIs even in smaller towns and cities into angel investors How Venture Catalyst is turning HNIs even in smaller towns and cities into angel investors

High net worth individuals from smaller cities are becoming the backbone of angel investment. Out of Rs 177.45 crore invested by Venture Catalyst, India's biggest earlystage startup investment fund with 33 deals last year, Rs 110 crore came from them. The figure last year stood at a paltry Rs 15 crore.

The earlier wave of angels was mostly MNC CEOs and COOs and owners of established organisations and confined mostly to the IT industry...Read more

Companies need to be mindful of the pace of change in technology

Ben Stoneham, co-founder and chief executive officer of robotic process automation technology company Autologyx discusses enabling agile business, innovation and the pace of change in technology.

Autologyx is an intelligent robotic process automation platform, designed for all sorts of processes the traditional desktop RPA doesn’t handle well....Read more

5 Daily Habits That Will Boost Your Leadership in 2018 5 Daily Habits That Will Boost Your Leadership in 2018

Being a better leader has so many benefits it helps drive better results, helps increase employee retention, and it reduces stress levels. The more you lead, the less you will have to manage, and it's management that raises the stress levels, not only for your team but also for yourself. Management is hard, some days it can feel like trying to push an elephant up a steep incline, and if you get it wrong, that elephant will roll right over you and end up back at the bottom of the hill and then you have to start all over again...Read more

Billionaire Richard Branson: This simple trick is the best way to come up with an idea for a successful business Billionaire Richard Branson: This simple trick is the best way to come up with an idea for a successful business

If you want to become your own boss in 2018, coming up with a business idea is the first step. If that feels daunting, billionaire serial entrepreneur Richard Branson has advice: Start by asking yourself what you could do to make your own life better or easier.

"Entrepreneurship in its truest form is about identifying a gap in the market and creating a product of use to fill that hole and make people's lives better,"...Read more

The Future of Business Intelligence – What’s Coming in 2018 and Beyond The Future of Business Intelligence – What’s Coming in 2018 and Beyond

The future is coming… fast! At least when you’re talking about advances in technology, it is. Business Intelligence (BI) is no exception. The introduction of BI wasn’t all that long ago for most of us, and its evolution is proceeding at a frantic pace. The rapid advancements are, in large part, due to the immense value BI provides. As game-changing use cases and success stories continue to emerge, so do new ideas for enhancements, innovations and next-level analytic functions...Read more

#5 Tips For Entrepreneurs Looking To Scale Up Their Businesses#5 Tips For Entrepreneurs Looking To Scale Up Their Businesses

Setting up a business is an uphill task and, the day you decide to scale it up, the dynamics are likely to change and the going might get tougher. However, in this pursuit of yours, Entrepreneur India is always there to help.

We spoke to experienced-entrepreneurs and have jotted down five tips that can help you scale...Read more

Emerging Enterprises Adopt An Asset-Light Approach To Digital Reinvention Emerging Enterprises Adopt An Asset-Light Approach To Digital Reinvention

With entrepreneurial aspirations of young minds running high in the country, emerging enterprises are mushrooming all around. These future leaders want to maximise the potential of latest and the best in the class technologies to delight their customer and deliver a superior experience. A typical emerging enterprise tries to build on the power of open source and is far more experimental in trying out revolutionary technologies when compared to its established and conservative counterparts.

Traditional enterprises focus on developing a strong core, own their rack space and build internal teams to manage them...Read more

India's manufacturing PMI rose by 2 points to 54.7 in December; highest in 5 years India's manufacturing PMI rose by 2 points to 54.7 in December; highest in 5 years

The Nikkei India Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) rose to 54.7 in December from 52.6 in November. The index numbers for December are the highest in the past five years. Experts attribute operating conditions improving in December due to an uptick in new orders. The growth in manufacturing was recorded all the three verticals - consumer, intermediate and investment.

The index has crossed the 50-point mark for the consecutive fifth month. Index reading above 50 point shows there's economic expansion, while a reading below 50 points toward contraction...Read more

Does time pressure help or hinder creativity at work? Does time pressure help or hinder creativity at work?

Brian Kenny: Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines creativity as the use of imagination, inventiveness, or original ideas to create something. Such a simple and straight forward definition belies the fact that creativity is the engine that powers innovation, which is the very life blood of firms large and small in every corner of the world. Thomas Edison, one of the most prolific inventors in US history, held 2,332 patents, yet he was fired from his first two jobs for being unproductive. One can only wonder if he would've succeeded in this day and age of instant gratification where customers are demanding better, faster, and the clock is ticking down to the next release date...Read more

The People Who Break or Manipulate the Rules Are the Ones Who Really Become Successful

Chris Pfaff grew up in Akron, Ohio, where he was constantly told he would never amount to anything great. Having to hustle his way as a child, he slowly managed to make his way to Hollywood, where he caught a lucky break working for his cousin. With that experience as a launching pad, Pfaff built a nationwide, multimillion-dollar fashion brand called Young and Reckless. In this episode of Leaders Create Leaders, hear his story of how he beat the system...Read more

The countdown begins: Top fintech trends that India can expect in 2018 The countdown begins: Top fintech trends that India can expect in 2018

As we are about to part ways with 2017, the year has pretty much offered what everyone expected, maybe much more than that. In the wake of demonetisation late last year, the country was literally standing in the middle of a financial flux, leaving customers stranded without cash and businesses without capital. But, India successfully managed to deliver despite this overwhelming hiccup.

The credit largely goes to an army of fintech startups that were relentlessly at play in the background...Read more

The Best Leaders Are Great TeachersThe Best Leaders Are Great Teachers

Kundapur Vaman Kamath was a teacher. But he didn’t work at a school or stand in front of a class. Instead, he delivered his lessons at the office—to the employees who served under him during his four decades as a senior executive at, and then CEO of, India’s ICICI Bank. Whether he was offering tips on stakeholder communication or explaining the importance of ambitious goals, Kamath treated each day as an opportunity to provide his direct reports with a customized master class in management. Over time, this approach transformed the company into a hothouse of leadership talent, accelerating its growth. ICICI became one of India’s largest, most innovative banks, and Kamath has been credited with molding a whole generation of the country’s banking executives...Read more

If You Want To Be 'CEO Material,' Develop These 15 Traits

For many high-achieving professionals, the ultimate career goal is to become a chief executive officer.

While anyone who climbs the corporate ladder or starts their own company can hold this title, it takes an outstanding type of leader to truly embody what it means to be a CEO. This coveted position is more than simply "calling the shots" – it means earning respect and inspiring your entire organization to do their best work for the good of the company...Read more

Top 10 trends for small businesses in 2018Top 10 trends for small businesses in 2018

There has been tremendous growth in the small and medium business industry over the last few years. SMBs play a very important role for the Indian economy and contribute in a big way when it comes to innovation and employment.

With changing customer preferences, an increasing base of customers and more initiatives, small businesses have seen great growth in 2017.

A look back at 2017
The customer base in India is going through a big change with an increased access to the Internet and digital channels. There are over 462 mn+ Internet users in India, with over 34% Internet penetration...Read more

Electric cars will usher in a brave new world in India in 2018Electric cars will usher in a brave new world in India in 2018

In 2018, a brave new world will unfold in India, which has already been predicted by futurists. Tony Seba, a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and an instructor in Entrepreneurship, Disruption and Clean Energy at Stanford's Continuing Studies Program, says electric vehicles would destroy the global oil industry in 15 years by replacing ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles. He goes a step further and says 95% of people won't own private cars by 2030 which will wipe off the automobile industry. Part of Seba's prediction will begin to come true in India in 2018. And by 2030 it will fully turn into reality. At least, that's how it's all being planned.

The electric impulse
When Chetan Maini launched India's first electric car, Reva, in 2001, it was seen as a new-age fad, an idea whose time had yet not come. The slow and small Reva was more of an ideological statement than a viable alternative...Read more

Choose Your Leadership StyleChoose Your Leadership Style

Working with an amazing leader is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – not everyone can work with Nelson Mandela or Gandhi or even a rock star boss like Bruce Springsteen. Leaders in the knowledge economy, those who have moved up the ranks from team member to team leader, aren’t always charismatic. It’s far more commonplace to find team leaders who were promoted to a leadership role without developing their leadership skills.

Most work, especially the type that MBA graduates go on to do, is team-based. Yet working in a team can be complicated. MBA students often complain about so-called “free riding”, that is, when some team members don’t put in the work but reap the benefits of working in a group...Read more