ThreeThree Ways To Become A Better Startup CEO

Running a startup is one of the most difficult challenges anyone can undertake professionally. The startup CEO has to come in with a high-risk tolerance, an incredible work ethic and a versatility of skills unlike any other job. The founder has to be willing to face down a 90 percent failure rate and still make the leap.

Over the past decade, I’ve started and started and sold a collection of startups worth over $50 million. A key part of that success is continuing to focus and re-focus on three primary responsibilities. They are as follows...Read more

#10 #10 Reasons Why Schools Should Encourage Entrepreneurship

There has been a surge in the number of enterprising entrepreneurs in the recent past. Entrepreneurship education holds great value for students all over, and in particular, those entering the fields of science and technology, social work, healthcare and education. The future belongs to innovators and creators, and an entrepreneurship education serves as a great business incubator for budding entrepreneurs. An entrepreneurship course for school students could develop and harness skills such as...Read more

Capital Capital a myth in the world of disruption

As the popular saying goes, ‘Every crisis is a blessing in disguise.’ So has been the post phase after 2008 crisis which witnessed the growing popularity of the term ‘sharing economy’. During this period, many Unicorn startups came into existence. The rise of mobile internet fuelled growth of ecommerce companies and gave impetus to innovative companies like Uber and Airbnb. Their journey hasn’t been a smooth ride ever since their founding year. Both Uber and Airbnb have battled with regulators thus reforming the taxi and hotel industry...Read more

StartupsStartups That Seek to “Disrupt” Get More Funding Than Those That Seek to “Build”

Since its HBR debut in 1995, the concept of disruptive innovation—the process by which a smaller company with limited resources is able to launch a product or service that displaces established competitors—has been extensively incorporated into startup vernacular. Entrepreneurs often use a version of the phrase when launching products, raising funds, unveiling strategies, hiring teams, and engaging partners.

Yet we do not know much about how entrepreneurs are integrating the concept into their identities and what consequences this has for their startups...Read more

TheThe 3 Things You Need In Order To Make Leadership Development Effective

Modern workplaces are very different from the offices of yesteryear. Organizations are being faced with increasingly globalized markets and also are being challenged to have multiple business units and functions effectively coordinate across organizational boundaries. This modern work setting requires leaders who have a diverse set of skills to effectively manage their teams for strong individual and collaborative performance...Read more

TheThe Productivity Tricks Of Seven Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs have a lot of things in common; one is knowing how to make the best use of their time. When the clock is ticking and they are under pressure to deliver, many have a favourite productivity hack to ensure things get done on time. Here, seven entrepreneurs share their tried and tested ways of being more productive...Read more

GreatGreat Corporate Strategies Thrive on the Right Amount of Tension

After expending considerable effort on formulating a strategy, most executives would like to see their company’s strategic plans fully executed. Deviations from the strategic plan are often assumed to be detrimental to corporate performance. However, compliance with the strategy doesn’t necessarily correlate directly to performance.

The gap between strategy and the execution of that strategy is often referred to as “strategic dissonance.” We like to call it “strategic stress.” The “Yerkes-Dodson Law,” which has been used in research that examines the relationship...Read more

TheThe 3 Es of effective board leadership

Boards of directors often get media attention when something goes wrong. The board of VW, for instance, was recently in the news after it received a terrible corporate governance rating based on the 2015 emissions scandal and its fallout. Examples of how not to behave as a board are easy to come by.

Yet most boards are not like VW’s because they use good governance to work well. To find out what makes a board chair successful, the INSEAD Corporate Governance Initiative conducted 74 face-to-face interviews with experienced board chairs to produce a research project spanning nine countries – Belgium, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom...Read more

33 Things Any Entrepreneur Should Know

The gig economy looks like it’s growing every day, and Millennials are starting businesses at a younger age than Baby Boomers did. Entrepreneurship is here to stay!

When you’re building out your dream business there’s a lot to do and it can come with a lot of pressure. It’s your dream after all- you want to make this work. There’s no exact roadmap for entrepreneurs, but there are some steps that every single one of us needs to make sure we cover...Read more

HowHow the Most Successful Teams Bridge the Strategy-Execution Gap

The strategy-to-execution gap is an enduring problem with no easy solution. As the Japanese proverb goes, “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” In their seminal HBR piece, Paul Leinwand, Cesare Mainardi, and Art Kleiner outlined what senior leaders must do to close the strategy-to-execution gap. We built on this research by going beyond the lens of the individual leader to investigate how the most successful teams bridge the gap. We wanted to unpack the how...Read more

66 Brilliant Productivity Hacks From 6 Brilliant Entrepreneurs

Productivity hacks are shortcuts, tricks or strategies that help you get more done in the same amount of time. We all know some of the basic hacks, like drinking coffee in the morning to get a caffeine boost, or planning your day the night before. But there are far more hacks and strategies worth exploring than any one person can imagine...Read more

NewNew National Policy on Bio-fuels will provide complete off-take guarantee

New National Policy on Bio-fuels will provide complete off-take guarantee to the producers, said union petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan. He also said that the oil companies will achieve a higher blending percentage of ethanol in 2017-18 due to higher production of molasses.

He was speaking at the conference on 'Ethanol as Transport Fuel' organised at the Central Institute of Road Transport (CIRT), Pune...Read more

CanCan You Be a Great Leader Without Technical Expertise?

There is a broad assumption in society and in education that the skills you need to be a leader are more or less transferable. If you can inspire and motivate people in one arena, you should be able to apply those skills to do the same in another venue.

But recent research is rightly challenging this notion. Studies suggest that the best leaders know a lot about the domain in which they are leading, and part of what makes them successful in a management role is technical competence...Read more

FILAFILA 2017: Glimpses from the Forbes India Leadership Awards night

(Standing) Anant Goenka, managing director, CEAT Tyres - winner of FILA 2017 GenNext Entrepreneur; Ranu Vohra, co-founder, Avendus Capital; UpGrad co-founder and chairman, Ronnie Screwvala, FILA 2017 jury member; Forbes India Editor Sourav Majumdar; Avinash Kaul, managing director, A+E Networks | TV18 and President - Strategy, Product & Alliances - Network18; Vikram Pawha, president, BMW India; Joy Chakraborthy, CEO – Forbes India & President – Revenue, Network18; and Manish Maheshwari, CEO, Network18 Digital...Read more

MoveMove to 100% EV can create $300bn domestic battery market: Report

India's move towards 100 per cent electric vehicles (EVs) fleet by 2030 could create a USD 300 billion domestic market for EV batteries, according to a report by government think tank Niti Aayog and Rocky Mountain Institute.

The country will account for two-fifths of global EV battery demand by then and the shift to the clean energy fuel could require an investment of USD 100 billion to set up 20 giga factories to produce batteries, based on today's cost...Read more

HowHow to Excel at Both Strategy and Execution

For decades, we’ve often thought of leadership profiles in unique buckets—two popular varieties were the “visionaries”, who embrace strategy and think about amazing things to do, and the “operators”, who get stuff done. We intuitively knew that there must be leaders that span these areas, but in fact, few do. According to a global survey of 700 executives across a variety of industries conducted by Strategy&, the strategy consulting division of PwC, only 8% of company leaders were said to excel at both strategy and execution...Read more

LearningLearning to live with disruption

Technology is moving fast and disruption is becoming the new normal for all industries: digitalization has transformed the way we do business and entire sectors (e.g. music); 3D-printing is changing manufacturing industries; the blockchain is about to disrupt financial services; big data and the internet of things enable new or better products, services and processes in almost all areas of business. It is difficult to identify an industry that will not be strongly impacted (not to say disrupted) by the advances of artificial intelligence...Read more

Moody'sMoody's India rating upgrade report

Global Rating agency Moody's Investors Service has upgraded India's sovereign rating to Baa2 from Baa3 -- the lowest investment grade. The move has sent rupee appreciating and stock markets higher. It is likely to push bond yields lower. Besides, it may help lowering of borrowing cost for India Inc and the government.

Here's the full text of the rationale Moody's gave behind the rating upgrade:

Moody's Investors Service ("Moody's") has upgraded the government of India's local and foreign currency issuer ratings to Baa2 from Baa3 and changed the outlook on the rating to stable from positive...Read more

FigureFigure Out Your Company’s Make-or-Break Strategic Problems, Then Use Small Teams to Solve Them

Can a large incumbent company rediscover how to act like an agile start-up?

I believe the answer is yes, though success depends largely on another question: Can the executive team learn to get out of the way?

Behaving like an agile start-up implies speed, a sharply defined mission, and a deep understanding of customers. Those qualities allow a company to consistently formulate the right strategy and execute it cleanly...Read more

1010 Business Improvement Experts Give Their Golden Rule For Success

I am delighted to share with you here the number one golden rule for success, that 10 respected Business Improvement experts gave when asked for their top business improvement insights.

While the answers received varied greatly, a common trend between our experts was the importance of...PEOPLE - from senior management to those responsible for individual processes - getting buy-in from all those involved was stated to be the most important rule by a majority...Read more

India'sIndia's all-electric-vehicles dream unfolds from this city in Maharashtra

India's dream to have only electric cars by 2030 has been charged at Nagpur. It became the first city in India to have an electric-vehicle charging station by an oil marketing company, Indian Oil Corporation. IOC has become India's first oil marketing company to set up a charging station at its petrol pump.

Nagpur, also the first city to introduce electric public transportation in India, happens to be the constituency of Union road transport and highways minister Nitin Gadkari, the man who is convinced he must do everything to meet the 2030 electric vehicle (EV) target...Read more

Commitment Commitment to Innovation Is How Legacy Companies Stay Agile

The innovator's dilemma is ever true for legacy companies -- some are so entrenched in the things they're already good at that they fail to change and adapt. These companies, that have established themselves as a market leader over decades of a solid track record, can allow themselves to get caught in this scenario in which they are so profitable in what they've always known that they neglect to stay inventive. In other words, they get comfortable and leave innovation to emerging startups...Read more

Maintaining Maintaining Boundaries: How To Lead Within The Leadership Pipeline

Where should a CEO spend their time? Imagine a company where the CEO is spending their time consistently meeting with individual contributors and giving them feedback and direction. While this one-on-one attention straight from the top is coveted by many, it begs the question: If the CEO is explaining how to do something or what should be done, who is actually leading the company...Read more

RelianceReliance Retail is planning to disrupt India’s ecommerce scenario

After shaking up India’s telecom industry, the Reliance Group could re-cast the country’s ecommerce leaderboard next.

The retailing arm of India’s most valuable company by a distance is poised to make a major foray into ecommerce early FY19, selling mobile phones, consumer electronics, fast-moving consumer items, food and grocery in towns with 50,000 residents.

The internal target at Reliance Retail is to overtake current ecommerce leaders by 2020-21, three senior industry executives told ET...Read more

Your Your Strategy Has to Be Flexible — But So Does Your Execution

Peter Drucker said: “Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.” This and a slew of similar maxims reflect a common view of strategy execution: that it’s distinct from strategy, harder to pull off than defining a strategy, and therefore more critical to success — underpinned by seemingly indisputable virtues such as diligence, discipline, consistency, alignment, and focus. But such a simplistic view of execution can be misleading and can reduce actual impact...Read more

Leadership From The Inside Out: Eight Pathways To Mastery

Purpose powers performance. It elevates leaders and teams to move from short-term success to long-term significance. It engages and energizes workforces, customers, vendors, distributors, communities and stakeholders around values, a common mission, something bigger than products and more meaningful than profit. Purpose seeks to answer the essential question: Why is it so important that we exist? The embodiment of purpose, values and structures to support them in an organization creates an environment in which talent thrives...Read more

#7 #7 Best Tips for First-time Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is a humbling journey, especially for a first-timer. Society and business work under a structure that provides long-term security and brand value. By being an entrepreneur you are asking partners, customers, and employees to get out of their comfort zone and entrust their faith in you. Trust on self, being nimble and making the right connection will be your key to the long-term success. Yet before jumping headfirst into the choppy markets, keep the following pieces of advice in mind...Read more

Are Are we Living The Golden Age of Indian Entrepreneurship?

In the 1980s, the first generation of Indian entrepreneurs broke through the glass ceiling and began making a mark on the American technology landscape as start-up founders and CEOs. Among these legends, there was my partner, Kanwal Rekhi, and also Vinod Khosla, Naren Gupta, Prabhu Goel, Suhas Patil to name a few — who went ahead to launch companies like Sun Microsystems (acq: Oracle), Excelan (IPO) and Cirrus Logic (IPO)...Read more

FourFour Pathways To Authentic Leadership

I'm not at all pleased to report this, but even the good ol' word leadership has become something of a buzzword — a term people bandy about without considering its deeper implications. It's the same thing that's happened with words like creativity, innovation and disruption.

In an attempt to service the ever-increasing demand for web content, the pace of creating content has also increased Sadly, this is all too often accompanied by a decrease in serious analysis. To attract as many readers as possible to their sites marketers tend to overuse certain words that emerge as more eye-catching than others...Read more

CEOsCEOs Should Think Like Founders, Not Just Managers

In 2001 the list of companies with the highest market caps was dominated by blue chips. General Electric, Microsoft, ExxonMobil, Walmart, and CitiGroup — all were businesses led by managers who were experts in efficiency and optimization and who grew their businesses by making them work better than they had previously.

Fast forward to the present, and the list looks strikingly different. Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, and Berkshire Hathaway now top the list, with Alibaba, Facebook, and Tencent close behind. They are for the most...Read more

CorporateCorporate Learning Programs Need to Consider Context, Not Just Skills

Spending on corporate learning, particularly leadership development, continues to increase at a staggering pace. According to one piece of research, spending on frontline leadership development alone increased by over 310% in a three-year period. Despite the amount they invest in corporate learning, organizations continue to struggle to connect these programs with the day-to-day work of strategy execution...Read more

CelebratingCelebrating leadership

American author John C Maxwell describes a leader as someone who “knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”. Indeed, these three elements can be said to form the essence of inspirational and transformational leadership. A good leader should be able to know the way forward and be ready to walk in that direction. Alongside, he should be able to inspire others to follow him on that path. Viewed in this context, transformational leaders are risk-takers, people who have a vision for their organisations and take bold decisions to ensure the vision is realised. Ever since the Forbes India Leadership Awards were...Read more

WhatWhat Global Entrepreneurship Week Teaches Us About The World

This month marks the 10th Anniversary of Global Entrepreneurship Week (November 13-19., the world's largest celebration of innovators and job creators, now observed with 35,000 events in 165 countries. But, what's most fascinating is not the magnitude of the occasion but the interactions that it has stimulated within what has become a community of entrepreneurs around the world...Read more

ForFor first time, Mumbai to host Asian Bankers Association summit

For the first time, the nation's financial capital will host the 34th annual conference of the Asian Bankers Association (ABA) this week.

The two-day conference will be held in the megapolis from November 16 and will be hosted by State Bank, with the theme of 'Asia's turn to transform', SBI

The event is expected to see the presence of over 160 domestic as well as international bankers and Reserve Bank deputy governor Viral V Acharya will deliver the special opening address on the second day, a SBI spokesperson told PTI...Read more

ManyMany Strategies Fail Because They’re Not Actually Strategies

Many strategy execution processes fail because the firm does not have something worth executing.

The strategy consultants come in, do their work, and document the new strategy in a PowerPoint presentation and a weighty report. Town hall meetings are organized, employees are told to change their behavior, balanced scorecards are reformulated, and budgets are set aside to support initiatives that fit the new strategy. And then nothing happens...Read more

TheThe Role of FamilyBusinesses in a new India

The final outing of our flagship closed door round table CEO Dialogues for 2017 took place in Mumbai on October 27, 2017.

In attendance were industry leaders, to discuss the theme, 'Reboot India: The role of family businesses in a new India'.

Clockwise from Left: Parimal Merchant, director, SP Jain School of Global Management; Dharmesh Jain, managing director, Nirmal Lifestyle; Ameera Shah, managing director, Metropolis Healthcare; Niranjan Hiranandani, co-founder and managing director, Hiranandani Group and president, NAREDCO...Read more

YourYour Strategy Should Be a Hypothesis You Constantly Adjust

The widely accepted view that strategy and execution are separable activities sets companies up for failure in a fast-paced world.

One of us (Paul) is a strategy scholar and economist; the other (Amy) studies organizational behavior and operations management. We came together to consider why strategy so often breaks down in the execution stage. While conducting research on recent dramatic cases of strategic failure in different industries, involving vastly different business models and strategies, we discovered a common pattern: What started as small gaps in execution spiraled into business failures when initial strategies were not altered based on new information provided by experience. These companies’ strategies were viewed by their top executives as analytically sound; performance gaps were blamed on execution...Read more

WorldWorld Bank says India maybe high middle-income economy in 30 yrs

Economic reforms such as GST could turn India into a high middle-income economy in 30 years, the World Bank said on Saturday. It credited the country’s “extraordinary” achievement of quadrupling per capita income to reforms taken in the last three decades.

Last week, India moved into the top 100 of World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business global rankings for the first time due to sustained business reforms over the past several years. The report had ranked India at 130 last year...Read more

4 Emerging Fintech Trends Relevant to Every Entrepreneur

Be innovative, or get left behind. 2018 is fast approaching and the market demand on FinTech is fierce. FinTech is disrupting the traditional financial services, such as: money transfers, loans, mobile payments, asset management and fundraising. According to Statista, Transaction Value is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2017-2021. of 20.5 percent resulting in the total amount of U.S.$6.9 billion in 2021.

As an entrepreneur you should be watching for these fintech trends in 2018.

1. Multi-currency digital wallets

We have all experienced it. The stress of traveling and trying to work out where to make your currency exchange. Should you go to the dark looking corner exchange booth...Read more

IsIs Execution Where Good Strategies Go to Die?

Execution is an odd word. On the one hand, it means “the carrying out of a plan or course of action.” On the other, it means, “the carrying out of a death sentence.” When leaders “execute a strategy,” they usually mean the former — putting an idea into action. But those efforts all too often end up meaning the latter. Execution is often where strategies go to die.

So what determines whether execution brings life or death to your strategy? It’s not what you think. It’s how you think. The mental models that inform strategy are usually different from those that determine implementation. To close the strategy-execution gap, leaders have to close several other, smaller gaps...Read more

India'sIndia's aviation market to be third largest in the world by 2027

MUMBAI: With its consistent double-digit growth in domestic passenger traffic, India set to be the third largest aviation market in the world by 2027.

In the next ten years then, the India's aviation market will generate close to 2.6 million direct, indirect and induced jobs, said a report released by Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) on Friday.

"The current staffing, as on FY 2017 is 1,97,309 which is expected to reach 4,32,021 by FY 27 and all of this would be direct jobs," said the CAPA report...Read more

23rd23rd GST Council meet: Highlights

NEW DELHI: The GST Council in its 23rd meeting held in Guwahati came up with a range of new decisions which will lead to easing tax rates and compliance issues. Here are the key points which have emerged so far:

* In the last three meetings, we have been looking at the 28 per cent tax rate to rationalise the items to a lower tax bracket, said Finance Minister Arun Jaitley after the 23rd meeting of the council ended.

* All restaurants in the country will attract a GST of 5 per cent, no input tax credit (ITC) benefit to be given to restaurants: Jaitley...Read more

55 Ways to Design Products Customers Love

As a teenager, Mike Pfotenhauer loved to hike, but he hated how uncomfortable he felt carrying the backpacks then on the market. So, at age 16, he created his own, sewing all the pieces together himself. He went on to design and deliver customized outdoor equipment to clients who’d heard of him through the grapevine, and eventually he founded Osprey, a company that designs and manufactures all kinds of specialty bags and packs, with user-friendly features such as body-hugging contours, a top “lid” flap that converts into a spacious day pack, and a magnetic connector to secure the drinking tube from the built-in water reservoir...Read more

TheThe three types of leaders who create radical change

What determines whether a social movement will be a flash in the pan or a real catalyst for longterm change? Why did Occupy Wall Street subside in a matter of months, for instance, while the American Civil Rights Movement thrived, resulting in the passage of multiple laws?

Julie Battilana, a long-time scholar of institutional change, has identified common themes among those social movements that don't merely broadcast the need for a social change, but actually create long-term impact...Read more

PreparingPreparing teams to lead innovative change

The auto industry may be in for a double upending in the near future. First, the tipping point for self-driving cars is expected to occur between 2020 and 2026, according to experts’ estimates. Second, the rise of ride-sharing (otherwise known as “Uberisation”) poses a potentially fatal threat to the prevailing business model. Looking ahead to the next decade, it’s impossible to predict the future of cars, let alone that of an industry based around putting a car in every driveway.

Automakers aren’t alone in confronting blinding, multileveled change. Before the iPhone, few anticipated that smartphones would essentially reshape the field of consumer electronics. Now, innovation is coming so rapidly that one in two consumers believes the smartphone...Read more

5050 Most Daring Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is about taking the right risks. In the following slides, we spotlight 50 entrepreneurs who took a leap in the past year--and who can inspire us all...Read more

HowHow Can You Lead A Team That Has More Experience Than You?

What’s the key to leading a team of more knowledgeable employees?

There comes a time in every leader’s career when you’re tasked with leading a team that has a lot more experience than you. More experience at the company, in the field, or simply more years on the job. Regardless, it can place leaders in a difficult position, especially for new leaders who are uncertain of how to empower a team that may not take them seriously. So how do you approach your employees in a way that lets them know you’re on their side?

Rachel Cooke is the founder of Lead Above Noise, whose mission is to empower leaders, catalyze performance and deliver business results. Through consulting and workshops, she ignites the activation of micro-changes...Read more

SmartSmart Leaders Focus on Execution First and Strategy Second

“We found the perfect strategy” ranks with “And they lived happily ever after” as a perpetual myth. A strategy is never excellent in and of itself; it is shaped, enhanced, or limited by implementation. Top leaders can provide the framework and tools for a team, but the game is won on the playing field. When a strategy looks brilliant, it’s because of the quality of execution. A dumb idea is the one you fumble in the field by missing critical details, like how customers would react or what competitors might change while you’re still picking up the ball.

In decades of teaching executives at Harvard Business School and interviewing CEOs for my research, I’ve observed that savvy leaders whose strategies succeed tend to focus on four implementation imperatives...Read more

How How Chatbots Save Time and Change How Business Gets Done

You've probably heard of the chatbot. In fact, you've probably used one, even if you didn't necessarily know it. Chatbots have taken over from mobile applications. They're the new hype in the tech world, and judging by the attention they've received, they're not likely to go anywhere anytime soon, as they're proving to be quite profitable tools.

In addition to increasing sales, cutting costs, and acting as integral members of your customer care, sales, marketing, HR, IT, and other teams...Read more

GSTGST could soon be in for the most comprehensive tweak since its launch

The goods and services tax could be in for a revamp that’s more comprehensive than the tweaks that have been made thus far to iron out kinks to make compliance less onerous. The GST Council has set up a new advisory group that includes industry representatives to look into such changes. Experts said these may apply to input credit apart from place of supply and valuation provisions.

The group will give its report to the law committee of the council by November 30. This will be reviewed by the committee and forwarded to the council for speedy action...Read more

WhatWhat 2017 Workplace Trends Mean for Senior Managers and Executives

Anywhere you look these days you’ll see Donald Trump.
Settling into his new job in his own inimitable way.
The Donald.
Cheeto Benito.

Whatever nickname feels cathartic for you, it’s hard to deny his impact on the global scene.

From climate change to foreign policy, to “fake news” and alternative facts, to trade and immigration, his indisputably erratic opinions and actions are likely to touch your life, your career, your team—and your company’s business this year...Read more

TheThe Unglamorous First Jobs of Successful People Such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos (Infographic)

While it would be convenient to inherit a family fortune, many successful entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos started from humble roots, working unglamorous day jobs to make their dreams a reality. From flipping hamburgers at McDonald’s to sweeping sweltering factory boiler rooms, even these billionaires know what it’s like to grind.

Whatever your day job may be, it’s important to use these experiences to learn the value of hard work and perseverance along the way. The ability to work through difficult situations while maintaining a sharp focus on your goals is a skill to be gleaned from even the dirtiest jobs...Read more

A Brief History of the Rapid Expansion of RPA

Various prominent technology analysts and publishers talk of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a completely new 'thing', 'trend', or 'wave'. The reality is: RPA truly is a methodology breakthrough in Business Process Automation (BPA).

This RPA breakthrough is not particularly arising from a new core technology, but from a group of collaborating technologies that are emerging in a robust and enterprise-grade set of vendor supplied systems.

With the use of RPA, other previously peripheral technologies such as Optical Character Recognition and Image Recognition seem to have found their way to the BPM space...Read more

TheThe Best Companies Know How to Balance Strategy and Purpose

Most companies have articulated their purpose — the reason they exist. But very few have made that purpose a reality for their organizations.

Consider Nokia. Before the iPhone was introduced, in 2007, Nokia was the dominant mobile phone maker with a clearly stated purpose — “Connecting people” — and an aggressive strategy for sustaining market dominance. Seeking to extend its technological edge (particularly in miniaturization), it acquired more than 100 startup companies while pursuing a vast portfolio of research and product development projects...Read more

#3 #3 Ways Shepreneurs Can Inspire Entrepreneurs of the Future

“Who runs the world? Girls!”

How far have we progressed on gender equality?

Do we value and trust our girls to an extent that they can actually rule the world by running businesses and working for professions that they were meant for?

Gender inequality still exists globally despite international measures to gap it. Gender inequality prevails in basic education, life expectancy, economic, social and political empowerment and opportunity. Usually cultures, conservative morals and shallow mentality leads to further inequality for women....Read more

FamiliesFamilies and Businesses: Preparing the family for a 'non-family CEO'

During my consultations, family business owners (FBOs) often speak to me about non-family CEOs in the business. When I look back at all such conversations, there are some common threads across all. These include the following thoughts expressed in a variety of polite and not-so-polite words: "you know how much we paid for a professional CEO? But he was ineffective"; "He came and wanted to take control of our business"; "He (always a he!) had no regard for the people who helped me when I started the company"; "He tried to create a wedge between me and my son"; "We were extremely patient with him but ultimately we had to let him go"...Read more

HowHow Offices Are Innovating To Improve Our Happiness, Productivity And Well Being

So let's consider the "future of work". According to Gallup's 2014 State of the Global Workplace report, 51% of workers said they weren't engaged with 17% saying they were actively disengaged. So what can improve these dismal stats and increase productivity and workplace happiness? The answer is office design. With the way we work changing, where we work needs to keep up. According to the authors of Ethonomics: Designing For The Principles Of The Modern Workplace, the slump in our offices solved by taking a different approach to design...Read more

ToTo Sound Like a Leader, Think About What You Say, and How and When You Say It

Nancy started her day feeling prepared to brief her executive team on a high-stakes project she had been working on for the past two months. She had rehearsed her slide deck repeatedly, to the point where she had every level of content practically memorized. She arrived at the meeting early and waited patiently, yet anxiously, for her part of the agenda. The meeting began, and within a few minutes Jack, one of the cochairs, asked her to brief the executives on her project and recommendations.

Nancy enthusiastically launched into her presentation, hitting every talking point that she had meticulously rehearsed. With a solid command of the material, she felt at the top of her game...Read more

AdaniAdani Transmission acquires RInfra WRSSS assets for Rs 1k cr

Adani Transmission today said it has completed acquisition of operational transmission assets of WRSS Schemes of Reliance Infra for Rs 1,000 crore.

In effect, its power-wheeling network crossed the 8,500 circuit km mark.

"Adani Transmission Ltd (ATL) attains a new milestone of 8,500 ckt kms (circuit kilometres) of transmission lines in operation by completing the acquisition of operational transmission assets of Western Region Strengthening System Schemes (WRSSS) - B and C of Reliance Infrastructure Limited (R-Infra)," an ATL statement said...Read more

EaseEase of Doing Business rankings: India makes highest-ever jump to rank 100 out of 190 countries

India jumped 30 spots to secure a place among the top-100 countries on World Bank's ease of doing business ranking list in 2018. With this year's performance, India became the first ever country to record highest jump in World Bank's ease of doing business ranking, said Finance Minister Arun Jaitley during a press conference on Tuesday.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley who addressed a press conference on Tuesday said, "Historically India has been in the rage of 130-140...Read more

IndiaIndia receives real estate investments worth $2.87 billion, a 100% jump

Real estate investments worth USD 2.87 billion poured into Indian cities of Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Delhi–NCR, Chennai and Hyderabad in the one year period ending June 2017, recording an almost 100 percent jump in investments, says a new report by Cushman & Wakefield.

These markets were able to attract capital based on strong economic drivers, acceleration in reforms, high yields and rapidly modernising business base. Of the total real estate investment received by the various cities of India, the largest share of over 55 percent came in from North America, while domestic and regional sources saw a decline in share of capital invested in India, it says...Read more

TheThe Three Altitudes of Leadership

High altitudes hold a special place in the history of human achievement. We remember Sir Edmund Hillary and Nepalese sherpa, Tenzing Norgay as the first climbers to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Other altitude pioneers include Russian cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, the first human to fly in outer space, and Neil Armstrong, the first person on the moon. More recently, in 2012, Austrian Felix Baumgartner skydived from a capsule at 127,000 feet.

In the world of leadership, altitudes are significant, too. However, the concern is much less about how high a leader can go, than about how he or she can seamlessly move between three distinct altitudes of leadership thinking...Read more

Innovation:Innovation: Do Your Innovative Initiatives Include… YOU?

In McKinsey Quarterly’s classic post, Leadership and Innovation, the authors tell us that research shows a gap between how much executives want to innovate and how well they can execute that innovation.

Innovation has become imperative for companies of all sizes – whether Fortune 500 or “mom and pop” businesses. Skilled leaders ask, “How can we provide something for our customers no one else can? How can our be processes more efficient than anyone else’s? How can we increase employee engagement so they think outside the box?”...Read more