Business leaders must learn to let go and give staff powerBusiness leaders must learn to let go and give staff power

Agile thinking, while not commonplace in UK boardrooms today, is expected to become the basis of the management practice of tomorrow.

The approach is already being taught on a number of management training courses. But outside academic spheres, it is also referred to under various other monikers ranging from customer centricity to faster, smarter and leaner.

This is about responding in a swift and imaginative way to the accelerating business change being brought about by technology and digitisation. But to do so frequently involves behaving in counter-intuitive and counter-cultural ways...Read more

4 Ways That, As an Entrepreneur, You Can Overcome That Troublesome 'Blind Spot'4 Ways That, As an Entrepreneur, You Can Overcome That Troublesome 'Blind Spot'

I recently had a scary near-miss: I was turning right on to a busy street, in the city where I live. So, I looked to my left, where a bus in the right lane was sputtering along, too slowly for traffic. And my brain assessed the situation:

That slow-moving bus means the right lane is free for me to go, I thought. Time to turn right. Right?

Surprise! As I slowly moved into traffic, some kid on a bike rode off the sidewalk -- and nearly hit the front of my car! No, wait a minute; let me rephrase that: I nearly hit that kid!..Read more

India Inc’s dream team for 2018India Inc’s dream team for 2018

The soft-spoken new chief knows InfosysBSE 0.00 % has to return to showing its innovation chops and market win rate for growth. At $8.5-billion in 2016-17, no. 4 Wipro is snapping at the heels of its $10.2-billion Bengaluru peer. Parekh has to navigate promoter sensibilities and many expect Infosys to clam up around his quiet persona in 2018.

At Capgemini, Parekh knew to beat TCS and Infosys by choosing the spaces he wants to operate in — forsaking blanket promises. He must integrate capabilities (technology and ops) before a customer — present a united face. It's really what Infy needs after the rocky Sikka stint. ..Read more

Welcome To the Warehouse of the Future

As e-commerce continues to revolutionize the way we shop, businesses are scrambling to keep pace by becoming more efficient, particularly when it comes to inventory and supply chain management.

Well, some companies are, anyway: According to the 2017 Wasp Barcode State of Small Business Report, 43 percent of small businesses don’t track their inventory, or use a manual process to do so...Read more

Take the best agile practices to suit your #businessTake the best agile practices to suit your business

In the new age of digital business, it is widely acknowledged that software runs the world. From cottage industry cake bakeries to oil rigs, software intelligence underpins and controls the flow of daily operations in every vertical.

If we accept this core truth, then can we now extend the methodologies used to construct software programs and apply them to business workflows? Specifically, can agile in code translate to agile in business?...Read more

This Entrepreneur Only Does What He Wants, and This Simple Philosophy Has Made His Business Worth Millions

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Gerard Adams sits down with Dollar Beard Club co-founder Chris Stoikos to talk about the importance of mindfulness and being present. The interview starts with Adams and Stoikos simply breathing deeply and encouraging viewers to do the same -- to be centered and focused on the interview itself rather than checking a smartphone or email...Read more

To Get People to Change, Make Change EasyTo Get People to Change, Make Change Easy

It is 9:00AM in our New York City office, and one of us (Jordan) stops by the fifth-floor kitchen to pick up a free piece of fruit — a healthy perk that Weight Watchers offers its employees. When he arrives, he faces a familiar sight: the bananas are already gone and only the oranges remain. When other hopefuls approach and find the bananas missing, they do not take a free orange. They just walk away. What is wrong with these people? Is there a subculture of orange haters lurking at Weight Watchers?

It turns out the answer is no. The other one of us (Tania) has observed this phenomenon in hundreds of companies across the country...Read more

Commercial flight nod for made-in-India planeCommercial flight nod for made-in-India plane

You may soon be flying regional routes on board a made-in-India aircraft. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has allowed Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL)-manufactured Dornier 228 to be used for civilian flights.

The 19-seater aircraft has, till now, been used by defence forces and is the first plane to be made in the country for commercial flights.

The DGCA has given type certification to this aircraft and also given certificate of airworthiness to HAL's Dornier 228. Now, HAL can sell this plane to airlines in India and it can be used by them for regional flights under the Modi's government's ambitious UDAN scheme, a senior aviation official said..Read more

5 Secrets to Success in Business 5 Secrets to Success in Business

I often wonder what the secret to success is. Especially when it comes to business. Because, at the end of the day, we're all in this struggle. A rat race, if you will. Constantly fighting an uphill battle. Often, we feel frustrated. Sometimes, defeated. But, what if I told you that the secrets to success in business aren't as complicated as many make them out to be?

Okay, coming from me, those words might not have the same impact. But, what if I told you that this information comes directly from two of the best salespeople on the planet? As a student of self-improvement, I've followed many of the world's most sought-after purveyors of success. Anthony Robbins, for one. He's definitely my hero. But, so is Zig Ziglar...Read more

Recycling our Infrastructure for Future Generations Recycling our Infrastructure for Future Generations

"Recycling our Infrastructure for Future Generations" takes a closer look at an emerging approach to financing new infrastructure, which is known as “Asset Recycling”.

Insight presented in this report demonstrates that Asset Recycling in infrastructure has the potential to significantly increase levels of investment and help close the financing gap. This is the result of creating alignment with long-term institutional investors that have a preference for built assets, notably pension funds...Read more

India on the Move: Banking on digitisation

On CNCBC-TV18's special show India on the Move, watch a panel discussion on digitisation, disruptive technologies, innovations and their impact on the banking sector in India...Read more

Innovation Generates Great Ideas, So Why Aren’t Companies Adopting Them?Open Innovation Generates Great Ideas, So Why Aren’t Companies Adopting Them?

Today, many companies see open innovation — a process for sharing knowledge and ideas with other organizations — as a core part of their strategy for developing new offerings. Examples include L’Oréal working with Renault on an electric “spa” concept car and auto-parts makers Delphi and Mobileye joining forces to produce an autonomous driving system. Many companies have found that such partnerships generate cost savings and creative insights.

Oddly, however, although both the depth and breadth of intercompany collaboration continues to increase, the actual adoption of the ideas developed this way does not seem to be rising at the same pace...Read more

How successful transformation can help grow the business empireHow successful transformation can help grow the business empire

Emerging as an Emperor It is said that with the era of digital disruption, two-thirds of the Fortune 500 companies will no longer exist. And this is what keeps the CEOs of most companies awake at night as they grapple to achieve the growth and ambitious targets set forth by their boards. What should they do to ensure that their companies not only remain relevant tomorrow, but take advantage of the digital opportunities?

Nearly every company today is embracing a transformation journey enabled by the convergence of technologies. These are strategic business transformation...Read more

Drucker’s consulting model was to ask questionsDrucker’s consulting model was to ask questions

True, Drucker was an acknowledged genius. Most consultants are thought to be and frequently termed “very smart,” a “good communicator,” “charismatic,” “an innovator,” or perhaps “a born salesperson.” But Drucker was a genius. Period.

Probably this in itself caused differences in Drucker’s approach to carrying out the function of consulting in a certain way, but there is more. Most very successful singleton consultants seem to partner, hire associates, and other employees. In short, they expand. It was a fact noticed by others looking at Drucker’s consulting practice that he did not expand. Look at...Read more

The 4 Kinds of Leaders Who Create the FutureThe 4 Kinds of Leaders Who Create the Future

Alan Kay, the educator and computer designer, famously declared, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” But what does it take to invent the future in such a turbulent and uncertain world? How do successful organizations build on their history, even as they craft a new point of view about what comes next? How do established brands stay true to their original promise, while also making themselves relevant to new customers with different values and preferences? How can accomplished executives be sure that all they know — their hard-earned wisdom and expertise — doesn’t limit what they can imagine?

These are the questions that separate organizations and leaders whose best years are ahead of them from those stuck in the past. I’ve made it a point, in research for my books and my HBR contributions, to pay close attention to leaders who seem energized by these questions rather than paralyzed by them...Read more

Ola acquires Foodpanda's India business Ola acquires Foodpanda's India business

Ride hailing unicorn Ola has acquired the India operations of food delivery startup Foodpanda from parent Delivery Hero in an all-stock deal, with a commitment to invest about $200 million more. This is Ola’s second try at building a food delivery business after it shut down Ola Cafe, the food delivery vertical and Ola Store, a hyperlocal grocery delivery service, in 2016.

Foodpanda India head Saurabh Kochhar has also resigned from the company with Pranay Jivrajika, founding partner at Ola, taking over the reins at Foodpanda. Jivrajika will act as the interim chief executive at Foodpanda India...Read more

Power2SME , TiE Delhi NCR announce 5 winners for 'Spirit of Manufacturing Awards 2017'Power2SME,TiE Delhi NCR announce 5 winners for 'Spirit of Manufacturing Awards 2017'

If things are to be believed, Indian manufacturing is all set to not just bring laurels to the nation, but also setting inspirational international standards for themselves. Celebrating this very zeal to make in India, Power2SME in collaboration with TiE Delhi-NCR held the Spirit of Manufacturing awards on Friday at the annual TiE Con event.

Held in New Delhi, the chief guest for the event was Hansraj Ahir, MoS, Ministry of Home Affairs. He mentioned, "There is no dearth of talent in the country. More employment by way of industries is the way forward. We have the raw materials and resources in the country. Without much ado we need to utilise them now."...Read more

The Five Principles Of Leadership ImprovThe Five Principles Of Leadership Improv

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “The world belongs to the energetic.” While true, in our volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous world, it may be even more true that “the world belongs to the most agile.” Our ability to learn on the fly and deliver in first-time conditions has never been more critical. I marvel at clients who can flex, adapt and perform in new and novel situations. Like that, I also deeply admire comedians adept at improvisation, who can seemingly create out of the unexpected, the new and the different. Fascinated by improv, I have studied it at a distance for years trying to understand how it works and often reflected: Is there a process here or does it just depend on lightning fast out-of-the-box comedic thinkers? Are there connections between improv and the change agility needed by leaders today?...Read more

Productivity Is Rising If You Know Where to LookProductivity Is Rising If You Know Where to Look

Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers recently lamented that “poor prospects for sustained rapid growth are not surprising given the economy’s weak foundation. Despite record-low capital costs and abundant corporate cash as inducements to investment, productivity growth has been slow.”

He has a point. Nonfarm productivity over the last five years has expanded at an annual rate of just 0.8 percent, a pace almost without precedent. Yet, weak productivity growth isn't guaranteed to continue to be feeble and recent evidence presents reasons for optimism.Recent productivity growth has probably been understated because gross domestic product has a tendency to be revised up much more than hours worked. Trying to square strong growth in hours worked with weak output growth has been common since 2009...Read more

Converting air to water: Small companies make great strides in water generation Converting air to water: Small companies make great strides in water generation

We know that electricity can be created from sunlight and coal can be made from wood. But, now it is possible to get water from thin air on a scale that can make a real difference. Water is not a commodity yet, but it may soon be, so here is what may help when society hits that stumbling block.

The magic begins One such company, Akvo, has come up with a generator that can create water out of the atmosphere by condensing moisture."In a winter morning, you may see dew on your car. We are trying to replicate that very natural condensation process; of converting the moisture in the air into potable drinking water...Read more

If You Aspire to Be a Great #Leader, Be PresentIf You Aspire to Be a Great Leader, Be Present

Some years ago, we worked with a director of a multinational pharma company who’d been receiving poor grades for engagement and leadership effectiveness. Although he tried to change, nothing seemed to work. As his frustration grew, he started tracking the time he spent with each of his direct reports — and every time he received bad feedback, he pulled out his data and exclaimed, ”But look how much time I spend with everyone!”

Things improved when he began a daily 10-minute mindfulness practice. After a couple of months, people found him more engaging, nicer to work with, and more inspiring. He was surprised and elated by the results...Read more

Deliver Better Value To Your Customers Through Business TransformationDeliver Better Value To Your Customers Through Business Transformation

Changing customers are driving significant changes in all the businesses around us, be they of any shape and size. Technology has been the enabler in transforming both— the customer and business.

Customers have access to information like never before. They’ve got a voice online and the ability to create ripples. This empowered customer is the reason businesses have to up their game and deliver stupendous service in whatever they do. Organisations cannot afford to disappoint their customers and set in motion a cascading set of events leading to the weakening of business prospects. This has led to the creation of bi-modal technology platforms—the core systems which tend to be slow and stable and consumer engagement systems which are agile and light...Read more

7 Little Habits That Are Killing Your Productivity

How much are you getting done at work? In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Brian Tracy cites a study that the average employee spends about three hours at the office on non-work-related activities every day. You might not even realize how much time you or your employees are wasting on a daily basis, because that time can slip away in all sorts of little habits...Read more

TheThe One Thing All Leaders Struggle With (And Need The Most)

What’s the one trait most leaders need to succeed, but few prioritize?

Leadership is often associated with certain words: ‘strength’, ‘vision’, and ‘power’, to name a few. These days, leadership has evolved beyond these archaic associations, as successful startups and entrepreneurs revolutionize workplace environments. So what is the one element all of these organizations have in common? What is it about their leaders that creates a drama-free environment?...Read more

Business Innovation

Business innovation is an organization's process for introducing new ideas, workflows, methodologies, services or products.

Like IT innovation, which calls for using technology in new ways to create a more efficient and agile organization, business innovation should enable the achievement of goals across the entire organization, with sights set on accomplishing core business aims and initiatives. Innovation often begins with idea generation, wherein ideas are narrowed down during brainstorming sessions, after which leaders consider the business viability, feasibility and desirability...Read more

77 Reasons Being Vulnerable Makes Better Leaders

Although this is changing, there are still leaders today who are afraid to let their guard down, share their feelings and admit that they don’t have all the answers. The pace of change is accelerating so quickly, that it is impossible for one person at the top to have all the answers. Leaders need to rely upon the people around them for knowledge, answers to difficult problems and support. The only way to survive and thrive in today’s workforce is to have all hands on deck. Old myths, misconceptions and fears die hard. One of those myths is that vulnerability is a sign of weakness and that a leader who shows vulnerability will lose the respect of his colleagues. Nothing could be further from the truth as it has been shown that leaders who can be vulnerable create healthier, more effective workplaces...Read more

HarnessingHarnessing artificial intelligence for development

Many of the worst problems of developing countries in health, education and financial inclusion are caused by unavailability of skilled professionals: doctors, teachers and bank officers, particularly in rural areas. There are obvious reasons for this shortage: it’s costly to train experts and they naturally prefer the highest-paying jobs in cities. Furthermore, the countryside has other scarcities in infrastructure, equipment and documentation which make it difficult to deliver amenities.

In recent decades, information and communication technology has become a powerful tool to deliver affordable facilities to the poor. The rapidly falling cost of computing hardware has allowed developing countries to leapfrog older technology...Read more

IndiaIndia to auction 5GW offshore wind projects in 2018

Power and New & Renewable Energy Minister R K Singh today said the government plans to auction 5 gigawatt (GW) offshore wind power capacities next year.

The proposed bidding would be the first in the offshore wind power category.

He also exuded confidence that the country will surpass its target of having 175 GW renewable energy capacity by 2022, taking it to 200 GW.

"We would not only achieve the target of having 175 GW renewable energy capacity by 2022 but would surpass that and have at least 200 GW by then," Singh said addressing National Energy Conservation Day function here...Read more

#3 Major Lessons for Aspiring Entrepreneurs in India#3 Major Lessons for Aspiring Entrepreneurs in India

Lesson 1

How to Hire Senior-level Employees and Retain Them?

At the seed stage, I implemented a four-day visit programme for prospective recruits after the interview round. It was a trial period where we checked the efficiency of an individual.

It informed me how suited and compatible he is for the relevant job. A person may be well-qualified for a certain work but there are more important things like his passion for new work, and his way of looking at related tasks. This process removes the uneasiness...Read more

The One Thing All Leaders Struggle With (And Need The Most)

What’s the one trait most leaders need to succeed, but few prioritize?

Leadership is often associated with certain words: ‘strength’, ‘vision’, and ‘power’, to name a few. These days, leadership has evolved beyond these archaic associations, as successful startups and entrepreneurs revolutionize workplace environments. So what is the one element all of these organizations have in common? What is it about their leaders that creates a drama-free environment?

Dr. Nate Regier is a former practicing psychologist and the cofounder and CEO of Next Element, a global advisory firm specializing in building cultures of compassionate accountability...Read more

Indian manufacturing: More dynamic in the face of challenges Indian manufacturing: More dynamic in the face of challenges

We have heard much about 'Make in India', but have you ever wondered what is really being made in India and who are doing it? Well, the good news is that the hard phase that Indian manufacturing found itself last year seems to be fading, paving the way for a hopeful future.

The manufacturing uptick Things have been looking positive for the Indian manufacturing sector as the Government has looked to make India the next manufacturing destination in the world. There has been success with the likes of Chinese smartphone-maker Xiaomi setting up its second manufacturing unit in partnership with Taiwanese electronics major Foxconn in Andhra Pradesh...Read more

ImpactImpact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Supply Chains

Disruptive technologies are transforming all end-to-end steps in production and business models in most sectors of the economy. The products that consumers demand, factory processes and footprints, and the management of global supply chains are being re-shaped to an unprecedented degree and at unprecedented pace. Industry leaders who were consulted believe that new technological solutions heralded by the Fourth Industrial Revolution – such as advanced robotics, autonomous systems and additive manufacturing – will revolutionize traditional ways of creating value. As the costs of deploying technology continue to fall, international differentials in labour costs will no longer be a decisive factor in choosing the location of production...Read more

FRDIFRDI Bill 2017: Banks to bear higher deposit insurance cost

When it rains, it pours. The old adage seems so true for the pin stripped bankers. The digitization threat from Fintechs is already costing them a bomb. The deteriorating asset quality has almost made (at least some of) them penniless. The schemes like Jan Dhan (zero balance account) are adding to their cost woes. And if that was not enough, the controversy over the new Financial Resolution Deposit Insurance Bill for not specifying the deposit insurance amount has created yet another room for bankers to bear higher cost...Read more

FourFour Leadership Traits Every CEO Needs

What makes some CEOs successful? The stereotypical view—often promoted in glowing media profiles of Fortune 500 icons—is that these leaders are charismatic, armed with Ivy League degrees, and larger than life. That impression of perfection is both superficial and wrong, according to Elena Lytkina Botelho WG99, a consultant at ghSMART, a Chicago-based management consulting firm. After a 10-year study that examined more than 2,000 CEOs and 17,000 executives, Botelho and her colleagues found that successful CEOs share four behavioral attributes that are often overlooked because they’re not particularly glamorous...Read more


TooToo Many Experts Can Hurt Your Innovation Projects

If you need an appendectomy, call a surgeon. But if you’re seeking a CEO for a surgical device company, an MD may not be your best choice.

To be sure, entrepreneurs in highly specialized and technical industries need the knowledge that only users (doctors, lawyers, engineers, and the like) can provide. Doctors understand what other doctors will value in a new product; lawyers know what other lawyers need. But you can have too much of a good thing — including input from such experts. In fact, my colleagues and I have found that innovation thrives when expert users make up about 40% of an invention team. Any less and the company will lose sight of what its customers need; any more and the group will tend to converge on old ideas...Read more

AmeeraAmeera Shah launches Empoweress to empower women entrepreneurs

While theoretically gender should have nothing to do with becoming a successful entrepreneur, the practical reality in a country like India is that successful male entrepreneurs far outnumber their female peers. The reasons for this is largely systemic. According to Ameera Shah, MD and promoter of Metropolis Healthcare, girls in India are still brought up in a cocooned environment by their families and trained to be risk-averse. To the contrary, boys are encouraged to go out and get their hands dirty. When they grow up, this conditioning cascades into men developing a keener entrepreneurial spirit than women, as entrepreneurship is all about “living with uncertainty”, says Shah...Read more

HowHow CEOs can reinvent themselves in the age of great disruption

He's steadfast. Approachable. Understated. Calm. Puts team in the front. Has great cultural fit. In the past one week, since the announcement that Salil S Parekh will be the next CEO and MD of Infosys, he has been labelled with these qualities and more. When Parekh was chosen as the next in an illustrious line to lead the IT services giant, the company was said to be looking for a sheet anchor in these turbulent times.

"Parekh will come in to reinvigorate the company. His task is to drive change without ruffling too many feathers," says an Infosys watcher. After Vishal Sikka's extravagance, flamboyance and product specialisation, Infosys seems to have betted on inverse traits in the selection of Parekh. "Parekh brings assurance, stability and cultural fitment...Read more

TheThe New CEO Activists

When we first started studying CEO activism, three years ago, we never imagined how significant this phenomenon would become. At the time a small but growing band of executives were taking public stands on political and social issues unrelated to their companies’ bottom lines. Since then, controversies over laws affecting transgender people in North Carolina, police shootings in Missouri, and executive orders on immigration have drawn increasing numbers of CEOs into contentious public debates. More recently, the White House’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, response to the clash between white supremacists and counterprotesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, and decision to rescind Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals have galvanized many U.S. corporate leaders to speak out and take action....Read more

KeepingKeeping Your Team Innovative Requires Leadership Finesse

Although often draped in HR-y words like “retention,” the success of your team is entirely in your hands. Their ability to execute on your vision is a choice that you make, and knowing how to leverage their strengths based on who they are will revolutionize your approach to leading your team.

The Challenge
I count myself among a growing group of entrepreneurial CEOs. We work crazy hours, want to create constantly and are eager to solve problems....Read more

WillWill free up enough spectrum to make India 5G ready

Telecom minister Manoj Sinha said the government would see to it that there is no spectrum shortage to ensure India does not lag behind the rest of the world in launching 5G services, especially at a time when the country is seeing an unprecendented surge in data consumption.

Addressing delegates at the ET Telecom 5G Congress on Friday, Sinha said the new telecom policy would be suitably aligned to ensure India is 5G ready and in sync with the world's top telecom markets...Read more


WhenWhen Every Leader Promises to Change the World, How Can We Tell Who Will Leave Us Better Off?

Some bosses are all Id. A bundle of impulses in a suit — if they can keep the suit on — whose only predictable trait is their irrationality. We use all kinds of names for managers like that: Nutter. Ticking bomb. Predator. Moron.

We resent them. We denounce them. But we also follow, and even admire them. Or enough of us do that they manage to rise to, and stay in, power.

Those leaders are not just controversial. They are fundamentally anti-social. They hurt people, often impulsively, and then call it “authenticity.”...Read more

DataData Driven Cities: 20 Stories of Innovation

The need for cities to fully harness the potential of data constantly flowing through them has never been more urgent. Data Driven Cities: 20 Stories of Innovation, highlights examples from around the world of how cities are doing exactly this: using new technology, data collection and analysis to improve services and liveability for their citizens. The report is part of a wider initiative by the World Economic Forum to empower city leadership in employing 4IR technology to improve the urban experience and using data to define and measure their preparedness for the transformation of the 4th Industrial Revolution...Read more

ForbesForbes India CEO Dialogues: Taking a professional turn in Indian family businesses

India has a unique entrepreneurial ecosystem with several commercial enterprises still owned and managed by business families. Globally, however, while most businesses began as entrepreneurial pursuits of individuals and their families, many of these, especially in the US and Europe, have transformed into widely held and professionally managed corporations over time.

In India too, a similar transformation is under way and it is hard to miss. As ventures grow in size and make their foray into international markets, many promoters are bringing in professionals from outside to work in tandem with the current generation of business families...Read more

WomenWomen Entrepreneurs in India: Emerging Issues and Challenges

Indian women are no longer restricted to being homemakers, that condescending and rather patronizing ‘vocation’ thrust upon them. They have become newsmakers too in pretty much every aspect of society be it art, education, politics or business.

The impact of globalization and its subsequent riches are being indulged in as competitively as the menfolk in the country...Read more

EuropeanEuropean Process Excellence Strategy Report 2018

Europe is a hub to some of the most successful companies in the world. In order to remain competitive and relevant, companies need to align their process improvement with senior level business strategy.

Ahead of Process Excellence Europe Spring in London (16-18 April, 2018), the PEX Network surveyed hundreds of European process improvement and operational excellence professionals, to create this special regional report. We reveal the key strategic trends for businesses across the continent and explore how organizations around the world are approaching process excellence to meet their commercial goals...Read more

DespiteDespite steady rise in FDI inflow to India, it is only 2% of global total

Although foreign direct investment inflow to India is rising at a steady pace, the total inflow of foreign funds to establish business operations and acquire assets in India is very small when compared to other large economies. Here's a look at the figures...Read more

1010 Strategies for Entrepreneurs Dealing With Failure

Failure, for entrepreneurs, is inevitable. This might come in the form of small losses, like losing an important deal to a competitor, or in big ones, like being unable to make payroll.

The best entrepreneurs, however, are not defined by these failures but rather by how they deal with them. Navigating difficult situations both externally and internally is crucial to being a successful entrepreneur...Read more

TheThe Duality Of Balanced Leadership

From the leadership positions I’ve held, I’ve learned that folks generally relate to one or the other end of the leadership spectrum: either viewing the leader as one who commands and motivates from a distance, or as one who serves as an up close and personal coach. But I would say neither presents a complete view.

Outstanding leadership finds a way to integrate both perspectives. People being led need to have a sense of the direction, vision, context, and goal for whatever is to be achieved. At the same time...Read more

WhyWhy do family businesses disintegrate?

Poor succession planning, lack of trusted advisers, family conflict, different visions between generations, lack of financial education for children are some of the major reasons why 70 percent of the family-owned businesses fail or are sold before they are passed on to the second generation and almost 90 percent don’t make it to the third generation. Great wealth is a privilege and without a sense of stewardship and obligation, many rich descendants fall prey to ennui and boredom, failing to safeguard the family wealth or treat the business with respect which leads into disintegration of many family businesses...Read more

WhyWhy Middle Managers, Rather Than Senior Leaders, Should Initiate Organizational Change

Conventional wisdom would have it that the best people to instigate change in a business are those at the top – senior management. They have the birds-eye view – they can see what needs to happen from a strategic perspective and how all the different factions of the business fit together. It just makes sense that bosses start the change process and get others further down the food-chain to dance to their tune. Makes sense, right? Well, perhaps it’s not that simple...Read more

HowHow to Navigate the Politics of an Innovation Project

She’d come up with the idea of revamping the company’s inventory management approach by networking together “sleeping” resources. Specifically, she proposed a system that tracked the real-time inventory needs and usage of business units worldwide, located unused inventory in each unit, and arranged delivery of that inventory to where it was needed. The innovation would boost efficiency by taking the excess inventory of one business unit and shipping it to units that had deficits, thereby reducing inventory-carrying costs companywide...Read more

Here'sHere's What Entrepreneurs Should Not Do While Starting up

Over 90 per cent startups fail every year in India, a country well recognized for being the third largest ecosystem in the world.

Lack of innovation, non-availability of skilled workforce, insufficient funding and lack of unique ideas are reasons widely known and established. The pertinent question, however, is how to cut down on risk factors of these enterprises...Read more

ChangeChange Your Leaders To Change Your Culture

How would you describe the culture of your organization? Some might say, “It’s the smell of the place,” or, “It’s how things are done around here.” Research done on culture and organizational performance by Kotter and Heskett defines culture as “…gained knowledge, explanations, values, beliefs, communication and behaviors...Read more

#5#5 Ways to Produce Efficient Entrepreneurs By Changing the Way we Teach

Education is the foundation of a generation’s successful future. Regardless of the existing, outdated education system in schools and other institutions, the transformation of the system into one that can adapt to the future is imminent. The numerous inefficiencies that make up the current educational environment make it nearly impossible to bring forth the necessary reinforcements...Read more

88 Tough Questions to Ask About Your Company’s Strategy

Companies often fail to address the tough questions about strategy and execution: Are we really clear, as a leadership team, about how we choose to create value in the marketplace? Can we articulate the few things the organization needs to do better than anyone else in order to deliver on that value proposition? Are we investing in those areas, and do they fit with most of the products and services we sell?...Read more