How the Best CEOs Get the Important Work DoneHow the Best CEOs Get the Important Work Done

If you’re a chief executive officer, your job is to execute. It’s written right into your title. But what does it mean, in terms of daily tasks, to be the company’s top “executer?” After all, CEOs don’t actually build factories or sell products.

It’s tempting, therefore, to view the CEO as primarily a thinker; someone who mulls and shapes strategy. That is a part of the CEO’s job, of course. But the best CEOs know that strategy is just theory unless it’s actually translated into frontline routines―unless the rest of the company actually is executing the strategy.

The CEO’s job is to make sure that happens. The best CEOs focus primarily on four things: communication, communication, communication, and overseeing resource allocation to ensure that the priorities they’re communicating are actually the ones getting funded...Read more

Google in talks with government to partner for Aadhaar, UPI: Caesar Sengupta, Vice President, Next billion users at GoogleGoogle in talks with government to partner for Aadhaar, UPI: Caesar Sengupta, Vice President, Next billion users at Google

Search giant Google is excited about partnering with the government on its Aadhaar and UPI (Unified Payments Interface) programmes and is discussing propositions that the two innovations can open up for them. Caesar Sengupta ,vice-president, next billion users at Google, in an interview with ET’s Neha Alawadhi, Surabhi Agarwal & Gulveen Aulakh said the public Wi-Fi programme entails some challenges but it is being extended to malls and public spaces. The company is also in talks with telcos to front-end the Wi-Fi project, as it complements the latter’s data driving strategy. Edited excerpts:..Read more

Put passion into your pocket when you argue

Passion may hurt you more than help you in your next argument.

That’s a conclusion of new research into persuasion by a pair of university academics and reported by Shankar Vedantam of NPR. Passion, often highly prized by leaders, may actually work against that leader if he or she is trying to reach out to someone who may not agree with them...Read more

Patanjali's Rs 1,600-cr food park coming up in Uttar PradeshPatanjali's Rs 1,600-cr food park coming up in Uttar Pradesh

Patanjali Ayurved, promoted by televangelist Ramdev, may announce an investment of Rs 1,600 crore shortly for setting up a herbal food park in Noida in election-bound Uttar Pradesh to meet its domestic as well as global demand.

“It is almost finalised now. You may see an announcement by Patanjali Ayurved for an investment of around Rs 1,600 crore in Noida to set up a food processing plant around Diwali,” a senior UP government official privy to the development said.

“As far as investments in the state are concerned, the UP government is fair and transparent in promoting industrialisation, which will create jobs.” There was speculation that Patanjali will announce its investment in UP after the Assembly polls in March next year...Read more

Flying cars could be reality by 2018

This sleek twin-seater car can be transformed into an aeroplane at the push of a button.

Though many have been prototyping with the idea, AeroMobil, a Slovakian company's latest vehicle, could be the first flying car to be made commercially available...Read more

Wipro Consumer Care to buy Chinese FMCG firm Zhongshan Ma Er Daily ProductsWipro Consumer Care to buy Chinese FMCG firm Zhongshan Ma Er Daily Products

Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting (WCCL) on Thursday said its Singapore arm is set to acquire Chinese FMCG company Zhongshan Ma Er Daily Products Ltd for an undisclosed amount. The all-cash deal is expected to boost WCCL’s business in South China’s personal care market, besides ramping up its bath-and-shower and fabric wash categories.

Zhongshan Ma Er, the family-run business based in Zhongshan in China’s Guangdong province, has a current revenue run rate of $75 million, WCCL said while announcing the acquisition, adding that the deal is expected to close by end of October...Read more

Time for auto dealers to brace disruptionTime for auto dealers to brace disruption

NEW DELHI: The automotive retail landscape is in for transformation as the significant digital penetration and growing market will compel the dealer fraternity to overhaul its business model to stay viable.

he key message shared at ET Auto Retail Forum 2016 was that the entire business model of vehicle distribution will see a paradigm shift, with brick and mortar showrooms giving way to virtual showrooms led by digital transformation and smart phone penetration...Read more

Food services industry set to reach $77 bn by 2021: ReportFood services industry set to reach $77 bn by 2021: Report

Country's food services industry is expected to touch $77 billion (about Rs 4,98,130 crore) by 2021, growing at an annual rate of 10 per cent, a recent report said.

In 2016, the food services market is expected to be at Rs 3,09,110 crore, where the unorganised sector will account for 67 per cent share with an estimated size of Rs 2,07,635 crore, National Restaurant Association of India said ine report.

However, unorganised market is expected to fall to 59 per cent by 2021, the India Food Services Report said...Read more

The Businesses That Platforms Are Actually DisruptingThe Businesses That Platforms Are Actually Disrupting

Platforms are all the rage these days. Powered by online technologies, they are sweeping across the economic landscape, striking down companies large and small. Uber’s global assault on the taxi industry is well known. Many platforms, some household names and others laboring in obscurity, are doing the same in other sectors.

Surveying these changes, you might conclude that if your business isn’t a platform, you had better worry that one is coming your way. Everyone from automakers to plumbers should count their days as traditional businesses. And maybe you should jump on the platform bandwagon too. If it worked for Airbnb, why not you?..Read more

Pay digitally without internet connectionPay digitally without internet connection

Sound waves are emerging as a potential game-changer for digital payments. The technology is making financial transactions possible between devices without the need for internet connectivity or communication tools such as NFC, widening the scope for digital payments. J Vignesh gives a lowdown on how the technology works:

How can you pay with sound? You can use a mobile app equipped with sound-based payments technology to make purchases at a store by placing your phone near the merchant's device. The app has to be linked to your bank or credit card accounts or digital wallets. The transaction happens over sound waves. Bengaluru-based ToneTag and UltraCash have developed sound-based payments technology that function independently or can be integrated with the platforms of banks or digital wallets...Read more

How can I evaluate my leadership performance?

The Young Entrepreneur Council is an invite-only organization composed of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC launched BusinessCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. Read previous SmartBrief posts by YEC...Read more

The 5 Models of Family Business OwnershipThe 5 Models of Family Business Ownership

One of the first questions we ask clients is, “How do you own your family business?” Often the response is legalistic: “We are a limited liability company” or “Our shares are held in trust.” This information is essential, of course, but it leaves unanswered the more fundamental questions: “In your family business system, who gets to be an owner? And what, precisely, does ownership mean to you?”...Read more

Inside the minds of venture investorsInside the minds of venture investors

A man is known by the company he keeps. It is an old saying, and pardon me, the gender is only incidental. Today a company, particularly, is known by the investor it has. Several studies have shown the value addition provided by early stage venture investors in the startups they invest in. There are also differences between investors—the extent of value addition made by top quartile investors is perceived to be higher. Therefore, the entrepreneurs and venture founders flock to the top investors and are keen to obtain investment from them. As capital providers, venture investors face the problem of plenty as they receive investment proposals by the hundreds, while they can invest in just a handful...Read more

Cabinet clears merger of Railways and Union Budgets

NEW DELHI: In a sweeping recast of India's annual budget process, the government ended the 92-year-old practice of having a separate rail budget, giving the embattled organisation political space to work below the radar and implement the massive reforms needed to turn it around. The union cabinet also approved finance ministry's proposal to advance the general budget's presentation by a month from the end of February...Read more

The Fabulous and the InnovativeThe Fabulous and the Innovative

In the universe of companies, there are those that follow the tried-and-tested path towards acquiring scale, growth and profitability. And then there are some that have dared to be different, taken bets and stood by them, and created enormous value in the process. Forbes Asia’s annual listing of the Fabulous 50 companies is made up of such corporate stars in the Asia-Pacific region. Drawn from a pool of over 1,500 public companies with annual revenues of at least $1.7 billion, these companies are measured against several parameters—profitability, shareholding pattern, debt ratio and many more—before the final 50 ‘fabulous’ companies are arrived at. This year’s Fab 50 list sees a sparkling debut, that of Alibaba. With the highest market value ($242.5 billion), and outperforming the rest on many other parameters as well, Alibaba comes in after being publicly listed for at least a year. China contributes the highest number of companies (22), but is down three since 2015...Read more

Digital Strategy

Oil and gas companies were pioneers of the first digital age in the 1980s and 1990s. Long before phrases such as big data, advanced analytics and the Internet of Things became popular, oil executives were making use of 3-D seismic, linear program modelling of refineries, and advanced process control for operations...Read more

Innovators: Are You a Challenger or a Defender?

Today’s most groundbreaking companies challenge established markets and competitors with innovations that dislocate and reinvent entire industries. These companies set new standards for customer experience, quality, functionality, and service, and incumbents must skillfully manage their business and customers in order to compete...Read more

7 Surprising Innovations7 Surprising Innovations For The Future Of Computing

Moore’s Law posits that the number of transistors on a microprocessor — and therefore their computing power — will double every two years. It’s held true since Gordon Moore came up with it in 1965, but its imminent end has been predicted for years. As long ago as 2000, the MIT Technology Review raised a warning about the limits of how small and fast silicon technology can get.

The thing is, Moore’s Law isn’t really a law. It’s more of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Moore didn’t describe an immutable truth, like gravity or the conservation of momentum. He simply set our expectations, and lo, the chip makers delivered accordingly.

In fact, the industry keeps finding new ways to pack more power onto tinier chips. Unfortunately, they haven’t found ways to cut costs on the same exponential curve. As Fast Company reported in February 2016, the worldwide semiconductor industry is no longer planning to base its R&D plans for silicon chips around the notion of doubling their power every two years, because it simply can’t afford to keep up that pace in purchasing the incredibly complex manufacturing tools and processes necessary...Read more

The science of improvingThe science of improving your work life

Whether you’re working at your dream job or you’ve been plotting your escape for months, chances are that you’ve experienced your fair share of days that simply can’t end soon enough. From snarky colleagues to grim commutes, the possibilities for our working day taking a wrong turn are seemingly endless, and what’s more obvious remedies aren’t always in sight. Thankfully then, Caroline Webb, CEO of Sevenshift, an advisory firm focused on performance in the workplace, and a senior advisor to McKinsey, has put together a guide for improving our work life with her new book How to Have a Good Day.

Drawing upon extensive research in the fields of neuroscience, behavioral economics and psychology, Webb draws out key lessons on how we can make our work smarter, productive and ultimately more satisfying. In this interview, she introduces CKGSB Knowledge to some of the main takeaways. Excerpts..Read more

Greenko to buy SunEdison’s Indian portfolio for $315 millionGreenko to buy SunEdison’s Indian portfolio for $315 million

The sun is finally setting on SunEdison in India. The US company that started the solar power frenzy around the world and especially in India with super high growth projections and super low tariff bids for new projects before it went belly up earlier this year and filed for bankruptcy, is all set to sell its entire Indian portfolio to Greenko, said multiple sources aware of the development.

Hyderabad-headquartered Greenko Energy Holdings, the hottest Indian green energy company among global investors, has piped UK private equity Actis-backed renewable platform Ostro Energy to strike the deal after months of negotiations, they said...Read more

RCom-Aircel deal: Consolidation begins but concerns remain

Given the impending turf war in the Indian telecom sector following the launch of Reliance Jio—the Reliance Industries-owned telecom service provider that is offering free voice calls and rock-bottom 4G data tariffs—experts are unanimous that consolidation is the only way for some incumbent telcos, especially those at the bottom of the pack, to survive in the cut-throat Indian market...Read more

The More You Energize Your Coworkers, the Better Everyone PerformsThe More You Energize Your Coworkers, the Better Everyone Performs

How much energy do you have at work? Do you feel invigorated and engaged or down and disengaged? Either way, the reason might be your coworkers: They are infecting you with their energy, positive or negative.

We “catch” energy through our interactions with people – something called “relational energy”— and it affects our performance at work. This is what my colleagues Bradley Owens, Dana Sumpter, Kim Cameron, and I learned in an article we published earlier this year. We were motivated to do this research because energy is a vital personal and organizational resource, but research on the sources of energy have neglected a source that everyone experiences in everyday life — our relationships with others. In a series of four empirical studies, we sought to establish relational energy as a valid scientific construct and evaluate its impact on employee engagement and job performance...Read more

The More You Energize Your Coworkers, the Better Everyone Performs6 Things Every Organization Needs To Innovate

Take a look at any successful enterprise and you’ll find innovation at its core. That was just as true a hundred years ago when Henry Ford perfected the assembly line as it is today, when modern day giants like Elon Musk bring cutting edge technology to market. Innovation, as I’ve written before, is how people come up with novel solutions to important problems.

The tricky part is that every organization faces different types of challenges. Some, like Intel, focus on improving old technologies, while others, like MD Anderson Cancer Center, strive to make fundamental new discoveries. There are also those that innovate business models, marketing campaigns and many other things...Read more

How well do you handle long-term adversity?How well do you handle long-term adversity?

SmartPulse -- our weekly nonscientific reader poll in SmartBrief on Leadership -- tracks feedback from more than 210,000 business leaders. We run the poll question each week in our e-newsletter.

How well do you handle long-term adversity?

Extremely well -- I can thrive through years of adversity: 15%

Very well -- I can manage through prolonged adversity: 39%...Read more

Go Disrupt YourselfGo Disrupt Yourself

Last week, as I am wont to do, I jetted over to London for 36 hours to interview the CEO of a multinational company. We discussed the universal topic that is both the greatest fear and the greatest imperative for companies that have become accustomed to a dominant role on the world stage — disruption. And he said something that, at first, struck me as a glib throwaway line: He likened the attempts of established, giant companies trying to take on upstart competitors by reinventing their own modus operandi to “changing the engine on an airplane while the plane is flying.”

Still, when you ponder a glib throwaway line, you can often uncover something profound. That became evident the next day as my return flight hurtled across the Atlantic at 500 miles per hour while battling a stiff headwind...Read more

Jugnoo: Where interns are encouraged to be intrapreneursJugnoo: Where interns are encouraged to be intrapreneurs

MUMBAI: Jugnoo is a startup with a difference for those seeking a rewarding internship experience. The Chandigarh-based autorickshaw aggregator encourages a culture of intrapreneurship among those who come on board as interns as much as its employees.

CEO Samar Singla told ET that ever since its inception in November 2014, the company has encouraged interns to make use of their entrepreneurial attributes. He said he has been keeping a close watch on projects assigned to interns and implementing some of their ideas and innovation in the company's daily operations...Read more

Dhunseri, Indorama completes formation of equal joint venture

KOLKATA: City-based Dhunseri Petrochem Ltd on Monday said it has completed formation of an equal joint venture with Thailand's Indorama Group — which aims to create a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resins behemoth. The partners will manufacture 7,00,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) of PET for the Indian market and exports, making them the second largest manufacturer in the country after Reliance Industries. The two companies had in February entered into a joint venture agreement...Read more

Social Entrepreneurs Needed to Accomplish UN's Sustainable Development GoalsSocial Entrepreneurs Needed to Accomplish UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Almost a year ago, the world’s governments came together and made a commitment that will profoundly shape the future of our planet. It was an unprecedented collaborative process, a historic moment of global consensus that could go down as one of the greatest single acts of collective action in history. And chances are you have never heard of it.

It’s called the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and it is a battle plan for planet earth.

The SDGs are 17 goals designed by the United Nations to “end poverty, fight inequality and injustice and tackle climate change by 2030.” They are both a vision and a plan for improved quality of life on earth. With 17 goals, 169 targets and 230 indicators the SDGs are already a remarkable diplomatic achievement for the 180 countries that have signed on, especially when viewed against the complexity of challenges each of these countries face within their own borders...Read more

How to set up a DigiLocker account and use it

The DigiLocker is a dedicated personal e-storage space linked to a person's Aadhaar number. Its aim is it to minimize the use of physical documents and provide quick, secure access to govt issued documents. Here's a low down on setting up a DigiLocker account and saving various important documents issued by...Read more

10 Principles of Organizational Culture10 Principles of Organizational Culture

Three dimensions of corporate culture affect its alignment: symbolic reminders (artifacts that are entirely visible), keystone behaviors (recurring acts that trigger other behaviors and that are both visible and invisible), and mind-sets (attitudes and beliefs that are widely shared but exclusively invisible). Of these, behaviors are the most powerful determinant of real change. What people actually do matters more than what they say or believe. And so to obtain more positive influences from your cultural situation, you should start working on changing the most critical behaviors — the mind-sets will follow. Over time, altered behavior patterns and habits can produce better results...Read more

Manufacturing: The next big sector

The detailed results of the 6th Economic Census, conducted by the government in 2013, were released earlier this year. The census counts all kinds of enterprises across the country except cultivation of crops and their care and protection. In this census, some 5.8 crore enterprises were counted, employing...Read more

Cabinet clears setting up of GST councilCabinet clears setting up of GST council

The Cabinet on Monday cleared a proposal to set up the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council, which would recommend on draft model GST Bill, tax rate and contentious issues of dual control over assessment, scrutiny over assesses so that the new indirect tax system could be introduced from April 1, 2017.

Sources said that the Cabinet approved the proposal, incorporated in the Constitution amendment Bill on GST.

President Pranab Mukherjee gave his assent to the Constitution amendment Bill on GST last week, making it a law. The Act was also put on the official gazette last week...Read more

When "no" can lead to "yes"

The most valuable resource a good executive employs is her time.

In her book "Year of Yes," television executive producer and writer Shonda Rhimes shares that her way of budgeting time was to say "no" to everything but work in order to spend more time at home. This was a strategy that enabled Rhimes to devote time to her children as well as find time to write...Read more

ICICI Bank introduces software robotics

MUMBAI: The country's leading private sector lender ICICI BankBSE -0.80 % has forayed into 'software robotics' - a first by any Indian bank. Over 200 software robots are now performing over 10 lakh transactions per day for the bank which comprises 10% of its total transactions. The bank will engage 500 software robots by the end of the year which will help it to automate 20% of its total transactions...Read more

How I Learned That Employees Need A Leader, Not A FriendHow I Learned That Employees Need A Leader, Not A Friend

Early on in my career, I worked for a manager who was barely able to mask his contempt for his employees. No matter what you did, he simply could not be pleased.

As team morale suffered, I devoted more and more time to the task of trying to crack his code. Ultimately, I never managed to understand what drove his behaviors while I worked for him.

The experience left a lasting impression on me. Years later, when I started BodeTree, I promised myself that I would never be that kind of leader...Read more

How I Built a $2 Billion Company by Thinking SmallHow I Built a $2 Billion Company by Thinking Small

There’s a big advantage in starting small. Polycom’s biggest early breakthrough, for instance, came about as the result of a 95-cent book I purchased from RadioShack in 1991. That pamphlet taught my cofounder and me about a nerdy topic known as “acoustic suspension,” a concept that showed us the fallacy in assuming that big sound demands a big loudspeaker.

Using this simple principle, we were able to go small by bringing two separate acoustic environments into a compact space...Read more

Construction sector to get Rs 40,000 crore boost

NEW DELHI: Construction contractors and concessionaires of government projects that are under dispute are set to get a Rs 40,000 crore boost with the NITI Aayog pushing central public sector units to release 75% of the amount due to them to revive the sector...Read more

How open are you to learning new ways of doing old things?How open are you to learning new ways of doing old things?

SmartPulse -- our weekly nonscientific reader poll in SmartBrief on Leadership -- tracks feedback from more than 210,000 business leaders. We run the poll question each week in our e-newsletter.

How open are you to learning new ways of doing old things?

Very -- I love learning new techniques and approaches: 82%...Read more

The secret link between one-on-one mentoring and building your broader professional networkThe secret link between one-on-one mentoring and building your broader professional network

This post was adapted from APQC’s “Workplace Mentoring” best practices report. View an overview of the study findings or download the full report.

This post was written by Lauren Trees, a research program manager at member-based nonprofit APQC (, the world’s foremost authority in benchmarking, best practices, process and performance improvement, and knowledge management.

When people talk about mentoring, they’re usually referring to a personal relationship in which someone shares advice or expertise with someone else. Although APQC has seen a range of different mentoring arrangements in its research, including rotational and group mentorships, pairings remain the norm for most organizations...Read more

Arundhati Bhattacharya hopes to kick off SBI's mega merger by Oct-end

MUMBAI: SBI hopes to kick off merger of its associates as well as Bharatiya Mahila Bank with itself by October-end and try to complete the process by March next, making it the 45th largest lender globally in terms of assets...Read more

Essel Propack introduces laminated plastic packaging tubeEssel Propack introduces laminated plastic packaging tube

In a bid to strengthen its non-oral care business, packaging major Essel Propack said it has invented a laminated plastic tube 'Mystik' for packaging premium hair colorants and developers.

Mystik presents Essel with a huge business opportunity in the non-oral care category. It is estimated that hair colorants represent a 2.5 billion tube opportunity globally.

With several innovations in our portfolio and a variety of innovative decoration features, we are well poised to take full advantage of Mystik and offer brands a unique opportunity to upgrade their packaging, thereby business continuity option," Essel Propack Global Innovation Head M K Bannerjee said in a statement...Read more

Transforming smartphone into a bank

The RBI has cleared a Unified Payment System - a platform which links bank account numbers to virtual payment addresses (aliases). The UPI-enabled app in effect turns a smartphone into a bank and has come as a boost to a cashless economy...Read more

Successful Leaders Know What Made Them Who They Are Successful Leaders Know What Made Them Who They Are

Can you identify the one person, event, or influence that made you who you are as a leader and a person? Over the past 10 years, I’ve put that question to one hundred of the eminent people I represented as chairman of the Washington Speakers Bureau: Madeleine Albright, Tom Brokaw, Colin Powell, Terry Bradshaw, Condoleezza Rice, and many others. I was curious to find out what they felt were the turning points in their lives — the defining moments and influences from which they draw motivation and inspiration...Read more

With Jio, Reliance Industries readies to usher in second telecom revolutionWith Jio, Reliance Industries readies to usher in second telecom revolution

hristmas has come early this year for India’s telecom subscribers as India’s richest man and Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) chairman Mukesh Ambani came bearing gifts at the company’s 42nd annual general meeting (AGM) held in Mumbai on Thursday.

In the process, a paradigm shift is imminent in the way the Indian telecom market functions as Ambani doled out promises of lifetime free voice calls and national roaming, 4G-enabled smartphones priced as low as Rs 2,999 and data services priced as low as Rs 50 per GB. The rates at which Jio, RIL’s telecom brand, promised to make data services available to its subscribers is perhaps the lowest in the world, costing less than $1 per GB. Ambani sweetened the offering by announcing further freebies spanning from the next few months up to a year, to attract users on its expansive network...Read more

Is leadership in your organization's DNA? Disruptive innovation in finance

The world has witnessed a decade of disruptive innovation. The products and services that we use in our day to day life are offered by companies that did not exist a decade ago. The credit for this global phenomena to a great extent goes to the mobile and later smartphone technology penetration in Emerging Economies. In the last decade, there was a paradigm shift globally with respect to access to capital. Whether it is low interest rates or excess liquidity, the ecosystem was created for disruptive innovation within the finance industry. Disruptive Innovation is defined by Harvard Business School scholar Clayton M Christensen as; “A disruptive innovation is an innovation that creates a new market and value network which eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market leaders”. We explain the decade of disruptive innovation using five gGame changers like Grameen Bank, M-Pesa, Carbon Credit, Bitcoins & Blockchain and Paytm...Read more

What is Special about 2017 Budget

The government is looking to change the British-era legacy of presenting the Union Budget on the last day of February and may advance the date by a month to present it in January...Read more

Meet Metail, The Next Big Thing In Online Fashion

Like so many successful entrepreneurs, Tom Adeyoola’s inspiration came from a mix of the personal and professional. Formerly head of gaming at an online gaming company, Adeyoola invested considerable time and energy in investigating the potential application of computer vision technologies to live blackjack; but his collaborations with leaders in the field at Cambridge University would eventually result in him taking a different course, courtesy of the online shopping frustrations of his girlfriend...Read more

Is leadership in your organization's DNA? Maintaining Your Focus on the Front Lines as Your Company Grows

Maintaining an obsession with the front line—where the company meets the customer—is fundamental to achieving sustainable growth. But as companies get bigger, they have a harder and harder time staying close to their customers and maintaining the sharp, ground-level instincts of a younger company. Proliferating bureaucracies, expanding org charts, increasingly powerful central staffs, competing departmental agendas—all interfere with the focus on the customer and the deep connection with the details of the business that allowed these companies to grow successfully in the first place. So how can leaders of growing companies maintain this essential focus?..Read more

Is leadership in your organization's DNA? The New 'Rules Of The Game': Balancing Profits And Social Responsibility In The 21st Century

Much has been made lately of the story of Mylan, the makers of the often life-saving allergy drug EpiPen. For those that aren’t familiar, Mylan has been taking a lot of heat from parents, politicians, and pundits over their decision to hike the price of their flagship product, EpiPen.

Despite efforts to mitigate the effect of the price hike, including offering coupons and a cheaper generic version of the drug, efforts on behalf of Mylan’s CEO Heather Bresch to stem the criticism seem only to have exacerbated the problem. “I am running a business,” Bresch told the New York Times. “I am a for-profit business. I am not hiding from that"...Read more

Is leadership in your organization's DNA? Which is best: IQ or EQ? Wrong question

reat leaders are scarce, so it’s a competitive advantage if an organization can look inside its own hallways to identify the next Elon Musk, Sheryl Sandberg, Sergey Brin or Beth Comstock. But new research suggests that business leaders could be looking for the wrong things.

There’s an age-old grudge match to prove the most important ingredient for great leadership. One side fights for intelligence and brains. The other for social savvy and people skills...Read more

Is leadership in your organization's DNA? Reliance Jio informs Trai, DoT of launch

NEW DELHI: Reliance Jio Infocomm has informed the telecom department (DoT), sector regulator and security agencies about starting its services pan India from September 5, which includes offering free voice call for life. It also sought cooperation from larger rivals on being given adequate points of interconnect and mobile number portability.

"Considering certain misinformation propagated in the media, the company reiterates that domestic voice calls to any network across the country, both in local as well as while roaming nationally, will be completely free for Jio subscribers forever, that is, even beyond 1 January 2017," the Mukesh Ambani-owned telco said in a statement...Read more

The “Jobs to Be Done” Theory of InnovationThe “Jobs to Be Done” Theory of Innovation

Since 2005, Strategy& has been conducting an annual study of the 1,000 biggest corporate R&D spenders. One conclusion has held true through all 11 installments: There is no statistically significant relationship between the financial performance of the so-called Global Innovation 1000 companies and their R&D spending.

The fact that, in 2015, these companies collectively spent US$680 billion buying R&D lottery tickets bothers Harvard disruption guru Clayton Christensen. “Innovation processes in many companies are structured and disciplined and the talent applying them is highly skilled.… From the outside, it looks like companies have mastered an awfully precise, scientific process,” he and coauthors Taddy Hall, Karen Dillon, and David S. Duncan write in Competing Against Luck: The Story of Innovation and Customer Choice (HarperBusiness, 2016). “But the results show that, for most companies, innovation is still hit or miss”...Read more

Is leadership in your organization's DNA? Is leadership in your organization's DNA?

Great leaders and great organizations don’t just happen.

I have had the opportunity to work and consult at high levels in the upper echelons of corporations, and I’ve been on the board of Luby’s/Fuddruckers since 2003. I can tell you unequivocally that I wouldn’t have gotten there without being mentored by men; men who did not see my success as a threat; men who placed the well-being of their organizations ahead of their own interests; unselfish people, all...Read more

NPCI starts pilot for Bharat Bill Payment System

MUMBAI: National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), the umbrella organization for all retail payments system in India launched the pilot project for Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) with 26 Bharat Bill Payment Operating Units (BBPOUs) today...Read more

Being a Successful Entrepreneur Isn’t Only About Having the Best IdeasBeing a Successful Entrepreneur Isn’t Only About Having the Best Ideas

Most people think that being an entrepreneur is about having that big idea. And it is. To start something new, you need to have an idea that works: something people need, something they’ll want, and most importantly — at least for the people investing in your idea — something that’s scalable.

But what I’ve found from interviewing multiple entrepreneurs who focus on consulting, the internet, and software development is that without the capacity to execute an idea — to take an idea and turn it into a living, breathing, viable organization — you’re doomed to fail...Read more

Tata Capital, CII partner to provide easy credit to SMEsTata Capital, CII partner to provide easy credit to SMEs

Tata Capital today said it has signed a pact with industry body CII to provide easy credit to small and medium businesses.

"Tata Capital, the financial services arm of the Tata Group, signed a MoU with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to partner with them in the SME Finance Facilitation Centre initiative," Tata Capital said in a release.

The initiative has been launched to facilitate easier credit access to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). It will help boost SMEs via better access to finance and a suite of services, the company said...Read more

GST bill slowly turning into a reality

Till now, thirteen states have ratified the GST bill after it was passed in the monsoon session of the Parliament on August 8. To ensure implementation of GST, the bill needs to be ratified by at least half the 29 state assemblies...Read more