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How do some of the most successful businesses design the products/services exactly the way their customers desire? Such businesses have unlocked the secrets of flawless process design that delivers exactly as expected and with time it only improves further. Through DFSS, BMGI has assisted some of the best companies in designing the most successful processes to deliver flawless products and services.

What is DFSS?

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) is a powerful methodology that determines the needs of customer and business and translates all the needs into designing of product/service solution. DFSS generates a new process altogether where a process is non-existing or inadequate to achieve results by optimally building the efficiencies of Six Sigma methodology into the process before the actual implementation of process starts.

Why it is needed?

Across industries, it is interesting to note that 80% of all defects in products as well as services are designed in. Application of DFSS concepts enables people responsible for designing processes to foresee and eliminate potential defects before or during the design process thus ensuring a far robust and flawless design of process which increases customer satisfaction and delivers long lasting results. Application of DFSS significantly minimizes the risk of failure for new/product introductions besides ensuring continuous design projects in development portfolio.

Where is it applicable?

DFSS has application in both manufacturing and services space and organizations have used these for introducing nearly defect free products/services in market place, designing new plant / departmental layouts, enhancing internal service levels by redesigning/ designing the key internal services and their relevant processes.
In the world of service-based businesses specifically, process design projects are frequently outsourced and often don’t take the inherent expertise available into consideration. As a result, such organizations end up spending time and money fixing processes that were not designed with their best interests in mind. Application of DFSS builds the internal talent as well as ensures that the process is designed keeping the customers and business needsat the forefront.
Applications where organizations can apply DFSS for ensuring robust quality outputs with

Products / Services Design

  • Designing/ redesigning systems/ sub-systems and parts to ensure robust designs for flawless operations and ensuring smooth manufacturability and future serviceability
  • Designing/ redesigning services for high customer satisfaction and consistent delivery

Process Design

  • Designing/ redesigning plant layouts/ equipment choices for ensuring flawless manufacturability
  • Integrating DFSS tools into existing New Product Development framework
  • Designing/ redesigning departments/ layouts/ infrastructure for ensuring flawless customer service

The Design for Six Sigma Methodology

World over Design for Six Sigma follows five step process:

Define – Define the project foals and customer (both internal and external) deliverables.

Measure – Measure and determine customer needs and specifications.

Analyse – Analyse the process options to meet the customer’ needs.

Design – Design the process to meet the customer’ needs.

Verify – Verify the design performance and ability to meet the customer’ needs.

The DMADV methodology should be used

  • When a product or process is not in existence at your company and one needs to be developed
  • The existing product or process exists and has been optimized, and still does not meet the level of customer/business requirements
  • When designing products/services from scratch is significantly cheaper or faster

A key component of the DMADV approach is an active “toll gate” check sheet review of the outcomes of each of the five steps before proceeding onto the next one.


Our Approach (Deployment Roadmap)

Our approach to DFSS follows a four step structured methodology-

DFSS deployment process may be different for large and small organizations or departmental engagements, but the result is always the same – BMGI helps their clients uncover their greatest opportunities for improvement and devise a strategy for accomplishing them.

BMGI’s innovation team will work with you to design processes through DFSS approach that will drive growth in your organization. To know more, call us.