‘Introduction to Systematic Innovation Webinar Series’

Given the recent world events, when the businesses resume their operations, one of the top challenges they would be looking to overcome will be how to get everyone’s feet on the ground quickly, create confidence, exercise caution but at the same time surge ahead as fast as they can to recover the lost ground. To do this they need to quickly innovate on the new challenges that will unfold post lockdown.

Businesses are always awash with contradictions some are perennial like for e.g. minimizing supply risk by way of having inventory while at the same time reduce the capital that is locked in maintaining the inventory, while others are as a result of an unannounced ‘black swan’ event like the one we are witnessing now for e.g. customer will have discretionary purchases due to fear of virus spread and will be overcautious to take the deliveries. This will not only affect the revenue but will cause unprecedented logistic delays adversely affecting the supply chain operations.

To Innovate, businesses need to first identify the right challenges & the underlying contradictions and then implement solutions at the lightening pace. Systematic Innovation will help identifying the specific challenges accurately and connect them with similar natured problems faced by other industries of varying domains. Once this connection is established It will help teams to look at the inventive rules / solutions that other industries deployed to overcome those problems. Innovation teams then can then take a clue to arrive at their specific solution/s quickly and more predictably.

Webinar Agenda

*India Time

Session 1 : (Wednesday 8th April 2020) 3:00-4:00 pm*

  • Innovation imperative
  • CEO’s Innovation Wish List
  • Employee’s Challenges to Innovate
  • The way out
  • Systematic Innovation – How it works?
  • Overview of Systematic Innovation Tool Kit

Session 2 : (Saturday 11th April 2020) 3:00-4:00 pm*

  • Defining the right opportunity / defining the opportunity right
  • Think Big, Think Ideal : How do you define Ideality
  • What are you trying to improve to what level & for whom
  • Is something stopping you from doing it?
  • Formulating Contradictions

Session 3 : (Wednesday 15th April 2020) 3:00-4:00 pm*

  • Formulating Technical Contradictions
  • Formulating Physical Contradictions
  • Introduction to Contradiction Matrix
  • How do you use Contradiction Matrix

Session 4 : (Saturday 18th April 2020) 3:00-4:00 pm*

  • Introduction to Inventive Principles
  • Inventive principles for a technical contradiction & physical contradictions
  • Deriving solution clues
  • Creating a converged solution using solution clues
  • Next steps & call for action

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