Learn how to apply a structured Innovation methodology to accelerate your organization's organic growth potential

In any organization, fresh thinking and creative problem-solving often leads to cutting-edge products, sought-after services, customer loyalty and a competitive edge. Yet many companies struggle with how to safely and effectively move beyond tired thinking and take calculated risks. In essence, they lack a systematic and reliable method for making innovation a core competency.

BMGI's Innovation Expert course teaches participants how to succeed in this area using a structured Innovation methodology called D4. The D4 roadmap includes four phases (Define, Discover, Develop and Demonstrate), which combine to make the process of innovation structured, scalable, repeatable and predictable. In addition, Participants will learn proven tools and techniques for creative problem solving, as well as problem definition, idea generation, idea selection and testing.

The result is a markedly improved ability for organizations to develop new products and services that truly meet customer needs. Companies may also choose to apply the same innovation principles to their everyday processes and business model at large, transforming the organization for long-term success.

Innovation Expert is offered onsite for teams working on a pre-defined problem, or individuals who want to gain the skills to be more consistently innovative.

What Participants Learn:

* What D4 is and how it enables structured innovation.
* How to Define a specific innovation problem.
* How to Discover a broad range of solutions using innovative thinking.
* How to Develop solutions and evaluate their effectiveness.
* How to Demonstrate successful problem resolution.
* How to Develop innovative products and services.
* How to Identify unarticulated customer needs.
* How to Transform the organization's business model using innovation.
* How to Apply many different innovation tools* including:
o Ethnography
o Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory
o Rapid Prototyping
o Idea Harvesting and Treatment
o Concept Abstraction and Alternatives

*The actual tools taught in class will vary depending on the organization's needs and types of problems.

Course Length: 10 days over 2-3 weeks

Who Should Attend:
Innovation teams that have a problem they want to solve together. Also leaders and managers who want to learn about a structured methodology for innovation. Still not sure if this class is for you Contact Us for assistance.

Looking for training at your location?
BMGI also offers onsite training programs for groups of 8 or more. For more information on onsite training, please Contact one of our Innovation Expert.

To speak with one of our Innovation experts, call BMGI.