Achieving Venture Capital

Several Indian entrepreneurs have great ideas and have created successful businesses which have great potential. They are strong visionaries, that have built their enterprises in solid markets and many are looking to scale their businesses.

The Private Equity (PE) / Venture Capitalist (VC) community in India have grown from a few key players to over 200 serious investors.Today it takes increased due diligence to find the true jewels in the Indian market place at reasonable valuations and its even more challenging to see the investments achieve their planned potential.

BMGI is a global consulting firm that works with enterprises to deliver rapid growth and improve profitability. Some of our transformational clients include amongst others Yes Bank, Jet Airways, Kingfisher, Financial Technologies, Piramal Diagnostics, Sudarshan Chemical and Topsgrup. Further, BMGI has delivered significant business benefits to some of India’s marque companies including ITC, Asian Paints, Apollo Tyres and several others.

BMGI has the capability to identify and grow value in businesses with high potential and are looking to partner with like-minded Private Equity/Venture Capital firms to strengthen the capabilities of:

  • Assessments: Due-diligence, business assessments to define the core differentiators, opportunities in the short-term and long-term and high- level action plan.
  • Strategy Deployment and Driving Accountability: Detailing the short-term goals (1-3 years) into tangible initiatives and metrics with defined accountability to ensure timely implementation and success.
  • Scalability: Enabling and implementing a systemic architecture and process framework that can deliver the rapid improvement in sales performance and internal capabilities in the market place.
  • Growth: Delivering the right products/services and go-to-market capabilities leading to improved sales and market share in the target market.
  • Driving operational excellence: Working to cut the flab and waste from the current operating businesses, fix broken processes and enhance asset and resource productivity and deliver business results.