A system to convert your strategic aspirations to actions

Why choose HoshinX as your Hoshin Kanri Strategic Planning tool?

HoshinX enables cascade and alignment of necessary actions for proper execution of your mid-term and long-term strategic goals.

That means we make it happen; plain and simple.

We make it easy to understand and implement. We guide you through every step of the process; and we really do care about your success. You can contact us any time, we are here to support you; not only with the technical side of using the software, but we are here to help you understand about Hoshin Kanri deployment and more. We want to help you reach all of your goals; all you have to do is let us help you.

HoshinX Features:

  • All strategy planning, cascade, review & governance happens digitally
  • Catchball process happens independently and hence saves time to come together for a meeting every time
  • Works for all types of organization structure, even matrix structure where in organizations have many to one or one to many manager-subordinate relationship
  • Connects the Goals to Programs that realise them to the KPIs that track their achievement
  • Effective alignment, Closed loop reflection, Real time visibility, easy to capture objectives, and align actions & countermeasures, all within a single strategy mapping interface
  • Quickly identify off-track goals and get line of sight of initiatives impacting the goals
  • Provides each individual with a personalized view of their goals, KPIs and actions
  • The Bowling chart gives the executive a month by month visibility on status of targets and hence can be used as a reporting tool


  • HoshinX is designed to take your strategy from concept to execution and focus your team like never before and gives you an opportunity to work “ON” the business as a team.
  • HoshinX platform was built to align executives, middle management, and team members around shared goals in the Hoshin plan
  • Once established leaders can easily see how they are progressing toward their strategic objectives and where they need to make improvements, in real time
  • This enables users to make adjustments on the fly and submit improvement ideas to their team’s Idea Funnel in HoshinX
  • Management gets the real picture – what is and is not on track and also gets to see the countermeasure actions incase targets are missed
  • Improved decision making and better consensus. More projects and initiatives get successfully implements. Improves forecast.
  • Reduced administrative cost – automating scorecards and related metrics means less time creating or updating management reports, and more time to execute.
  • Single repository for all project/initiative management tracking


FeaturesHoshin XCompetition*
Ease of use and ImplementationYesYes
Dedicated server & secure on private cloudYes1Yes
Subscription based softwareYes2Yes
Ownership (Licensing)YesNo
Standard reports printing optionYes 3Yes
Industry leading security web site SSL (Secure socket layer)Yes1Yes
Customer support (Phone/Email/Live Chat)YesYes
API integration (With ERP)Yes4Yes

* Few selected competitors analysed

  1. Hosted on MS Azure cloud services with best in class security provided
  2. Need based one-time License may be issued basis certain conditions
  3. X’ Matrix, Action Plan and Bowling Charts can be printed
  4. Can be linked to SAP and other ERP systems using API’s basis feasibility and will be outside the standard cost package